Automapper entity framework relationships dating

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automapper entity framework relationships dating

The first step in using AutoMapper is to initialize your mappings. . Of course, it's trivial to calculate such a date -- but it's not something built in to AutoMapper. DateTime Convert(ResolutionContext context) { var source = (double) context. All of the examples so far have dealt with a single entity (an. Efficient querying with LINQ, AutoMapper and Future queries. 11 March, It was a Tuesday. With writes, I want tracked entities, managed relationships, cascades and the like. With reads, I don't need any [Display(Name = "Hire Date ")]. Entity Framework maps all three types to DateTime with DateTimeKind. Mappers); // Handle mapping EF DateTime whole date fields to DTO string . DB relationship gets created and the mapper update forgotten resulting.

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automapper entity framework relationships dating

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