Boar dating guinea pigs

Guinea Pig Bonding / Behaviour advice

boar dating guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are very social animals who enjoy the company of other guinea pigs. At Cavy Haven we run 'speed dating' to help pair your boar or sow with one of. The boar-dating service will pair your lone male with a suitable partner, please phone for details. Bonding pigs takes a great deal of time and. Guinea Pig Dating and Behaviour Information. If you have a bereaved guinea pig also visit our bereaved guineapig page for advice. 1:Single or Pair???.

However there are a number of other factors which contribute to dominance displays and aggression in boars. Time of Year I have noticed with my boars, during spring they test out their dominance again this is due to their natural hormones letting them know that its that time of year to strut your stuff and impress the ladies. The summer can also result in aggravated boars if they are too hot, warm and stressed out.

Please keep your boars cool during the summer months, if they are outside in the run make sure you cover the run with a towel or two to provide a shaded area and make sure there is water present at all times. Moving, new environment, and other stresses New environments or a clean neutral cage can cause boars to test out their dominance all over again. This is just for them to confirm who is top pig. This should calm down after a couple of hours.

Guinea Pig Bonding / Behaviour advice

Keeping boars near females If boars can smell females they may or will argue and may result in fighting try to keep your boars as far away from females as possible. Illness Illness can cause boars to fight, due to one being weaker than the other.

If you do suspect illness please seek vetinary advice and guidance. Tends to be an easy age group to bond,sows can demonstrate dominance behaviour the same as boars and come into season every 16 days - no periods - just rumbling and mounting.

Boars: A guide to successful companionship.

A baby sow age 6 to 8 weeks like a baby boar wont be any problem. Just pop in with your Guinea Pig and supervise their introduction to one another.

Its disgusting and dumps you with a big problem. These types of behaviour can include: Dragging the bottom along the ground a bit like territory marking Mounting from all angles - head, side and rear! If the above events do not calm down fairly quickly, this can escalate into the pigs lunging or pouncing at each other, loud rumbling, obviously vicious bites rather than nips, a concentrated mixture of most of the above warnings snorting, obvious rearing up on their haunches as if rearing up to fight, raised hackles, loud rumbling, yawning and loud teeth clacking - this noise is unmistakeableand will likely result in pigs causing serious damage to each other - the pigs will have to be separated immediately.

Never put in your bare hands to separate, always have a towel handy to throw over them as those pigs will not realise or care that your hands are getting in front of their teeth and can result in really nasty bites.

boar dating guinea pigs

So what may cause this type of behaviour? Mostly boar issue Are they at the stroppy hormonal teen stage anything between on average 3 months to 18 months? If so, they may just be testing for dominance.

This can go on for a while and will need monitoring, but usually settles down eventually. Sows come into season every 16 days,no period though. This can cause frisky behaviour!!

Guinea pig bonding basics | Animal Humane Society

Time of year perhaps? Spring can invoke all kinds of ancient instinctive behaviour when the weather starts to warm up, the hormones start to get going and the boys are looking to strut their stuff. This can often result in increased normal dominance behaviour and lots of rumblestrutting and mounting to prove to all around that they are feeling good! Also, the heat of the summer can sometimes get to them, resulting in bad tempers and frustration as they are hot and uncomfortable, and may start squabbling with their cagemate.

boar dating guinea pigs

Another reason to keep your guineas as cool as possible during the hot months! What else can trigger them to fall out? Other things that may set them off are being near sows, change of environment, illness, bullying or simply the teenage hormones kicking in.

If you suspect an illness may be causing behavioural problems, please make a vet visit. Sows come into heat every 16 days and you can notice behaviour as discussed in normal dominance behaviour. They do not have periods,just can seem a bit premenstrual!! Illness - If you suspect your Guinea Pig is unwell see your vet. If one house is bigger than the other, they will fight over it.

Also offering two food dishes and water bottles may help. And put hay in more than one area of the cage. Just limit the things they have to share.

It is so sad that many males have to live by themselves due to misinformation and even more tragic when someone dumps a boar because he "fought" with his roommate. Guinea pigs are social animals and they are perfectly capable of, and deserve to live with a friend. So the next time someone tells you that their boars "fight," take into account the source. Did they keep them in a tiny cage with limited amenities?

Did they just throw them together and not give a second thought to proper introductions? Did the boars have any illnesses that made them miserable and cranky?