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I championed them as a counterbalance to the big French ones when they came out. This year, when it came time to pick judges for the awards — which come out today, January 10th — they tapped me. I got a budget, a shortlist of nominees and a direction: But it's not so bad!

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Kagen and Specters have reopened, there's a new Pistoleraand that stretch across from Avocado Lady is slowly coming back. It seems inevitable — or does it? There are groups in Shanghai working to make a change inhowever minor it might seem, and this week is particularly busy in the save-the-world community.

First off, Green Initiatives is hosting guest speaker Dr. Is it an existential risk? Yes, The Bucks will join.

What do they have to say about plastic straws??? Talk is rmb to get in. Did you know that? But they are changing. Are they good for you?

We dug into the tax policy to find out. Read on Wings Gone Mild: Searching for the Chicken Wing Ideal at Wingtopia Wingtopiaan aspiring chain of chicken wing joints, has planted its first flag in the Mixpace complex at the end of Yuyuan Lu.

The owner, an entrepreneur and self-described wing enthusiast from the States, takes inspiration from American chains like Buffalo Wild Wings, trading the the bro-y sports bar vibe for something more palatable to local sensibilities.

The Waterhouse Hotel is closing abruptly. This is the last month they are taking guests, the hotel staff told me this afternoon when I called. They have been instructed to stop taking bookings for the hotel already.

The staff is mostly English-speaking but I did have one or two moments where the reception had to go get someone else. Take note if your Chinese is debilitatingly terrible.


The one thing we didn't find elsewhere? A room with four snugglesome adorable kittywitties in a room with a desk or two for anyone who doesn't mind the smell of kitty litter. Ten million extra points for that. That one's only available at a new location in Xuhui.

Bldg 9, Panyu Lu, near Kaixuan Lu View Listing Taxi Printout The mom-and-pop-shop of the coworking setups, Agora Space is spread across a couple of repurposed apartments in a neighborhood complex, plus their bomb-ass bomb shelter. It's got the typical gamut of facilities, including a baking oven and a well-stocked pantry of condiments in the shelter, and the aboveground locations have the benefit of a fair amount of natural light and even a little garden.

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Also the home of coderbunker. It's rough around the edges, but if the super polished, sunny-corporate vibe of somewhere like a Mixpace puts you off, and you're looking for something a little more rustic, check this one out. Mixpace Wonderwall No 15, Lane Nanjing Xi Lu, near Shaanxi Bei Lu View Listing Taxi Printout Mixpace isn't the newest addition to the coworking space a new chain probably launched by the time you got to entry three on this list but it's definitely the highest profile these days.

Launched in and with most of their 11 locations only about a year old, they've gotten a surge in funding recently that's seen them take out a massive ad in the metro, and plaster their logos in eye-searingly illuminated signage across the tops of their buildings. Don't worry, they still have English-speaking reception. They've definitely got the stylish surrounds down. Walking into this place you're like "Only the penitent man shall pass! Only the penitent man shall pass!

Quick power-up of cow tongue and chicken balls This is where Keanu Reeves hangs out when he comes to Shanghai. He knows about places like this. You can find him in the corner, thumbing through a script and munching on quail eggs, looking all Keanu Reeves-y. Everything is cheap, cheap, cheap and tasty, tasty, tasty. Then he says, "hey, friend, make sure you hide that because the police will arrest you with that if they see you.

So, the yakitori places are worth the trip out. They're nice little snapshots of Japanese dining and drinking culture that you can experience in Shanghai without shelling out too much money for. From here on out though, it's going to get a bit real. Now we're doing the "hostess bars", of which there are many on Xianxia Lu.

These places all specifically cater to rolling crews of Japanese businessmen who very much like to do Japanese businessmen type stuff. There are exactly two varieties: On Xianxia Lu there are about 20 of these sketchy little cocktail lounges, KTVs, and spas, varying in price points from cheap, cheap, cheap Asahi-soaked dives to very high-end whiskey bars replete with for-real Geisha hostesses who keep you company for the evening, sitting benignly at the foot of your manhood.

Guess which one they wouldn't let us take pictures in. That's just to get in the place and get a seat. Regular customers buy bottles and keep them in the bar, so they only have to pay the sit-down fee when they come back.