Cat string theory relationships dating

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cat string theory relationships dating

Got a relationship, dating, love or sex question? Cat string theory?? But when you dont shake the string anymore the cat will loose interest. Applying Cat String Theory to Attraction When someone makes a sec”“I never put out on the first date”“Buy me a drink before you hit on me”. Definitely not the cat-string theory. A healthy relationship should involve sharing things with your partner. Maybe not every single little detail, but.

cat string theory relationships dating

It's ingenious when you understand how it works Single males have their starting lineup of MVPs, then Second String Girls, who like him just a little more than he likes them, and finally his Romantic Replacements, who are kept in a holding pattern and waiting for him on the bench.

His MVPs are usually women he thinks he'll have mind-blowing sex with. The rest are put into romantic rotation.

Cat String Theory | Pick Up Artist and PUA Lingo

And believe me, men don't feel one shred of guilt about it because, after all, they're not married, so they don't have to act like they are. The Male String Theory of Dating hinges upon the: It's amazing that women don't ask the men they're sleeping with if they're currently sexually involved with other women, and how many.

If you did, you'd probably be shocked by the answer. It's not prying or rude to ask the men that your sleeping with about the competition you're up against, and finding out the real odds of contracting STDs--or commitments- from them! If he isn't "the one," he's just holding up traffic.

cat string theory relationships dating

Please put your hand over your heart, slip into your sexiest stiletto's, and repeat The Romantic Researchers Hippocratic oath after me: I vow to never again give the precious gift of my exclusivity to any man, no matter how rich or how hot, until he steps up and offers me the kind of relationship that I truly want. Until then, I will be free to fly at the apex of my own flock of suitors. They'll naturally fall into a pecking order over time, until one day I notice that someone has been happily flying right beside me, with no intention of flying south without me and I'll have found my Lovebird after all!

Cat String Theory Explained: Make Women Chase You! Tweet 3 Cat String Theory uses one of the most basic laws in human nature: If they just simply gave it to you in the beginning, do you think you would want it so badly?

The Cat String Theory – Make The Women Chase You!

The same habit still exists within every man and woman, and you can take advantage of that to get women chasing after you just like a cat chases after a thread moving in front of her. You will be surprised to see how similar women and cats are when it comes to leaping out of their comfort zones to chase after something in this case, you!

It will instantly reverse the gender rules and make the woman curious. After all, we always assume something is extra valuable and interesting is it appears to be rare and scarce.

cat string theory relationships dating

In fact, scarcity is a marketing tactic that ethical or not works rather well on consumers if done correctly. Women have used this method to get men chasing after them for centuries.

cat string theory relationships dating

Now you have the power to turn the tables intentionally and have the ball in your court for a change. Before you can apply Cat String Theory, there are some fundamental factors that need to be remembered.

cat string theory relationships dating

In the meantime, here are 3 tips for using CST effectively: Use It in the Early Stages of Attraction If you wait for too long and shower her with too much attention in the beginning, the best moment to play the scarcity trick will be gone.

CST is best applied within the first minutes of interacting with a woman. Eventually, this behavior will be automatic — instead of consciously making the decision to withhold attention, you will naturally fall into this. Remember to Keep Smiling. So simply keep a fun confident smile on your face.