Blinq dating app uses ai to judge hotness craziness

blinq dating app uses ai to judge hotness craziness

Chat now with hot girls waiting to hook up on MegaFlirt Blinq Dating App Uses AI To Judge Hotness | TechCrunch Applications, Machine Learning, Judges. Dating app Blinq is now enabling users to rate the attractiveness of their selfies. appealing their profile picture is; Uses artificial intelligence to rate attractiveness and guess your age OK, Nice, Hot, Stunning and Godlike. . But Rita's fellow X Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez Versini had to be content with. See more ideas about Online dating, Dating tips and Tinder. Grow your business with turnkey location-based Tinder clone dating app with .. Blinq Dating app judges your Hotness and Age with Artificial Intelligence . crazy busy mom - Searchya - Search Results Yahoo Image Search Results What Was I Thinking.

Maybe these guys won an award for a reason.

blinq dating app uses ai to judge hotness craziness

Now this is where things get questionable. I threw my head shot up there, which again was taken last year age 34another professional photo, but with no heavy post editing in this maybe like a zit removed and just a bit of light bounced on my face by a white card because we were shooting outside.

Blinq app rates the attractiveness of your selfies

Probably the most accurate representation of me. The age algorithm shaved quite a few years off me, and bumped me up two levels in the looks category.

blinq dating app uses ai to judge hotness craziness

But again, like the first picture, it shaved a whole 10 years off my age! It also somehow thinks I am Godlike? I had a great laugh at that. See, the thing about beauty is that we are drawn to attractive faces.

Blinq app rates the attractiveness of your selfies | Daily Mail Online

And that attractiveness can be summed up by the golden ratio. Effectively giving me a very unsymmetrical face. And random health issues aside, very few people are truly symmetrical.

Let This Dating App A.I. Tell You How Hot You Are

And do you know how easy it is to make a face symmetrical in Photoshop? Easy, but it looks hella creepy. All it takes is a few Beauty Plus style apps, or Healing Brush dabs to clean up the fine lines and wrinkles that are the tell tale signs of age.

Research team creates AI that gauges how attractive you are from a photo -

Share However, it also rated the selfie queen 'godlike' - the highest level of attractiveness. She outshone her supermodel sister Kendall who has walked for big name brands such as Victoria's Secret, Marc Jacobs and Chanel this year. Despite a successful career as a model, Kendall Jenner left came out as 'Hot' - two levels below her supposedly 'Godlike sister Kylie.

Her sister Kim right fared even worse with a 'Nice' rating, although the app thought the year-old was five years younger at 29 Caitlyn Jenner left was deemed just 'OK' although she had a massive 29 years shaved off her true age of Celebrity Big Brother contestant Gemma Collins right was rated 'Nice', but the app believed the year-old reality star to be 53 years old Despite her catwalk credentials, she was declared 'hot', two levels below her younger sister.

blinq dating app uses ai to judge hotness craziness

The app also thought the year-old was a little older than her years at The girls' sister Kim unfortunately didn't fare so well, receiving a rating of just 'nice', although it did believe the year-old mum-of-two was just Meanwhile, Caitlyn Jenner received a disappointing 'OK', but she was deemed much more youthful than her 66 years at just The Duchess of Cambridge, 33, left got a 'Nice' rating and was labelled as being Her younger sister Pippa, 32, right fared better with a 'Hot' rating.

Although it did think the singer was just 25 years old, as opposed to Victoria Beckham, 41, would probably be happy to know she looks a mere 29 years old and is considered 'Hot', alongside Holly Willoughby and Kate Moss. She's a sought-after model but Gigi Hadid, 20, scored a disappointing 'Nice', although her age was more or less accurate. Kate Moss got a better result with a 'Hot' rating and a younger estimated age TV presenters Caroline Flack left and Holly Willoughby right both look a full decade younger, according to the Blinq app.