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caesar day off newgrounds dating

Caesar's Day Off is a funny game where you play as the ruler of the Roman World, Caesar! Today Connecting to the Newgrounds Gateway. For there lies out in the deep off Libya an island1 of considerable size, made a campaign against it; in our day, however, Gaius Caesar, who has 54 B.C., but the history of Diodorus did not come down to that date (cp. Kongregate free online game Caesar's Day Off - Caesar has some free time and he's gonna use it for wicked fun times. He sure knows how to.

And it has come to pass that this shrine has been held in an honour beyond the ordinary, both at the time of its building and in comparatively recent days down even to our own lifetime. Also many Romans, distinguished men who have performed great deeds, have offered vows to this god, and these vows they have performed after the completion of their successes.

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And after being storm-tossed for many days they were carried ashore on the island we mentioned above, and when they had observed its felicity and nature they caused it to be known to all men. For it was their thought that, since they were masters of the sea, they would thus be able to move, households and all, to an island which was unknown to their conquerors. Opposite that part of Gaul which lies on the ocean and directly across from the Hercynian Forest, 7 as it is called, which is the largest of any in Europe of which tradition tells us, there are many islands out in the ocean of which the largest is that known as Britain.

But we shall give a detailed account of the events of this conquest in connection with the appropriate period of time, 9 and at present we shall discuss the island and the tin which is found in it.

This island stretches obliquely along the coast of Europe, and the point where it is least distant from the mainland, we are told, is the promontory which men call Cantium, 10 and this is about one hundred stades from the land, 11 at the place where the sea has its outlet, 12 whereas the second promontory, known as Belerium, 13 is said to be a voyage of four days from the mainland, and the last, writers tell us, extends out into the open sea and is named Orca.

They use chariots, for instance, in their wars, even as tradition tells us the old Greek heroes did in the Trojan War, and their dwellings are humble, being built for the most part out of reeds or logs.

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The method they employ of harvesting their grain crops is to cut off no more than the heads and store them away in roofed granges, and then each day they pick out the ripened heads and grind them, getting in this way their food.

Their way of living is modest, since they are well clear of the luxury which is begotten of wealth. The island is also thickly populated, and its climate is extremely cold, as one would expect, since it actually lies under the Great Bear. It is held by many kings and potentates, who for the most part live at peace among themselves.

The inhabitants of Britain who dwell about the promontory known as Belerium 17 are especially hospitable to strangers and have adopted a civilized manner of life because of their intercourse with merchants of other peoples. They it is who work the tin, treating the bed which bears it in an ingenious manner. Then they work the tin into pieces the size of knuckle-bones and convey it to an island which lies off Britain and is called Ictis; 19 for at the time of ebb-tide the space between this island and the mainland becomes dry and they can take the tin in large quantities over to the island on their wagons.

Directly opposite the part of Scythia which lies above Galatia there is an island out in the open sea which is called Basileia. But since the creators of this fictitious tale have one and all erred, and have been refuted by what has transpired at later times, we must give ear to the accounts which are truthful; for the fact is that amber is gathered on the island we have mentioned and is brought by the natives to the opposite continent, and that it is conveyed through the continent to the regions known to us, as we have stated.

Now Celtica was ruled in ancient times, so we are told, by a renowned man who had a daughter who was of unusual stature and far excelled in beauty all the other maidens.

caesar day off newgrounds dating

But she, because of her strength of body and marvellous comeliness, was so haughty that she kept refusing every man who wooed her in marriage, since she believed that no one of her wooers was worthy of her. And when he had attained to man's estate and had succeeded to the throne of his fathers, he subdued a large part of the neighbouring territory and accomplished great feats in war. Becoming renowned for his bravery, he called his subjects Galatae or Gauls 24 after himself, and these in turn gave their name to all of Galatia or Gaul.

Gaul is inhabited by many tribes of different size; for the largest number some two hundred thousand men, and the smallest fifty thousand, one of the latter 25 standing on terms of kinship and friendship with the Romans, a relationship which has endured from ancient times down to our own day. The largest one of those which flow into our waters is the Rhone, which has its sources in the Alps and empties into the sea by five mouths.

And almost all of them become frozen over by the cold and thus bridge their own streams, and since the natural smoothness of the ice makes the crossing slippery for those who pass over, they sprinkle chaff on it and thus have a crossing which is safe. Consequently many of the Italian traders, induced by the love of money which characterizes them, believe that the love of wine of these Gauls is their own godsend.

For around their wrists and arms they wear bracelets, around their necks heavy necklaces of solid gold, 29 and huge rings they wear as well, and even corselets of gold. Consequently, when they are eating, their moustaches become entangled in the food, and when they are drinking, the beverage passes, as it were, through a kind of a strainer.

The service at the meals is performed by the youngest children, both male and female, who are of suitable age; and near at hand are their fireplaces heaped with coals, and on them are caldrons and spits holding whole pieces of meat.

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caesar day off newgrounds dating

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caesar day off newgrounds dating

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Clare Lynch has gone on itch. Woodcockin which he played a sadistic gym teacher. In Septemberhe starred in the action film Eagle Eye.

He has also expressed an interest in directing another film, possibly a period piece about cave explorer Floyd Collins[17] based on the book Trapped! The Story of Floyd Collins. He showed the boys his collection of film memorabilia. It premiered on October 13,on Amazon Video. On February 15,Amazon announced the series had been renewed for a second season.

Music[ edit ] From the time he was 10 years old, Thornton has been in bands.