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parts of Anatolia, Iran, and Iraq. aquilifer Latin term for a Roman Legionnaire merchants, and pilgrims. carbon 14 dating Method of estimating the date of. An aquilifer was a soldier signifer bearing the eagle standard of a Roman legion. The name The Latin text says "Ex quibus Lucius Petrosidius aquilifer, cum magna multitudine hostium premeretur, aquilam intra vallum proiecit; ipse pro castris. Most singles want to find someone who understands them, who's had similar experiences, or who understands and appreciates their culture.

It is likely that the eagles used before the reform are of this type. A coin of the late republic also shows an eagle with a snake in its claws, so it is possible that this way of representing Aquilas has continued for some time.

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As no Aquila have been found in excavations, it was necessary to compile all possible sources before attempting to rebuild our Legion I own proposed version.

Representations give roughly the size of a crow, and arguably at this size it could be in wood covered with sheet silver. Experimentations with a cast bronze Eagle raised serious doubts that an Aquila of this size could be carried on long distances as it is way too heavy.

We also chose to represent our Silver Aquila partially Gilded as it was customary to do so among the Romans on the pieces of valuable silversmithery, but also on a number of other pieces of military equipment. We have chosen to represent our Aquila in the traditional manner: The support comes from republican coins showing this unusual base with either six balls or six small claws. The handle is finally painted two shades of purple color attributed to Jupiter.

The Ribbon pattern adorning it is typical of the Republican periods and will once again become popular in late Antiquity. The Aquilifer stands just below the centurion in the hierarchy. A glance at the altimeter let the pilot know that he was flying dangerously low. Generosity, joyfulness, patience, truthfulness, humility, loyalty--these things exalt a person far beyond what all the money in the world can do.

The English conjunction "or" is ambiguous: For their 25th wedding anniversary, they chose a restaurant with an ambiance of elegance and intimacy. The ambrosial smell of fresh bread, pastries, and coffee invited passers-by to come in and enjoy a morning snack.

On summer evenings the townspeople ambled along the downtown sidewalks though not a store or business was open. The ambulatory patients are encouraged to wander along the verdant paths surrounding the hospital.

The patients are encouraged to go outside and circumambulate the building. The prefect was accustomed to perambulating the corridors each evening between seven and nine, at which time the students were expected to study quietly in their rooms. Friends and amiable neighbors helped him through the months of unemployment. Despite the high stakes, they quickly reached an amicable settlement. A principal goal of international diplomacy ought to be amity among nations.

His amatory verses surprised and pleased her. Who can imagine the anguish of parents who lose a child?

Let's cooperate when we can and relegate animadversion to the editorial pages. The animosity of the people could not be suppressed, and they spoke out privately and publicly against the repressive government.

Boxing is not a sport for the pusillanimous and those who still have a functioning brain. Nowhere in the annals of mankind can one find a quantitative growth in knowledge equal to that of the twentieth century. Teachers would be well advised to invest early in a tax-sheltered annuity. Turnips and beets are biennial plants, but most of them are harvested during the first year of their life cycle.

The ward was filled to capacity with superannuated veterans. Cane and Abel are antediluvian biblical figures. Recognizing the urn as an object of unusual antiquity, she cautiously asked about its price. Unappreciated by his younger colleagues, who considered his methods and conclusions antiquated, the old chemist retired. For the objects of their professional interest, antiquaries, like collectors generally, try to pay less than the market seems to demand, and to get more than the market seems to allow.

When operating a camera manually, one must know that a higher f-stop means that the aperture of the camera is smaller; in fact, the square of an f-stop is inversely proportional to the amount of light admitted.

Does one divide a triangle into equal areas by drawing a straight line from the apex to the midpoint of the opposite side?

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One wonders how many supernatural and extraterrestrial apparitions are actually hallucinations. The lawyer is optimistic about her client's chances in the appellate court.

TV cameras rolled as the appellant with his retinue of lawyers climbed the stairs of the Supreme Court to begin what was sure to become a landmark case in American jurisprudence. Basketball fans insisted on saddling their hero with the appellation "moose. Many parents are apprehensive for the safety of their children in a world of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons. Adaptability is important to the success of individuals and to the survival of entire species.

If you are adept in a foreign language or two, you might want to consider a career in international business. She has already proven herself to be an apt student; as soon as she works through some personal problems, her grades will again reflect her abilities.

Inept comments work well if your goal is to alienate yourself from friends and fellow workers. Unlike aquamarine, emerald is bright green. The chemistry students had to analyze several aqueous solutions. A vast aquifer at a depth of only fifty feet made the rural area an attractive site for new housing.

Human noses come in all shapes, from flat to bulbous to aquiline. In a theocracy, the arbiter of morality and the arbiter of legality is one and the same. Some people hold that, if there is a deity, he or she must be criticized for the arbitrary allotment of good and evil in the world. When the President judges that a strike is seriously damaging the common good of the nation, he appoints someone to arbitrate the dispute.

When talks stalled, an arbitrator was appointed to weigh the arguments of both sides and expedite an agreement. Prehensile tails serve arboreal animals well. As a summer job he trimmed eucalyptus trees in the university's arboretum. She tried logical argumentation, emotional appeal, cajolery, and when all else failed, coercion, all to no avail; when her little sister had made up her mind to refuse her a favor, that favor no longer existed in the realm of the possible.

As ardent theatergoers, they contribute generously to the annual Fund for the Arts. If you find pulling weeds arduous, gardening is probably not for you. Remembering how his father used to add sand to the soil of his garden where the spinach was to be planted, he asked his botany teacher if spinach is considered an arenaceous plant.

Despite its argentine luster, mica contains no silver. Because they impede the movement of rain clouds, mountain ranges are often verdant on one side and arid on the other. The famous Spanish Armada, believed by many to be invincible, was defeated by the British in If you get lost in Europe, ask a friendly gendarme for directions. In the mountains of Switzerland, almost every square foot of arable land is used either to grow crops or to graze animals.

In preparation for weekend arts and crafts shows, many artisans arrive on Friday evening and set up their displays.

It is not enough for a speaker to be highly articulate; he or she must also speak logically and interestingly. The child was so excited that she uttered only inarticulate sounds. Augustine helped to secure the ascendancy of the Roman papacy with the statement: His astute generalizations astonished most listeners, who had not expected sagacity from the mouth of a wrestling announcer. Human sacrifice, performed daily by the Aztecs to appease the sun god, was considered an atrocity by the invading Cortes, who in turn mercilessly massacred the Aztecs, no less an atrocity for its dedication to the Christian deity.

Depression attenuates passion and desire, including the desire to remain alive. The strike was authorized by the union members, who voted overwhelmingly to walk off the job at midnight. The economic productivity of authoritarian countries has been unimpressive; on the other hand, their athletes have been among the best in the world.

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Enterprising and audacious, the youngster made his way in the world despite his physical handicaps. Fearing that his GPA would suffer if he took the course for credit, he decided to audit.

Extremely sensitive to auditory distractions, the poor fellow had to wear ear plugs when taking tests. Dogs and other animals can hear very high sounds that are inaudible to the human ear.