Before jerusalem fell dating the book of revelation pdf

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before jerusalem fell dating the book of revelation pdf

“Therefore, that he was called John, and that this book is the work of one John, I . Jr., Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation: An Exegetical and. Book Title. Before Jerusalem Fell. Pages. Subtitle. Dating the Book of Revelation PDF Filesize in Bytes "Gentry convincingly demonstrates the fact the Book Revelation was written, as it in so many was declares, prior to the destruction. Before Jerusalem Fell. Dating the Book of Revelation. By Kenneth L. Gentry Jr. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Preface. PART I: PRELIMINARY CONSIDERATIONS.

He is the Director of GoodBirth Ministries, a non-profit religious educational ministry, "committed to sponsoring, subsidizing, and advancing serious Christian scholarship and education" GoodBirth website: Writings[ edit ] Gentry is the leading contemporary theological expositor of the first century for the date when the Apostle John's Revelation content preponderantly transpired.

The first century tribulation paradigm is a profoundly different eschatology than that held by most American evangelical Christians that the tribulation and rapture haven't yet occurred.

Gentry's work is considered by his followers to be important for soteriological reasons. Gentry's work enfilades the error of much contemporary Christian pre-trib eschatology, also serving to argue that incorrect interpretation of the Bible is possible even by sincere experts.

before jerusalem fell dating the book of revelation pdf

Gentry is perhaps best known for his book Before Jerusalem Fellwhich argues that the Book of Revelation was written before the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. He holds that many of the dramatic events in Revelation correspond to the persecution of Christians under the Roman imperium as well as to the Jewish War against Rome which resulted in the destruction of Jewish temple.

This book is the published version of his doctoral dissertation in under the title "The Dating of the Book of Revelation: The Divorce of Israel: It is currently being proofed and typeset by Tolle Lege Press and is scheduled for release in Gentry holds that the theme of Revelation is Christ's judgment coming against those who pierced him Rev 1: He argues that the seven-sealed scroll is God's divorce decree against his unfaithful Old Testament wife Israel so that he might take a new bride, the Church Rev.

Thus, Revelation dramatizes the transition from the old covenant, Temple -based, Judaic economy to the New Covenantspiritual economy that includes all ethnicities, not just Jews compare supersessionism. According to his research updates, Gentry sees strong similarities between Revelation and the Epistle to the Hebrews. Herrenschneider, Tentamen Apocalypseos illustrandae Strassburg: Hort, The Apocalypse of St. Macmillan, ; and Judaistic Christianity London: Gould and Newman, John Burns,pp.

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before jerusalem fell dating the book of revelation pdf

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Date written: John wrote Revelation in AD 66 and the Gospel of John in AD 98

Textkritische Untersuchungen und Textherstellung Leipsig, Wetstein, New Testament Graecum, vol. Zullig, Die Ofienbamng Johannis erklarten Stuttgart: Thou seest, brother, how many thousands of Jews there are which believe. And He who gave this revelation to the Evangelist, declares, that these men shall not share the destruction inflicted by the Romans. For the ruin brought by the Romans had not yet fallen upon the Jews, when this Evangelist received these prophecies: For after the suffering of the Lord he remained only fourteen years at Jerusalem, during which time the tabernacle of the mother of the Lord, which had conceived this Divine offspring, was preserved in this temporal life, after the suffering and resurrection of her incorruptible Son.

For he continued with her as with a mother committed to him by the Lord. For after her death it is reported that he no longer chose to remain in Judaea, but passed over to Ephesus, where, as we have said, this present Apocalypse also was composed ; which is a revelation of future things, inasmuch as forty years after the ascension of the Lord this tribulation came upon the Jews.

And that of the apostles, embracing the ministry of Paul, end with Nero. How happy is its church, on which the apostles poured forth all their doctrine along with their blood! There seems therefore no reason why the oracle should not have been uttered by a Christian prophet as the doom of the city drew nigh.

before jerusalem fell dating the book of revelation pdf

As one began to look at them, and in particular the epistle to the Hebrews, Acts and the Apocalypse, was it not strange that this cataclysmic event was never once mentioned or apparently hinted at as a past fact? A Jewish-Christian apocalypse of the first century, probably composed before the destruction of Jerusalem, has been interwoven with a short exhortation which Jesus gave on the occasion when He predicted the destruction of the temple.

His construction rests upon two main points of support; upon his view of the sources and his conception of the eschatology of the time of Jesus.

Before jerusalem fell dating the book of revelation pdf

We judge, therefore, that this book was written about A. There are also several statements in this book which can only be understood on the ground that the judgment upon Jerusalem was then future. Laodicea was overthrown by an earthquake A.

before jerusalem fell dating the book of revelation pdf

But the possible allusions to it in Heb But the Pauline benediction Re 1: Eusebius notes,footnote 1. A true exposition depends, in no small degree, upon a knowledge of the existing condition of things at the time it was written ; i.

Instead of appealing to tradition or to some doubtful passage in an ancient father, we interrogate the book itself, or we listen to what the Spirit said that was in him who testified of these things.

It will be found that no book of the New Testament more abounds in passages which clearly have respect to the time when it was written.

The Number of the Beast of Revelation: 666

And no evidence can be drawn from any part of the book favoring the later date so commonly assigned to it. Those who contend for the later date, when there must have been a greater number of churches than the seven in the region designated by the apostle fail to give any sufficient reason for his mentioning no more.