Big mac review uk dating

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big mac review uk dating

McDonald's is rolling out mini and mega versions of their Big Mac. From left to right: The Mac Jr (made with a single 1/6lb patty), the classic Big. McDonald's: Grand Big Mac - See 85 traveller reviews, candid photos, and great deals Heron Gate, Taunton TA1 2LP, England Date of visit: February MCDONALD’S now has a Chicken Big Mac as well as Shaker Fries on its menu, but UK burger fans may have some trouble getting one. The Chicken Big Mac comes with crisp iceberg lettuce, melting signature cheese, onions, pickles and the Big Mac special sauce. If you’ve never had a.

Chicken Big Mac mmmmmmm - McDonald's

Somerset Live reporter James Brinsford went to review the restaurant last week. Here's what he had to say: When you are stepping into the McDonald's that has been slated on social media, it can be with a little trepidation.

big mac review uk dating

Unfortunately for Yeovil, the sight that greeted me was an unclean table that was strewn in unused condiments. View gallery Next to this was another table where a previous customer had left their rubbish but apart from that, the restaurant was generally clean. There were no tablet screens fitted, so any children looking forward to playing games on these would've been disappointed.

big mac review uk dating

All important, the toilets were clean, so no qualms there. What did James Wood think of the meal? James Wood thought the burger was a little underwhelming I was incredibly excited to try out this mammoth burger, so much so that I trekked all the way across Yeovil through dozens of set of roadworks to get it.

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I cannot stress enough how much of an effort this is. After all this effort, I really was expecting something special from the Grand Big Mac.

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It had to be amazing. We went to the chain's New George Street restaurant to sample the Grand Big Mac - calories' worth of beef, special sauce, lettuce, pickles and cheese.

big mac review uk dating

The monster burger and a small version - the Mac Jnr. Here's your favourite burger, but bigger! There's often a certain degree of side-eye associated with companies releasing special editions or larger sizes of their familiar products and I'll confess to being slightly sceptical as to just how big this burger would be.

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Read More While it can't claim to be in the same class as some mega burgers out there, the bun is easily the size of a palm, or in my case my face, and that's more than enough Big Mac for anyone. In fact you could easily split this beast in two - Valentine's meal, anyone?

big mac review uk dating

With pupils rapidly expanding to the size of dinner plates, I tuck in. Rachael tests the Grand Big Mac Nutritional info for the Grand Big Mac Everything that makes the Big Mac a junk food favourite is all here in this beefy burger and none of the flavour has been lost. It's definitely a two-hander and be prepared for a fair degree of lettuce fall-out as you tackle all three buns and two beef patties.

big mac review uk dating

Unhinging your jaw may be required on the first bite - we're warning you up front.