Baby browning dating

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baby browning dating

Updated: 15th August 4 Star Rating: Recommended. My gun was manufactured and imported in It was purchased new for $50, by the father of one. Click here to date your Baby Browning. NOTE: If you have an old FN Baby Browning in need of repair or refinishing, PSA says that they can. Now you can date your Browning firearm. more about how you can add a piece of history to your Browning firearm. Automatic Pistol, "Baby" Browning. 2.

With the loss of the U. I have been unable to examine one of these MAB-made guns, but Col.

baby browning dating

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who owns one. One was reportedly purchased inwhich may give the lie to the entire date sequence reported above, and may indicate that FN was outsourcing production to MAB much earlier than previously reported, but I have no other evidence than this one story. The Bauer was machined from stainless steel.

baby browning dating

It featured a few minor differences from the Baby Browning--including a redesigned safety spring and a slightly different takedown procedure--in order not to infringe existing U. Late production Bauers also featured a loaded chamber indicator. The Bauer was available in satin stainless and blued stainless finishes, though I have never seen a blued one. After Bauer went out of business another company produced the gun under the name Frasier for a few years.

baby browning dating

PSP became the sole authorized manufacturer of the Baby Browning in the world, and PSP was also allowed to manufacture the pistol under its own name for sale in North America.

However, due to various legal and political complications the original order for 40, pistols was never filled.

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PSP quickly realized they could not legally manufacture or sell firearms in Canada. Guns destined for sale in the U. Grips are of checkered plastic with a blank oval at the top. Serial numbers started with 1.

I have as yet been unable to determine the serial number sequence of the guns produced for FN.

Automatic Pistol, "Baby" Browning

The fact that the gun is unfired, condition of the original finish, it has the original manual, is in the original wax paper and has the original pouch all influence and enhance the value of this gun. Although I'm not into gun collecting as an investment, I do like to collect guns that I believe will hold their value or increase in value. I look for value in everything I purchase, cars, musical instruments, down to my wrist watch. My friend's father was able to put this gun in a safe and leave it alone for thirty years, possibly because he was a gun dealer and had plenty of other guns to keep him busy!

baby browning dating

Enthusiast Rather Than Collector As you can see, I have the gun out on the kitchen counter taking pictures, holstering it and even loading the magazine and carrying it on certain occasions. I have resisted the temptation to fire it, but only by buying a used blue gun of this same model to practice with.

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John Browning had contracts with Colt and F. Colt stopped producing the vest pocket. Many gun enthusiasts will laugh at the mention of a.

This little gun earned my respect and the respect of a lot of others through it's service to the French Resistance during WWII. It saved many lives.