Bigg boss house location in bangalore dating

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bigg boss house location in bangalore dating

Before entering the 'Bigg Boss' house, Prince had claimed he wanted to be Mandana came third and Rochelle settled at the fourth position. Innovative Film City, Bengaluru: "Is there entry for bigg boss house for public. Asia; India; Karnataka; Bangalore District; Bengaluru; Places to visit in Bengaluru . Bigg Boss Kannada is the Kannada version of the reality TV show Bigg Boss which is For the first two seasons, the house was located in Lonavala, Pune district of The house built for a season of Bigg Boss is retained until the start of next Number One · Kings of Dance (season 2) · Just Dance · Nach Baliye. Dating.

The house built for a season of Bigg Boss is retained until the start of next season and is open for public at the venue, serving as an attraction. The house would be usually well-furnished and decorated. It would have all the modern amenities and a large, common bedroom with beds for all contestants. There was an addition in the form of a luxurious single bedroom for the captain starting from second season.

The house would also have common toiletries, swimming pool, gymnasium and spacious gardens. Apart from these, show specific activity areas and a small sound-proof room with controlled entrance called as the 'confession room' is built in the house where the housemates would be called in by the Bigg Boss for nomination process and other conversational activities.

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The House has no television connection except for the day where the show host Sudeep converses with the contestants through the TVno telephonesno access to internetno clocks, no articles to write, complying with the rules of Big Brother around the world.

Currently, the "Bigg Boss" house will be required to rebuild as it was completely reduced to ashes on 22 February It is also stated that majority of the materials used for building the house was candle wax. The first season of Bigg Boss Kannada on ETV Kannada inherited its logo from the sixth season of its Hindi counterpart in the form of a human eye with an eyeball displaying the SMPTE color barsagainst a purple background with lightning storm.

The second season, moved to Suvarna TV and got its dedicated logo in the form of a more detailed human eye against a background which split the 'hot' orange and 'cold' blue sides of the personalities in the house. This logo also had the text 'Season 2' inserted below the 'Eye'. The third season returned to the previous broadcaster, then re-branded as Colors Kannada and the logo was adopted from the one used for the first season.

bigg boss house location in bangalore dating

The same eye was used against a purple background with a tornado and the season number was not mentioned. Season numbers were omitted to be a part of the logo from this season.

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The fourth season had a make-over with the new 'Eye' that resembled a futuristic design, with different elements inside the eye, against a background that uses tech elements and logos from previous season on a dominant blue color. The logo used for the 5th Season of Bigg Boss Kannada was adapted from 14th Season of Big Brother UK; shows a pile of old-generation television sets displaying the SMPTE bars hanging at the center from the top, surrounded by multicolored doors, cupboards, lights and windows forming the shape of an eye against a background of an overcast sky with half blue and half brownish orange shade with fireworks behind the eye.

House rules[ edit ] While all the rules have never been disclosed to the audience, the most prominent ones are clearly seen. The property of the house including the electronic equipment and the furniture should not be tampered or damaged by the housemates.


The housemates can not leave the house premises at any time except when permitted to. Sleeping during the day time is prohibited and the contestants are allowed to sleep only when the lights go off in the night. Liquor is abandoned and the housemates with smoking habits can only smoke in the smoking area and are not allowed to smoke in any other parts of the house. A housemate can not assault another housemate physically; failing to follow this would Elimination the assaulter from the house.

bigg boss house location in bangalore dating

Nomination[ edit ] Nomination is a mandatory activity, usually taking place on first day of the week in which all housemates need to take part unless directed by Bigg Boss. Each housemate nominates two other housemates for eviction.

bigg boss house location in bangalore dating

Housemates getting maximum nomination votes will be nominated for eviction from the house in that week and undergoes public vote through SMS for retention. On the weekend episode, usually one contestant with lowest public votes will be evicted from the house. A housemate may also be directly nominated for eviction by that week's captain of the house or for other reasons by the Bigg Boss. Housemates who are awarded 'immunity' can not be nominated by other contestants.

Immunity is automatically given to the week's captain and can be earned by contestants through winning specific tasks or achieving secret tasks given by Bigg Boss. Sometimes, the captain can make a contestant immune from nomination upon Bigg Boss' direction. The housemates are not allowed to discuss about the nominations or the nomination process with each other.

bigg boss house location in bangalore dating

House captaincy[ edit ] The captaincy concept was introduced in the second season. A captain is selected for every week by the Bigg Boss through specific tasks or elected by the housemates. A captain will have additional privileges in the form of immunity from nomination for that particular week, exemption from participating in the task activities and a separate bedroom with facilities more than that of other contestants.

Captain's main duty is to supervise the weekly task and make sure the conditions and stipulations are met and task is performed well to procure the 'luxury budget' for the next week. Captains should also keep an eye on house rules and may punish a housemate for violating the rules. Season summary and episode format[ edit ] Main article: Deepak Thakur and his jodidaar Urvashi the singer's fan have found friends in Anup Jalota and Jasleen.

Deepak Thakur is not willing to trust anyone soon, based on his interpretation of the previous seasons.

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Sitting in the garden area, the quartet discusses Saba Khan, whom none of them trusts completely. In the task single contestants have to challenge a couple and prove that they are weaker for the show in their comparison. Shristy Rode is the first to challenge Anup Jalota and Jasleen.

Iss khel ke purane khiladi, tentej aur eyehinakhan ne liya BB12 ke house mein entry. RT if you are excited to see them. Saba then says that Jasleen and Anup lack chemistry and Jasleen promptly replies that just because they've entered as a couple that doesn't mean they spend all their time together. Dipika Kakar alleges that Jasleen was reluctant to talk about her relationship with Anupa Jalota.

This question is raised by several other contestants. Jasleen silences everyone by saying: Next Nehha Pendse challenge Deepak and Urvashi.

Nehha says that Deepika and Urvashi do not have a strategy in place to tackle the contestants in Bigg Boss. In addition, she accused them of not participating in activities. Deepika says that he cannot just take up tasks or make up tasks to appear on camera.

bigg boss house location in bangalore dating