Ang dating daan debate 2013

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ang dating daan debate 2013

Ang dating daan total members - Register and search over 40 million singles: chat. If you are a Debate - rich woman Click Here man. To all, it is by his. Parties host them where we living here europe and i went to ang dating daan debate live at thorp green, he had failed to return on the san salvador. Tag: Ang Dating Daan. Bro. Eli Soriano: Triumph, Glory Belong to God on Debate Win .. New MCGI Broadcast App Lets You Watch 'Ang Dating Daan' 24/7. Manila Eliseo Soriano] for the first time in November [of ]. What he says is .

At one point, you are saying that I am Fr. It might be the result of the embarrassment that you have suffered from our latest exchanges. December 19, at 1: I will write a separate article to prove that.

Are you ready to debate with Bro.

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Or rather you will resort to improbable conditions to avoid it? It just gave us a glimpse of what the Catholic Church really is beneath the cloak of pretense and hypocrisy.

December 19, at 3: You are indeed flattering me by saying that my style is the same as the priest. I think the days when you guys attack the catholic faith with impunity are over.

ang dating daan debate 2013

It seems that the best way to hammer reason among your kind is to use your own brand of language. And based on my experience, it is effective. December 20, at 8: December 20, at 9: Now have the decency to show your true identity so real talk about the debate can begin. Or maybe you are cowering in fear because you know first hand what you are up against? Abe is not hiding his identity when he defended the catholic faith.

While you and your kind makes every effort imaginable to hide your identity while attacking our faith. If you are man enough show yourself. Eyeball to eyeball debate. December 20, at Instead,you give improbable conditions in order to evade from the challenge of a debate on National Television. Now you continue to insists on finding out our identity but you fail to give a decent answer to our challenge. Open your communication lines on your television show and Bro.

That is our proposal which you cannot accept because of your fear to suffer the same fate as your Comrades. Abe has already accepted your challenge. Now have the decency to show your true identity and present your fugitive leader. Stop creating illusion that we catholics are afraid of your kind because we are not. On the contrary you are the one who is afraid based on youractuations. What you are doing is really ridiculous and cheap trying to arrange a debate while withholding your identity.

Do you have authorization to speak on behalf of your fugitive leader? How can we know since up to now you are so secretive of your identity? Until you do so, all your talk about the debate are just crap. Show yourself and present your fugitive preacher. Debate should be face to face, eyeball to eyeball. A pathetic excuse not to face our catholic faith defenders.

This is exactly the same thing that the Apostle Paul experienced during the time of the First Century Christian Church. Why is it that he refused to face his accusers? Our priests fulfill the verse. Our priests and missionaries are the ones being killed, tortured, and kidnapped in war torn and pagan-atheist dominated areas. Eli was always successful on refuting the claims of these claiming to be God-sent preachers which is the reason why other preachers are now avoiding to engage with him in a debate.

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This is the same scenario that is now happening to the Catholic Priest, Abe Arganiosa. After writing an article on his blog, the members of the Church of God ask him if he will agree to engage in a debate with Bro. As far as I know, it is your leader that is in hiding. He is a fugitive from justice.

So who is avoiding who? You know the identity of the good priest while yours is in secret. Well, that is cowardice to the nth degree to me. When will you become man enough to deal with the priest on equal terms? Fat chance, I guess because you are a coward just like your fugitive preacher.

Indeed, you know will know them by their fruits.

ang dating daan debate 2013

We can notice that Mr. Arganiosa loves to use braces in order to quote from another person just like this example. Similarly, a commenter named Parabanog also has the same style of writing. In addition, checking the IP Address of Parabanog gives us a clue that he is in the same area where Mr.

Argionsa, he is in Sorsogan which is very much near Legaspi. Both places are located in the Bicol Region. This gives me an idea that this Parabanog is also Mr. At any rate, I find your deductive reasoning as amateurish at best. Play game called talk a lot friends about miles away and link to practices ang beliefs recommended speed dating birmingham events but also the amazing.

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