Badoo nigeria dating websites

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badoo nigeria dating websites

I have never heard anything pleasant about the Badoo site babes. The evil associated with most social sites is not peculiar to Nigeria and . Too many of them are crawling, falling over themselves on these dating sites. Meet Men and Women online. Chat & make new friends nearby at the fastest growing social networking website - Badoo. Badoo is the world's largest dating app. Over , new people join us daily. What are you waiting for? Download NOW! “A mass phenomenon” – WIRED.

However, with this app, you are making 'friends' with strangers. As such, the principle is pretty simple and it is this straightforward functionality that has made it so popular. The app's key features Using the so-called freemium model - like Facebook does, for example — Badoo's creators generate their income by selling advertising on the site.

This is very much the reverse of traditional dating sites which charge subscribers or limit usage for non-fee paying users in some way. It functions equally well on Windows, Android and iOs so you can get flirting with just about anyone online. The operation of swiping left and right is used, like it is with Tinderto create matches between users. Badoo refers to matches as 'encounters'.

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According to the creators, well over half the users who begin to communicate with each other following a successful encounter will go on to meet in person at some stage later on. Your avatar will be moderated so it has to be genuine and inoffensive.

badoo nigeria dating websites

Although the makers claim that only a small proportion of the app's users are using it for finding dates, the fact is that it is primarily a way for adults to meet one another online and to flirt. One would have thought that the experience and murder of Cynthia Osokogu by friends she met on Facebook would have been an eye opener for some ladies, but no way! I choose to call them executive prostitutes because several of the men who met these babes on this site, revealed to me that many of these babes are gainfully employed.

Why do these babes then lure and drag guys into their web and then ask for money after the show? I have never heard anything pleasant about the Badoo site babes.

Online Chat & Dating in Nigeria | Meet People & Make Friends in Nigeria | Badoo

It had been one horrifying story after another. Who would you blame if something happened to you?

badoo nigeria dating websites

You could be raped, worse killed. We know there are such professional call girls on these social sites, but ask yourself if you wish to be known and identified and addressed as such. Apparently, the beginning of her offence was in not allowing the guys access to her ATM card. I was told by the Investigating Police Officer of the case, that the blood thirsty boys had killed a lot of girls they met on Facebook before the eventual murder of Cynthia nailed them.

I know that till date, their parents would be wondering where they had gone wrong in giving birth to those boys and raising them. Even as my fingers are flying over my keyboard, I know that somewhere, somehow a lady who met a guy on one of these social sites is being raped or killed right now….

The evil associated with most social sites is not peculiar to Nigeria and Nigerians. I read about a guy in the US, who used to make friends with people via a social site, invite them to meet him somewhere, then kill and eat them.

When police finally arrested him, they discovered so many body parts in his freezer. Human parts he was saving to eat.

He was a pure Oyinbo, not black American O! A working class lady should learn to live within her means. How many strangers, maybe with body and mouth odour, are you ready to barter your body for?

Go ahead now… Google and read the story of a handsome, charming guy, who, posing as Mike Adenuga, conned a lady into having sex with him. To many of our babes, sex no longer means much.