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Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Get a constantly updating BroTeamPill [Silly Saturday] Internet Dating. Guy poses as. Premiering in July , Bro Team Pill is a YouTube series described by its creator(s) as Suspiciously Specific Denial: In the "Internet Dating" video, Bro Team. This was a stream where I tried to find a bride on OKCupid. The challenge was to make a profile about my actual self this time, and I wasn't allowed to lie a.

His country of origin. Usually delivered in a bizarre, Plinkett-on-cocaine-and-meth speedscrew of Angrish and chopped up with non-sequiturs to the point of nonsense, but he drops his persona to eviscerate big name games: Bro takes time to not appreciate overused memeslame jokes, questioning why Angel would return, and criticizing the co-op in Borderlands 2.

Still thinks the co-op is dumb, though he blames that on his friends rather than the game itself. The whole of The War Z's video was spent criticizing the Obvious Beta state of the game, the absurd degree of micro transactions to the point where he accuses it of being a scam in a freeze frameand how monotonous the actual gameplay is along with the ridiculously long respawn queue.

Similarly, the DayZ video mocked how boring gameplay was. Bro mocked the enemy design which varies wildly and is almost Paper Mario -esquedungeon crawling, and characters of Recettear. All of the Cricket Revolution review is delivered in a calm, dispassionate tone. Combined with his own running gags and mocked in the Guns of Icarus review.

Parodied in the Killing Floor review, where Bro Team expresses disillusionment with making YouTube videos and paints himself as being 37 years old, an expectant father, and an aspiring musician. At least two of those things are probably made up. Parodied again in the Orcs Must Die 2 review, in which Bro Team spends the entire video venting his frustration on women, culminating in him revealing his wife's having an affair, and that he's getting a divorce in which she's getting 'everything'.

As applied to video game commentary and criticism. Especially noticeable in the Warhammer 40, Space Marine video where the game's many doors and elevators take precedence over the ultra-violent battles with hordes of demons and aliens.

Bro Team isn't very good at action games, but this doesn't stop him from sticking with even the worst of them until he's finished. A canned-laughter version in the Guns of Icarus review.


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