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australian x canada hetalia dating

Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Canada, Australia - Words: . Doing something like this was ok since they were dating after all. I never thought of this ship but it's really cute I'm sorry I took so long to finish this ; w; But thank you for commissioning me ;w;b smoke weed. Ancient Greece and Byzantine; African Nations; Australia Rumors about the early days of Hetalia and Kitayume, the March launch date . and Canada not having the same surname (or Russia and Belarus).

Because it would be really depressing if the mighty, strong America was afraid of a Vegemite sandwich. I eat England's cooking, after all.

He was too busy inertly seething about how close America and Australia appeared to be. Vegemite is the real deal. Shouldn't it be, like, totally wrestling crocodiles or something?

Instinctively, America chewed on the slice a couple of times before swallowing. He became very still, his face becoming ghostly white. His eyes were probably glazed over, but they were hidden behind his glasses that had inexplicably caught the light in an ominous way. There was a moment of drawn out silence before he…screamed. One that made Australia buckle over, clutching his stomach, as he laughed.

Australian v Canada: How An Australian Handles SNOW

He tried to splutter some kind of scathing retort something along the lines of "Who would want to fuss over that ungrateful bastard?! In the same direction America fled in. Again, Australia simply laughed that loud, but good-natured laugh of his. He then turned on his heel and began to walk over to where Canada was sitting, all on his own, on the two-seater couch. He was feeling uncharacteristically annoyed. So, without any warning, he snared Australia by the wrist and pulled him toward him.

Bruce tumbled off Australia's shoulder as Australia fell onto Canada's lap, making a little grunting noise from the unexpected movement. There were a couple of soft coos from a few of the others nations as Australia wiggled around in Canada's grip, stilling when he realised that Canada wasn't going to be letting him go.

With his legs draped across Canada's lap, his back pushed up into the corner of the seat Australia looked up at Canada in mild surprise. Canada had to admit to himself that he was slightly surprised by his reaction as well. Still…It was normal, right? Doing something like this was ok since they were dating after all.

A look of concern flickered across Australia's face. Australia looked at him with an expression of scepticism before he unexpectedly poked Canada on his brow, between his eyes. Canada lifted his eyebrows to smooth the lines of his forehead and shrugged awkwardly as he kept his arms around Australia in a somewhat possessive hold.

Canada turned his head slightly, relinquishing Australia's grip on his cheek and muttered; "I just don't like it when you give America attention, that's all. He was simply annoyed.

And made no attempt to move. Canada pressed his lips together into a thin line. He wasn't entire sure how to answer that. It wasn't like he was actually jealous or anything. There wasn't anything to be jealous about, really. He and Australia had been a couple for a few years now. And Australia wasn't the type to get bored easily and wander off. Whenever he engaged in something it was for the long-haul.

But…he had that small, childish fear that America could steal away Australia's attention from him. Like he did with England all those years ago. It was a ridiculous fear. It was obvious that America was still trying to gain England's complete attention. And it was obvious that England was more than willing to give him that attention. He didn't want him to actually admit it. Not at all, actually. That lopsided grin stayed on Australia's lips as he shook his head in mild amusement.

australian x canada hetalia dating

Ancient Greece later becomes the Byzantine Empire. The identity of Greece 's mother has remained a source of confusion, with contradictory official sources. In Axis Powers Hetalia: It is said that Turkey as the Ottoman Empire killed her and kidnapped young Greece for himself. The timeline on the Hetalia website also lists the Fall of Constantinople on the timeline of events for the series, with both Byzantine and Turkey involved in it.

However, Himaruya has also identified Greece's mother as Ancient Greecewhich has lead to debates over whether he intends to have her be "Byzantine" at a later stage of life or for Byzantine to be a completely separate character. Proponents of her becoming Byzantine will point to his quote about Ancient Greece's troubles and internal struggle, and will point to other "dissimilar" character evolutions like Prussia 's. The opposing side will point to how it would be impossible anyway, as both cultures are much too different and that Byzantine was also known as the Eastern Roman Empire and would likely be a relative of Romeperhaps a child of his and that her struggles are related to the competing city-states that comprised Ancient Greece, which was not a singular nation.

However, as seen as with the Holy Roman Empire, a character can call themselves Roman and still be completely unrelated to Rome. A "Byzantine" is also mentioned in the profile notes for a Magyar character on Himaruya's blog, which was included alongside notes for Rome, Germaniaand both Ancient Egypt and Greece.

This has lead some to assume that Himaruya has indeed made Byzantine a separate character from Ancient Greece, though it remains to be seen what he will do with either of them. However, it is to be noted that Himaruya's plans for characters are subject to change over time, and that the Magyar character was originally identified as Hun in the incomplete Gakuen Hetalia screenplay. Germania has also been alternatively referred to as a "father" or "grandfather" of GermanyHoly Roman Empireand others.

Kenya, Zimbabwe, and three unnamed female African nations appear in concept art for Gakuen Hetalia. Though two of the girls' hairstyles somewhat resemble the hairstyles of Zimbabwe and Kenya, the "Kenya" in the sheet is shown to have a slightly different look to her hair.

In designing the initial uniform sheets, Himaruya had also opted to use generic characters to represent both the Europe and Africa classes as a way to show off the uniforms without choosing a specific nation. However, he did use South Korea and Taiwan in art for the Asia Class uniforms, which has lead to speculation that perhaps one of the models could have been intended as an uncredited cameo of an African nation.

But the models for these two sheets seem to have been intended to be normal unspecified girls. In the demo version, there are five African nations that appear as super-deformed heads when greeting Seychelles: Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Uganda, and Ghana. Though Kenya is a female, the genders of three of the others are left ambiguous, though most Western fans assume that they too are women.

In the rare instances that they are referenced in Japanese fanart, Zimbabwe is characterized as either male or female, and Botswana and Ghana tend to be male. Uganda is shown to be a male in the game, when he is carried out by paramedics for laughing too hard at Seychelles' crest. Five other African nations Sahara, Guinea-Bissau, Cabinda, Ethiopia, and Congo introduce themselves in the demo, though their faces are unseen. Ethiopia is the only one whose gender has been outright confirmed, being a male and picked on by the rest of the class due to being associated with Italy.

In his notes around the demo's release, Himaruya mentioned that a Libya character was to be included, but they do not show up in either the demo or the unfinished screenplay. An unidentified female African colony of France 's has shown up in a doodle for Lithuania's Outsourcing in the footnotes about Europe's colonies having been affected by the Great Depression.

To this date, Himaruya has yet to reveal which of the colonies she is meant to be. He is popular for telling strange jokes that nobody understands. Official profile information for Australia has yet to be given by Himaruya.

Due to Australia having been a British colony and the character sporting the same thick eyebrows as England, some fans assume that they are directly related though it is to be noted that Hong Kong also has thick eyebrows, which England cursed him to have.

Fanon interpretations of the character often give him the surname Kirkland, though at least one iteration seen on deviantART has given him the name Cody Walters, along with the aforementioned fanon profile information. As it is a completely fanon interpretation of Australia, it should not be considered as true for the series. England or the United Kingdom?

In katakana, the nation name is spelled out as Igirisu, which has been used to refer to both England Ingurando and the United Kingdom Eikokuthough it would technically refer to "Britain". The usage of the Union Flag would indicate that he is the UK rather than simply Englandas well as an early profile showing "United Kingdom" written in English.

But in Gakuen Hetaliaas well as some merchandise, he is instead referred to as "England". In the original profile, it is mentioned that Arthur is one of four brothers, which would indicate that although he is referred to as "UK", he would only represent one part of it. This is also alluded to in the strips and a note by Himaruya, the latter of which identifies his brothers as Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland oddly, though the profile referred to him being the youngest of four brothers, Northern Ireland would technically be the actual youngest of the four, while Ireland would be an older sibling.

When asked by a fan if Arthur was England or the UK, Himaruya answered that he is only technically known as "England" when around his brothers, and known as "United Kingdom" to the other characters.

It would seem that this trivia would confirm a long-standing fanon theory: That while all four brothers represent parts of the United Kingdom, it is Arthur who acts as the representative for the whole of it.

Germany's Last Name Rumor: Germany's full human name is Ludwig Beilschmidt. When the human names for the characters were originally stated by Hidekaz Himaruya, Germany was simply listed as Ludwig, with no surname. Himaruya stated that there was a reason that Germany wasn't given a surname, and that fans would eventually find out the reason and the significance for it. But after Himaruya's old blog shut down, the posts with the characters having human names or human ages disappeared with it.

Some fans have taken to giving Germany the full name of Ludwig Beilschmidt to correspond with his older brother Prussia whose human name was given as Gilbert Beilschmidt. A common fanon theory is that Prussia adopted the amnesiac HRE and raised him to become Germany, presumably christening him with the name Ludwig as well. Another assumption based off of historical information is that Austria raised HRE up after he fell out of France's control, thus he was the one to rename him.

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Another thing of note is that the name Ludwig was once a common German name, and so the reason for not giving him a surname could be related to historical trivia. Some fans will point out that as Germany and Prussia were distinctly different in history, it would be unlikely for Germany to take his brother's surname or even take on Austria's surname.

Another thing is that it is rare for "sibling" pairs in Hetalia to have the same surname, with "sibling pairs" such as America and Canada not having the same surname or Russia and Belarus. It should also be mentioned that the name of the founder of the Holy Roman Empire was Ludwig, without a last name. Holy Roman Empire's Fate Rumor: Holy Roman Empire grows up to be Germanyhaving survived his apparent dissolution and death, but with amnesia.

Though the first is a popular theory supported by pieces of evidence in-series, most visibly in the cliffhanger to the strip Buon San Valentino, it remains to be seen what the exact connection between Germany and Holy Roman Empire is.

Detractors of the theory will point out the differences in the government of the German Confederation and German Empire in relation to the rule of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as the fact that it took the German remnants time to form into that nation. After its dissolution, the German states of the Holy Roman Empire were first formed into The Confederation of The Rhine and were under the control of France from towhile the German Confederation was established in It is also to note that the Holy Roman Empire technically only existed in name only after Peace of Westphaliain which most of its territories were granted sovereignty.

Some fans will also point to the Holy Roman Empire being considered the First Reich, with the Second Reich classified as the German Empire which lasted from to and the 'Third Reich' being Nazi Germany the main timeframe in which Hetalia is set. This would make a stronger case for HRE's connection to Germany, since all three Reichs would be the same character. But a counter-argument for this would be that the Second Reich would better represent Prussiafor it grew out of his conquests and annexations in the s.

This makes it even more uncertain if the fan-theory with the Reichs would be "correct" for either character. This is due to the aforementioned fact that HRE effectively existed in name only after the first war. In this case, some believe that Austria and France may have attempted to keep up the illusion that HRE was still alive until the official dissolution came.

In-series, it has been noticed that Hidekaz Himaruya has seemed to go out of his way in not showing a younger Germany in any of the strips, while Holy Roman Empire happens to have an uncanny resemblance to Germany and look much like he would as a child.

Germany is also shown to have a hairstyle similar to HRE's when his hair is not slicked back, and both have prominent sideburns.

A design of a teenage HRE furthers the connection, along with a scrapped piece of art where the child HRE dreams of himself and Chibitalia in their adulthood.

Rumors and Misconceptions

In the latter image, the adult HRE is shown from the nose down, but appears to resemble Germany in his height, build, and hairstyle. But some theorize that the teenage HRE has become a scrapped idea, much like the draft of a separate character for the Teutonic Order which was designed around the same timeand that HRE could have never aged or grown due to not being an actual singular nation.

The family member Lithuania is talking about is most likely Prussia, who, when he was still known as the Teutonic Knights, was beaten at the battle of Tannenberg by the Polish-Lithuanian union.

However, inGermany did not yet exist. But because Lithuania fears that Germany actually could remember that incident, he might have already existed in another form, possibly the HRE. The fact that he does not, though, supports the theory that he forgot about it because of amnesia.

However, a doodle of Chibitalia in modern clothes was also shown, so it may be that Himaruya was drawing HRE or a younger Germany in modern clothes simply for fun. If it was meant to be young Germany, his resemblance to HRE would be even more uncanny whether or not the two are intended to be the same. Holy Roman Empire was also an offspring of Germaniaas was Prussia, who is confirmed in later strips to be Germany's older brother.

But Germania is shown to have many other offspring, and it is also debatable as to whether they are his children or grandchildren, as the official sources provide conflicting information. Some fans also believe that France would be his brother instead, as both were historically Francia with HRE having come from the Eastern part. One variant of the reincarnation theory was inspired by a doujinshi entitled Risorgimento: Some members of the Japanese fandom as well as the international one for Hetalia have a third theory for the connection, it being that the two characters are not related in any way and the similarities are red herrings or mere coincidence in a possible bait-and-switch move by Himaruya.

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The only official word given on HRE's fate at this time other than his apparent demise being reported in a scrapped strip was in Himaruya's response to a fan's question circawhere he promised that eventually: Hong Kong and Taiwan Rumor: Hong Kong and Taiwan are twins. There is nothing in the series to suggest this being the case, though some fans will often consider the two to be twins due to their connections to China and both appearing to be young. Furthermore, the territories have had little history shared together other than both being under control of China, so while it is likely that they would be considered "siblings", it is not very likely that they would be twins.

Veneziano and Romano are twins. While the Italy brothers are often portrayed as identical twins in fanart and fanfiction, there is little in canon to support or suggest that to be the case. In the case of them being twins, it is more likely that they would be fraternal due to the differences in their size and appearance. Additionally, Veneziano specifically refers to Romano as his older brother and Romano refers to Veneziano as a younger brotherwhich is used as evidence against the theory, though others will point to Japanese culture identifying twins specifically by their individual age.

In a response to a question by a fan, Hidekaz Himaruya mentioned that he had designed Romano to be a few years older than Veneziano, and that their respective physical ages were approximately and But it is to be noted that Romano's appearance has changed slightly over the course of the comic, and that there was originally more of a visible height difference between the two which is rarely if ever shown in modern strips and absent in the anime, where the two are the same height.

The child version of Romano also shrunk in height in later-drawn strips, and now appears to be the same size as the younger Veneziano while in his Chibitalia debut, he was shown to be significantly larger. Romano also was originally colored to have darker, olive-toned skin in comparison to his brother, and had green or hazel eyes.

In later artwork and the anime adaptationRomano's skintone was lightened and his eyes were changed to brown or amber, in the case of the anime. An early colored picture used in a flash video also initially gave him jet black hair, while Veneziano had light brown hair. Due to the characters being nations and therefore not as fully-human as they appear to be, their aging patterns are also shown to be different than a normal human's.

Characters who knew each other as child-nations have been shown to out-age each other, or that younger nations may wind up outgrowing their older peers once they hit their equivalent of puberty.

In a liner note to the webcomic version of Chibitalia, Himaruya suggested that Romano's growth remained and remains slow due to the long-term influence of Spainwho had control over him for a lengthy period of time.

But proponents of the twin theory suggest that perhaps Romano physically aged faster than Veneziano at birth, and only slowed down once he became controlled by Spain. In their profiles, the brothers' birthdays are both given as March 17th,the foundation date of the Kingdom of Italy. As both brothers are shown in the series to have been in existence since the days of the Roman Empire, it would appear that they count their unification as a shared birthday and celebrate it as such.

Himaruya has also noted that the Italy brothers have different types of blood, which would be unlikely in the case of them being identical twins, or at least their blood following the same pattern as human twins: Germany and Veneziano after the war Rumor: Veneziano betrayed Germany and switched sides, joining the Allies.

Even though most of the fandom seems to believe that, it's actually untrue. Meaning that, the one who switched sides would be Romano, and not Veneziano. Himaruya himself also adressed about that fact, in one of his deleted entries fromwhen he was asked by an fan about Veneziano and Germany's relationship at the end of the war, saying they became enemies, he said that: At the time, Italy was actually split into two countries.

The South switched sides and joined the Allies, while the North continued to stay with the Axis even after they surrendered. Despite knowing they were losing the war, The North fought along side Germany until they were finally taken over by the Allies and Southern Italy. Since the existence of the North was not known in Japan, Italy was seen as the traitor, which is really sad. Maybe only people who are familiar with world history or in the military know about it nowadays.

Spain and Romano have a father-son or brotherly relationship Rumor: There is nothing in the series that ever suggests that, in fact, quite the opposite. Even though their kingdom wound up thrown into debt due to all the money spent on South Italy's protection, Spain refused to let go of him since he was 'special' to him, even after being scolded several times by his boss.

New Zealand "Is New Zealand a boy or girl? North Korea A discarded design of South Korea, with notes describing her as an aspiring idol-type inspired by America. There has yet to be a character for North Korea in Hetalia. Occasionally, there is also the misconception that South Korea is the North, due to the fact that he is usually simply labeled as Korea with no specific designation.

But his nation name, Daehan-minguk, would suggest that he is the South, as the name is generally used to refer to it by. South Korea is also written in kanji as Kankoku which is used for the characterwhile North is rendered as Choseon. Factoids from his profile indicate that his culture reflects South Korea as well, rather than the North's.

It is also noteworthy that he only appears in the contemporary strips, and that the flag used for him is the South Korean one. His original profile also stated that he was "an unbelievable nation in the south of the Korean Peninsula". The only thing to suggest him possibly representing both halves would be a comment by China, who was aggravated that he had to "share a border" with Korea. A scrapped early design for the character is in existence, where they were originally designed as a female and said to be an idol-wannabe.

Some fans theorize that her design could possibly be reused for a North Korea character, though Hidekaz Himaruya did recycle the basics of her design into the character Sena, from his discontinued webcomic entitled MoeKan A portmanteau of moe and the first part of kankoku. But inHimaruya did state that he had plans to make a male North Korea character, and described him as being timid in personality and a musician, as well as being a "twin" of South Korea.

However, as he was based off a Korean friend of his that moved away, and due to the controversy of North Korea in the news, fans feel that it is unlikely that he will be introduced any time soon. There are fans that also feel that "North" would be better as a female character than Himaruya's intended male one, and use that scrapped South Korea design for her. The Philippines can be seen in Episode 01 and the first chapter of volume 1.

She is a maid that serves Spain a drink at the conference. Though some fans have speculated that the maid was meant to be an uncredited cameo of a Philippines character, the maid was intended to be a normal human and is simply credited as "Maid" in notes and in the anime guide WorldWideWalking.

Proponents of the Philippines theory believe that she was not named due to controversy, though the truth is that a character for the nation has yet to be introduced in the series. Though it seems unusual for there to be a non-nation character at the conference, the series has shown instances of the nations interacting with normal humans before. In some cases, the humans are shown to be aware of the nations not being like them, and address them by their nation name ie: A medicine store clerk referring to Germany as Mr.

It was also speculated that a mysterious character labeled Asia3 was Philippines, but her identity was not clarified by Himaruya for the longest time. A later series of blog sketches revealed that the female character was actually intended as Vietnam with an alternate hairstyle. The conference maid is also notable for having brown hair and green eyes like Spain, something that would not be likely for a representation of the Philippines.

Himaruya himself had also clarified that the maid was a Spanish housemaid, when asked by a fan who she was. She will appear in season 3. Though a fan-created character named Maria Clara exists, there is no canon Philippines named this.

australian x canada hetalia dating

Though Filipino fans want a character for their country in the series, there has yet to be an official design. Even so, there have been hoaxes purporting this and the above rumor as fact, sometimes started by fans longing for an official character or trying to find significance for the maid or Asia3.

There has also been no such news reporting of a Philippines in the third season, except for another fan-created hoax. Asia3 is Philippines, as Himaruya claimed she was close to America and had a complicated love story.