Aussies in london dating

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aussies in london dating

Aussies in London, London, United Kingdom. 48K likes. Just arrived in London or been here a while and looking to meet some fellow Aussies? Need some. Don't expect Aussies to be impressed with a ~sunny~ day in London. That said, they have much more of an appreciation for hiking, swimming and skiing than us . Dating for expats in London, be it for the long term single or the newly one such example (as the name suggests, this is generally for Aussies.

aussies in london dating

Recruitment agencies are a huge thing in the UK so I signed up to as many as I could. I had countless interviews with recruitment agencies and I always left feeling great and full of optimism.

It could be summed up like a promising first date. They were into me, they were lapping me up and they made it feel like I had the world at my feet. I left feeling like I was on the cusp of landing a dream job. It was one sided and from many agencies, I never heard from them again.

aussies in london dating

My confidence was struck a blow, professionally and personally. It was a challenging time.

aussies in london dating

It was doing the most unnatural thing in my life; cold calling people. I loathed it and left after three months.

I also took on some hospitality work at minimum wage. Unless you earn good money, living in London is pretty much reliant on pay cheque to pay cheque with a savings account being unheard of.

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That is the job side of things. Then there is the house hunt. It is all about the zones in London.

aussies in london dating

The advice I commonly received was to live in either zone one or two as it was much more convenient to get around. Unless you have the money to afford it, London is the place where you may have to drop your living standards according to your budget to survive. It seemed like fun but after living in and out of hostels, I wanted to have my own space and a place I could call home.

aussies in london dating

To save money, people even share rooms and lounge rooms are converted into bedrooms. I ended up living in a shared apartment with a few random Australians and a token Spanish guy. Overall it was a nice living arrangement.

Aussie on the brutal reality of being an expat in London

A Sunday toast with Aussie expats. Be prepared to throw spontaneous meetings with friends out the window as if you live on opposite sides of London, it could take you over an hour to commute. It also turns out the cliche is true, that Australians do hang out together in London.

You think that after travelling half way around the world, you would question why you would want to hang out with your own kind. Contrary to London being home to over eight million people, London is a tough city to make friends so you do feel inclined to stick with what or who you know.

Sure I have used dating apps like Tinder to broaden my scope of meeting new people as well as join professional networking events and go out and about by myself. Some of the biggest include Match. For gay relationships, check out UK Gay Partnership.

Aussies i london dating. Moving to London from Australia - Australians Moving to London

What other options are there for expats in London to meet people? Speed Dating Speed dating is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination. For those who are not yet familiar, this is basically an event where you get a short amount of time generally about 5 minutes to chat to other people. After that time you place a tick or a cross in the box next to their name.

Australians Moving To London

Many speed-dating events take place in London every day. Check out Date in a Dash and Speed Dater for a couple of examples. There are some expat specific speed date options as well. Antipodate is one such example as the name suggests, this is generally for Aussies, Kiwis and South Africans.

Original Dating also offers speed dating for expats too. Meet Up Meet Up is a website where anyone can join a group of other like minded people in pretty much any genre you can think of, and that includes expat dating. The Old Fashioned Way… Of course, dating as an expat in London can always be carried out the old fashioned way — simply by connecting with people you meet in your everyday life.

You never know when a dating opportunity might present itself.