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angie sweeney california dating

Case Number, Case Title, Hearing Date, Hearing Time, Hearing Type, Location NATASHA(CA #); BENTLEY, GREGORY L (CA #); Cover, , WILLIAMS, ANGIE MARIE, 1/10/, PM, Readiness SCHDLING CONF 9AM, Court House, Attorney for Defendant: Sweeney, Kelley J. F: Andy W Sweeney. M: Angie Belle Lucas Sweeney Family Tree AKA Choiniere dit Sabourin Family Tree . Death: date - city, Humboldt, California, USA. Addresses and Phone Numbers for 16 people named Angela Sweeney in Texas ** Date: May 7, Location/County: Riverside County Arrests, CA.

Lansbury had played the role of crooked mayoress Cora Hoover Hooper, and although she loved Sondheim's score she faced personal differences with Laurents and was glad when the show closed. The director's first choice for the role had been Rosalind Russellwho played Mame in the non-musical film adaptation Auntie Mamebut she had declined.

Lansbury actively sought the role in the hope that it would mark a change in her career. When she was chosen, it came as a surprise to theatre critics, who believed that it would go to a better-known actress; Lansbury was forty-one years old, and it was her first starring role.

Everything about Mame coincided with every young man's idea of beauty and glory and it was lovely. But my husband recognised the signals in me which said 'I've been doing enough gardening, I've cooked enough good dinners, I've sat around the house and mooned about what more interior decoration I can get my fingers into.

My husband is a very sensitive person to my moods and he recognised the fact that I had to get on with something. Mame came along out of the blue just at this time. Now isn't that a miracle? In this marathon role she has wit, poise, warmth and a very taking coolth. And it lasts as long as you are on that stage and as long as you keep coming out of that stage door.

The show opened at Broadway's Mark Hellinger Theatre in Februarybut Lansbury found it a "pretty depressing" experience. Reviews of her performance were positive, and she was awarded her second Tony Award on the basis of it.

Reviews of the show more generally were critical, however, and it ended after performances. Set in the Deep Southit dealt with issues of racism, with Lansbury as a wealthy alcoholic who seeks sexual encounters with black men.

A controversial play, it opened in Boston but received poor reviews, being cancelled before it reached Broadway.

I was just Mrs. Shaw, which suited me down to the ground. I had absolute anonymity in those days, which was wonderful. She portrayed the mistress of a dying New England millionaire, and although the play's reviews were mixed, Lansbury's acting was widely praised.

She had initially turned down the role, not wishing to be in the shadow of Ethel Mermanwho had portrayed the character in the original Broadway production, but eventually accepted it; when the show started in Mayshe earned a standing ovation and rave reviews.

The show eventually reached Broadway, where it ran until January ; a critical success, it earned Lansbury her third Tony Award. Directed by Peter Hallthe production ran from December to Mayreceiving mixed reviews; Lansbury later commented that she "hated" the role, believing it too restrained. In "Fun Run" Angela asks Dwight to feed her cat Sprinkles, who is terminally ill, but Dwight kills it in a misguided act of mercy, which causes Angela to break up with him. Dwight ends their affair in "The Duel" after learning that she has been having sexual relations with Andy.

In "The Delivery" Dwight, who wants to improve his sales by having a child, asks Angela to have his baby. The two write up a contract and plan to have a baby together, but in "Happy Hour", Dwight hooks up with Pam's friend Isabel, and tells Angela he doesn't want her to have his baby. In " The Chump " the two call in a lawyer, and Angela refuses to release him from the contract unless he agrees to have sex with her five times. She later voids the contract after meeting Senator Robert Lipton.

After she gives birth Jury DutyDwight realizes the baby was conceived before her marriage to Robert and makes the assumption that he, not Robert, is the father.

Angela and Dwight go through a paternity test and in " New Guys " it is revealed that Dwight is not Philip's father. She then tells Dwight that she lied before and Dwight is Philip's father. Angela tells him that she wanted to make sure that Dwight wanted to marry her for no other reason than for love. She even calls her the "office mattress" in "Dunder Mifflin Infinity". Pam originally didn't invite Angela to her wedding with Roy because she didn't want anyone who'd called her a "hussy" to be at her wedding, and assumes it was Angela who filed a complaint with Toby over her at-work wedding planning it turned out that it was Jim who did so.

Pam is the first to find out about Dwight and Angela's relationship in "E-mail Surveillance". In "The Injury", when Dwight gets a concussion, Pam notices Angela is upset and comforts her by hinting that Dwight is okay.

Their relationship does warm up a little in "Traveling Salesman" in which they share some conversation while getting coffee; in a deleted scene, Angela offers Pam her dominant male cat Ash, but after Pam apologetically declines, Angela's chilly behavior returns. In "Niagara", Angela's complaints lead Pam to bluntly say Angela does not have to come to the wedding; while Angela does arrive with everyone else, her main success there is an offer to chaperone Pam on the pre-wedding night, leading Pam to give up on going out and return to her room.

In "Costume Contest", Angela uses a dismissive "blech" term regarding Pam. Ironically, Kinsey and Fischer are close friends in real life.

Andy[ edit ] Angela was in a relationship with Andy throughout Season 4 and carrying on into Season 5. Initially, she dates him on the rebound after a break-up with her boyfriend of two years Dwight. Scenes imply however that she was beginning to genuinely like him more and more, such as in " Did I Stutter " when Dwight watches the two of them in the break room playing Mad Libs together and laughing.

Despite being surprised and shocked by Andy's sudden proposal in "Goodbye Toby", she accepts, and the two are engaged until it comes to a dissolution in "The Duel" when Andy learns she had been having an affair with Dwight. She's later shown to be in a state of depression, and at times openly regrets dating both men.

On "Secretary's Day" in Season 6, Andy's new girlfriend Erin finds out about the two's relationship, and publicly demeans Angela in the conference room. Angela has a brief conversation with Erin shortly afterward, where she expresses her humiliation and reminds Erin that she wants to forget the memories of dating him. Andy has rarely talked to Angela or expressed any opinions about her in subsequent episodes.

When he quits his job to pursue his dreams of stardom near the series' end, Angela informed by her own life upheavals talks to him about not letting pride ruin his life. While Andy assumes she is talking about how their relationship ended and says that is something he does reflect on sometimes, Angela fights through her lingering disgust that she was ever with him and finally tells him, mutedly but sincerely, that she wishes him good luck.

Andy is part of Dwight's bachelor party and attends the wedding of his old co-workers. Angela is patronizing and bossy towards Phyllis, who admits that Angela is hard to deal with and that the two have a severe disliking towards one another.

In " New Leads ", Michael gives Angela Phyllis' leads, and Angela, in retaliation for all the aggravating tasks she had to endure while under her control, makes her do some accounting work only to shred it later. Phyllis states in "Conflict Resolution" that even though they constantly butt headsthey are close. By the finale, Phyllis and Angela seemed to have resolved their differences. Angela, incapacitated by a foot injury, apologizes for snapping at Phyllis, who then volunteers to carry Angela down the aisle.

They get along well, and at the end of the day, he asks for her number. It's later revealed that they've started dating and also that Robert is a state senator. There are strong hints throughout the rest of the season that he's gay, which almost everyone eventually notices.

Angela remains oblivious however. In the season 7 finale, he proposes to her and they're officially engaged marking her second engagement on the show. In the season 8 premiere, it is revealed that Angela and Robert are married and she is pregnant. Other relationships[ edit ] Angela tends to be somewhat abrasive towards other office workers, often outright insulting them. In the season 3 premiere, she expresses an open homophobia and dislike for Oscar, who is outed as a homosexual.

However, it appears that by " The Return " she has decided to overlook her problems with this, helping to plan a party for Oscar's return from vacation. She treats her other accounting colleague, Kevin, with open disdain, although the two are very occasionally seen to show affection for each other, such as in the episode 'Branch Closing', in which they embrace warmly when they learn that the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin is to remain open, or the series 2 episode 'The Injury', in which they are seen smiling and joking together in the background.

She has a clear disgust and annoyance with her former boss Michael Scottoften barely able to fathom his ridiculous and time-wasting antics; although she does say she is "thrilled" for Michael and Holly's relationship. In a scene during the extended version of Michael's last episode, she refuses to mention any qualities Michael had, other than the fact that he worked in the same office as she did for nineteen years.

Angela also shows concern for Stanley after he suffers a heart attack, trying to protect him from Michael's attempts to "help" him.

angie sweeney california dating

She strongly disapproves of office romances, playing a game called "Pam-Pong" in which she counts the number of times Jim leaves his desk to talk to Pam as mentioned above, Angela referred to Pam as the "office mattress".

She sarcastically assured Roy that he was "smart and capable" and that he doesn't need to worry about downsizing. She is speaking down to him because he works in menial manual labor and has no special skills that would make him valuable during downsizing, unlike herself an accountant. This is much like when she condescendingly explains to Phyllis why she's mad about her getting the wrong silverware.

This so not the first time her sarcasm wasn't noticed or properly responded to. She was sarcastic about Classy Christmas Holly's return and Michael's demands for the party being reasonable. Roy showed a basic sexual interest in Angela, when asked who in the office he would have sex with besides Pam.

During the fifth season, Angela developed a one-sided crush on corporate higher-up Charles Miner.

angie sweeney california dating

She frequently tried and failed to engage in a relationship with him, often butting heads with Kelly for his affection. It's subtly implied in an online webisode series, "Blackmail", that she has or had a clandestine sexual relationship with her church pastor when Creed hands out envelopes containing incriminating information on several of his peers and Meredith opens her envelope and asks "Who's Pastor Davis?

Seasons 1—2[ edit ] Angela is established as a strict and stubborn office worker, and she is something of a perfectionist. She appears to be a prime example of an authoritarian personality. When it is noted that red streamers are bad during Meredith Palmer 's party, she blames it on Phyllis, though it seems to be her fault. There are many deleted scenes in which Angela is interviewed, as well as other members of accounting, suggesting that the series was originally intended to take a two-perspective look at the office: When she sees Kelly give Dwight her secret love interest a small kiss in the episode " Christmas Party ", she gets angry and throws Christmas ornaments outside the building.

Though she is a constant source of complaints to Human Resources she and Oscar Martinez fight over her poster of babies playing instruments, which she got from Toby Flenderson for Christmasshe redacts those lodged against Dwight at the onset of their secret romance. It is hinted during " Drug Testing " that she does not take birth control, in accordance to her Christian beliefs. This revelation is to the relief of Dwight implying that they are having sex. She has a bobblehead doll made in Dwight's likeness as a Valentine's Day gift, and receives a key to his house in return.

Her attitude toward him becomes much more sympathetic after he returns to work following an extended absence " The Return "and the two appear to have reconciled. She believes Oscar has the capability to cross over to dating women if he so chooses. Evidently, Angela continues to nurture a crush on Roy, complimenting him on his physique and greeting him, in the third-season episode " Branch Closing ".

In the same episode, she spontaneously hugs Kevin upon discovering their branch will not be closed, the second moment to date, along with Kevin's cancer scare in the season two episode " Michael's Birthday ", in which she has shown anything but contempt for him. In " The Convention ", she secretly follows Dwight to the office supply convention in Philadelphia under the name " Jane Doe " and gets a room which Jim accidentally enters, though it does not appear he saw that it was her exclaiming "Dwight got a hooker!

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Angela would seem to call Dwight "D" outside the office, as she mistakenly does when Jim enters Dwight's hotel room. She has a good first impression of Andy Bernard when he shows up on his first day with a cat screensaver.

When Angela rudely shoots down an idea proposed by Karen Filippellithe PPC defiantly splits into two groups and two parties. Angela holds the less popular one, to which only Kevin, Phyllis, and Hannah come, while [Pam] and Karen lead the more popular one. Eventually the two parties merge back into one and Angela returns a "missing" power cord for the karaoke machine.

In " Traveling Salesmen ", it is suggested that Angela's middle name is Noelle when she becomes giddy over her blossoming relationship with Dwight Kurt Schrute and attempts to bond with Pam, a venture that is cut short when the latter declines Angela's offer of the "dominant male" in a recent litter of cats had by her favorite pet, Sprinkles.

In deleted scenes from Phyllis' WeddingPhyllis seats Angela next to Dennis, a religious vet who shares her passion for cats.

Angela Lansbury

The two get along well, but when Dennis asks Angela for her telephone number, Angela tells him she's already having intimate relations with someone Dwight. Dennis, visibly both upset and disgusted, apologizes to her before leaving, saying "Phyllis neglected to mention your promiscuity.

Her refusal to allow Dwight to publicize their relationship prevented him from exonerating himself against suspicion of disloyalty and forced his resignation. Dwight returns to Dunder Mifflin after she clears his name while preserving the secrecy of their relationship she tells Michael that Dwight bailed her out, but does not correct Michael's clueless assertion that Dwight helped her "as a random co-worker".

The relationship between Angela and Dwight is almost of Macbeth proportions as when Dwight was fooled by Michael into believing he was going to be the new regional manager at the branch which Angela pushed by Dwight going behind Michael's backDwight leaves her in charge of the women. In " The Job ", when Dwight is temporarily given Michael's job as acting regional manager, Dwight immediately informs her and she seems to rekindle the idea of mastering the puppet strings over Dwight, as well as speculating happily that co-worker Kelly Kapoor will be fired.

Dwight thought Sprinkles had died after he'd expertly administered it with a lethal dose of Benadryl, and so put the cat in the freezer to cover the smell; however, Angela was horrified to find that Sprinkles had only died when frozen. Angela is especially bothered by this because, "cat heaven is a beautiful place, but you don't get there if you're euthanized". In " Launch Party ", Angela prepares a party for the launch of the company website. On the day of the launch, Dwight attempts to woo her back by competing and winning against the website to sell more reams of paper than the other, but Angela refuses to consider it.

Michael, in a bid for vengeance against a perceived slight by Ryan, orders Angela, with one hour left before the party begins, to implement his over-the-top ideas for decorations and catering. She is unable to do so partly due to not having enough time and partly due to Phyllis taking a stand against her harsher than usual criticism and refusing to help.

Angie Sweeney

In the meantime Andy tries to win Angela's affection; although initially unsuccessful to Dwight's reliefa last-minute performance of " Take a Chance on Me " produces a partly suppressed smile from her. In the episode " Money ", Angela decides to go out with Andy after he gives her a cat as a present actually a stray that Dwight had tried unsuccessfully to give her as a reconciliation giftgiving him instructions on taking her to dinner that included "no seafood places".

In the following episodes, they have apparently been seeing each other, but it is implied that Angela still harbors feelings for Dwight, as Andy reports in " Local Ad " that she cried out "Oh, D! In " Job Fair ", Angela and Dwight were the only two left in the office after the remaining members of the team took off early as a result of Michael not being in the office.

For the rest of the day, the two share an awkward atmosphere which eventually thaws towards the end of the day. In " Goodbye, Toby ", at Toby's outdoor leaving party, Angela reluctantly accepts Andy's proposal of marriage, after he asks her in front of everyone, including his own parents. At the very end of the episode, however, Phyllis is taking some of the party supplies back to the office and walks in on Angela mid-intercourse with Dwight.

The episode ended on Angela and Dwight's reaction to Phyllis' walking in. Most of his proposals are outlandish and expensive, and Angela continues to treat him and his ideas with contempt.

She pages Dwight, and they meet in the Dunder Mifflin warehouse to have sex. This seems to be a habit, but later in the episode Andy tells Angela he doesn't care where they marry so long as they're together.

angie sweeney california dating

This moves Angela enough not to cheat on him with Dwight who is left waiting alone on this one occasion but it doesn't last, as Andy continues to irritate Angela about his college friends coming to stay with them for three weeks to perform at the wedding. Angela tells Andy they'll talk about it later and rushes to page and subsequently hook up with Dwight downstairs.

Meanwhile, Phyllis has dethroned Angela as head of the Party Planning Committee and does not hesitate to give Angela harsh orders. Angela puts up with Phyllis' sternness because she doesn't want Phyllis to tell Andy she is cheating on him. Angela looks to Andy, signifying that she chooses him, although Dwight says to Phyllis that "she ignored the ultimatum. Andy books the farm and Dwight gleefully agrees to plan every detail of the wedding, pointedly offering to be available to Angela day or night.

Angela understands the double meaning and shows signs of being very turned on by it. In " Business Trip ", it is revealed she and Andy have never been intimate. When Andy drunk dials her demanding sex, she is disgusted, even though, in the background, viewers can hear Dwight in her bed. She later demotes Andy back to "first base", which for her is a kiss on the forehead.

In a supposed mock ceremony, Dwight stands in for Andy as a MennoniteGerman-speaking minister completes the vows. Angela begins to admit she has made a mistake and seems to reconcile with Dwight, however he announces they have actually married. She is angered at his deception and storms off. At the office, she passionately kisses Andy in front of the staff and leaves to "take care of a legal matter", implying she will have the marriage annulled.

In " Moroccan Christmas ", Phyllis continues her torment of Angela, going as far to force Angela to discard her personal nativity scene and the Christmas tree as they don't fit in with the theme. When she learns that she's eating food served during Ramadanshe immediately spits it out. When Angela finally revolts because she believes Phyllis will never reveal her secret, Phyllis stuns the entire staff by revealing the Dwight-Angela affair. Angela is visibly humiliated and upset while Dwight is actually amusedand asks Andy who was out of the room at the announcement to take her home.

However, the truth is eventually revealed in " The Duel ", when Michael decides to take the matter into his own hands, much to the objection of the staff by telling Andy the news.

angie sweeney california dating

Devastated, Andy confronts Angela who tries to squirm her way out of the confrontation before admitting to the affair. This only sparks a duel between Andy and Dwight which seems to arouse Angela because of two men fighting over her.

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But that is short-lived when Andy tells Dwight that he slept with her twice in comparison to how many times Dwight has slept with her.