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beyblade metal masters cap 28 latino dating

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When Tsubasa attacks prove to be avail he tries his special move but it gets countered.

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Chi-yun Thermal Lacerta begins to go all out on Earth Eagle, use his special moves. When Earth Eagle begins to stop spinning, Tsubasa tries another move taunted by again by Chi-yun but it still doesn't work. Chi-yun taunts start to make Tsubasa crazy.

beyblade metal masters cap 28 latino dating

Then his dark side kicks in and Earth Eagle begins to smash Thermal Lactera into the stadium until it blasts itself out with Lactera barely spinning, making Chi-yun the winner. Tsubasa collapses after the match. The rest of the team go check on him. Gan Gan Galaxy rests before the battle while Tsubasa us nervous for what happened in the previous battle.

beyblade metal masters cap 28 latino dating

His teammates however, assure him that everything is ok and are sure Gingka will get them to the second round. For Wang Hu Zhong however, Chi-yun trains himself even harder despite winning in the previous match.

Dashan's teammates are confident enough to know that Dashan will lead them to the second round. Although this tempts Gingka, he is confident that he will win. Gingka tries to be careful this time, as he does not want to lose to Dashan like in their last battle. Instead, Gingka uses small hits so the rubber will not absorb them. Dashan however, knows this will not do much and attacks Pegasus, launching with a Special Move.

It hits Pegasus so hard, it seems that Pegasus will have no chance to win and will take another loss. Gingka tries to make sure not to let this happen and strikes back, but to no avail.

In the heat of the battle, Gingka decides that he will have no chance to defeat Dashan and his confidence is broken. However, Gingka's friends; Kenta, Benkei, and Kyoya, encourage Gingka to not give up and this reawakens Gingka as he fights back. In one final epic clash, Pegasus and Zurafa hit each other with so much power an explosion appears. After the mist from it is cleared, it is shown that Zurafa has stopped spinning, giving Pegasus the win and thus, entry to the second round of the World Beyblade Championships.

Dashan, disappointed for losing the match knows he broke the 4, Year-Old Tradition of the Beylin Temple. His teammates however, tell him that even though he lost, he did not break the tradition and that the tradition is still going. Gingka's teammates praise Gingka for winning the match and are glad that they are moving on to the second round.

Now, they will head to Russia, for the second match of the World Beyblade Championships. After he says his goodbyes to all the friends he made, he boards the plane and heads for an unknown destination. Elsewhere, a young man is seen riding a horse on a rich estate. He then rides the horse into a first-class helicopter and enters it.

He then receives his Launcher and Beyblade. Gingka assures this as Dashan tells him how the rest of Wang Hu Zhong are training in order to become more powerful. They meet up with Desert Blaze and are amazed at how much power the Team holds.

Being able to summon the Beasts and combine them in order to win a battle.

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Desert Blaze find Gan Gan Galaxy and have a chat with them. The two Teams discuss their place in the World Championships and are very eager to face one another in an upcoming match. Desert Blaze, which consists of Gasur, and two other Bladers are also eager to face them. As Gan Gan Galaxy walks along a sidewalk, they find the young man earlier on from the episode, getting out of a limo, appearing to look very wealthy as he enters a building.

Gan Gan Galaxy are confused by this but decide to ignore it, knowing it will not have any importance. Finally, the match between Desert Blaze and Excalibur is about to begin. Kyoya appears, leaning on a wall; he says Gingka needs time on his own.

beyblade metal masters cap 28 latino dating

Kenta decides to follow Gingka to the riverside anyway, and he succeeds in getting him to open up by expressing how he hates seeing Gingka so helpless, and also almost insane, like at the end of his battle against Ryuga.

Not too reluctantly, Gingka tells his story: On a beautiful day in his home village named Koma, Gingka wakes up to find that his father is not in the other bed beside his own. He gets up, dresses up, and walks out of the small house to the river nearby; he splashes some water on his face, then walks around the village to find his father.

He asks a man who sells fish, as well as some kids who are playing Beyblade if they have seen him.

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Both their answers lead him to the forest, where he finally meets his father. However, a bear is tackling him and both are more or less wrestling, since Ryo simply smiles at his son, as if there was nothing wrong with the situation.

As a matter of fact, he takes his launcher and bey out and destroys the branch that was stuck in the bear's back, and the latter walks away, not threatening at all anymore. Ryo gets back to the village with his son, where they both start Beyblading. Ryo gives Storm Pegasus to Gingka while he uses a random Bey, yet he still wins the game. However, they had fun battling, and Ryo reminds his son that this is all that matters in a match.

Later, Gingka's father takes him to the ceremony they have to the Pegasus. At first, all of the villagers are just standing in front of the mountain Mount Hagane, dedicated to it but, upon their arrival, Ryo launches Storm Pegasus forward and it lights up all the torches atop the pillars that lead to the sanctuary inside the mountain, which is also a volcano.

Storm Pegasus finishes its path by going up into the sky and, coincidentally, the Pegasus constellation becomes more visible. Everybody is overwhelmed by all of this. Shortly after though, a helicopter flies past them and lands right outside the entrance to the volcano. Ryo immediately knows that those invaders are dangerous; therefore he runs towards the mountain as well.

List of Beyblade: Metal Masters episodes

Inside the mountain, Ryuga and Doji avoid all the traps set up against eventual intruders, such as arrows. Just beside the crystal that holds Lightning L-Drago, there is also a trap which could have impaled Ryuga, but he swiftly avoids it by sacrificing his white cape instead.

Now in possession of L-Drago, Ryuga breaks the crystal single-handedly while Ryo appears to attempt to stop them. At first, L-Drago's power seems to be too much for the white-haired BeyBlader to handle, but he soon gets addicted to its immense power. He shoots it onto one of the high rocks that slightly pave the lava underneath them.