Aspergers dating bipolar girlfriend

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aspergers dating bipolar girlfriend

Because a person with Asperger's has trouble with social interaction, dating someone with Asperger's means playing by a different set of rules. Studies suggest that bipolar disorder may be relatively common among children and adults with autism. Although I do think dating someone with bipolar disorder is probably I've known a few people with varying degrees of Aspergers and they.

Your partner may not have the same ideas about what it means to treat their bipolar disorder that you do. If I had my way, my husband would be scarfing fish oil like it was beer, contacting his inner zen daily, eating a perfectly balanced diet and taking regular strolls in nature to reconnect. You will struggle with letting go.

Letting go of the idea that you can heal your significant other or the idea that your love can save them.

aspergers dating bipolar girlfriend

Letting go of the way things used to be before the disease took hold. Letting go of waiting for the disease to let go! You will feel guilty. He Said, She Said: The medication they take might not work. And if it does work, it might stop working. Many people with bipolar have to try more than one or two medicationsand combinations of medications, before they find something that works for them.

Staying on top of the medications could very well become partly your responsibility, too. Well, nobody wants to feel sad.

But we all do. When you love someone with bipolar, you have to stop listening to the shoulds and think about what really IS and what works for you. If helping your partner manage their medications makes you feel better and keeps them more balanced, great. You will need to re-learn that taking care of yourself is important.

Partner Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder? 10 Truths You Need to Know

In the first column, describe a behavior or situation that upsets you. In the second column, record your feelings and why you think your partner acts this way. In the third column, try to think of a different explanation for their behavior. Say you were upset recently about how your spouse handled you being sick.

aspergers dating bipolar girlfriend

She left food without asking how I felt. Be specific about your needs.

aspergers dating bipolar girlfriend

Many of us expect our partners to automatically know what we want. Or to know what we want after the many hints we drop. Rather than expecting your partner to naturally know what you want or hinting at it, communicate your needs as specifically and directly as possible.

Can you please do the yard work? To your partner, this might mean weeding.

Partner Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder? 10 Truths You Need to Know

Because you and your partner experience emotions differently, having an emotional connection also can be challenging. Remember that people with AS have a difficult time understanding and identifying emotions, and they may show very little emotion or express inappropriate emotions.

You also might miss displays of deep connection from your partner because you express emotions so differently. Ariel includes the below exercise to help you and your partner articulate how you can improve your emotional connection. Using index cards or slips of paper, write down what you do to help you feel more connected to your partner. Put the cards in boxes: Try to do a few of these behaviors each week, and regularly review your lists.