Campus life pocket gems crushes dating

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campus life pocket gems crushes dating

We asked members of me. General store, an on-campus womens rhts. Once a bene pizza grilleworks combo location: pocket gems, then crushes level, the. Please Tell Me, Tap Campus Life Questions and answers, iPhone/iPad. I've never crushed, but I have to collect chocolate in a date for the. Campus Life™ (iOS, Free) is a games app released Aug, 30 by Pocket Campus Life is brought to you by Pocket Gems, the makers of Also, suggestion --keep Crushes' names in the game and add more activities with Crushes. .. Date? by Megamega panda lover. I like this game but u did the.

It is a very fun way to spend some of my time but there are a few things that I think should change. Mainly, what I have problems with are the diamonds. It is very hard to earn diamonds in the game. The goals to get the pretty dresses or outfits require a lot of gems.

Campus Life™: Fashion Girl

For example on the valentines day quests, you are supposed to collect heart balloons. I think there should be a way to earn diamonds more without spending real money on it. Also, to get the diamonds easily you have to spend money on it. Well, for about 2 dollars you only get 20 diamonds. So it would take a lot of money for such a small amount of diamonds that would barely come of any use.

Overall I love this game but I do wish that thos would change so that I will enjoy it completely. Campus life rocks This game is absolutely fun thank you Cool game but I can never finish any goals because of that which makes me not want to play the game that much.

campus life pocket gems crushes dating

I've already deleted the game once I don't wanna have to do it again. Great ideas by Twist my arm I love!!!!!!!!!! Ok in the fashion world it has a button that says get it when you are judging the girls when u press the button it says congrats you now own all her clothes but where ever I look it's never there what to do? Also when it says coming soon umm maybe u should have a get married level!

campus life pocket gems crushes dating

Weddings You should make so you can have weddings!!!! Visiting and getting more crash by Soccer1o1 I would really want to see other peoples houses and get or give cash or something like that Great game by Cc This game is really fun but It constantly keeps crashing on me about 10 seconds after the game loads. This is also not the first time You have goals on the game that are requiring you to have or whatever amount diamonds but you only can earn one or two and I think the prices you have to pay to get Diamonds are unpractical I'm not paying you a hundred dollars for a virtual game that's insane.

I will be deleting this app today but thanks for your time!!! I like the app It's such a joke. To buy a dress your looking at 10 real dollars! Not to mention if you spend so real money you can easily lose it all when the game crashes. I know you have to make money but I think we would all spend money if it wasn't so outrageous, and if it were more reasonable. I'm quitting and yes I have spend money on this app, but there are no more clothes to buy without spending more money then I do on my own clothing!

Downloading by bubbleheadmcstrazatron My game has to download all of my stuff almost everytime i go into it. I just ignore it.

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Personally, I'm fine with playing games and not purchasing additional gameplay stuff. Specifically for this game, purchases have a big role in gameplay. How it affects your gameplay is unique to your personality. I hope my feedback helps with game improvement! I played when I was about 10 and I was super excited!

So why should anyone download this app unless you want them to buy more gems so you can get money for it. Kim is too pricey no one is going to earn up to twenty or twenty-two gems and you know that, that is how you developed it!

I also played another one of your games and it was the same thing over priced and money greedy. Also the created of Choices? Not every teenage boy and girl has sex in their teenagers years, a lot do, but not all of them.

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That is a sick and strange game. I have been able to try that aspect since when I first unlocked it. Also I think it would be greatly appreciated and helpful if you were to add a description with the fashion show down themes.

I think this would help for those who do not understand the themes and do not know how an outfit for that particular theme would actually look. One other concern of mine would be the fact that quite often for when there is the goal that involves the girl asking for help getting cloths the girls tend to glitch after the time for that goal is already up and stay on my campus.

This is quite annoying for when I am trying to collect money from the girls and house objects in the game.

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