City of brandon manitoba tenders dating City of Brandon RFPs, Bids, Tenders

city of brandon manitoba tenders dating

Government of Canada tender opportunities and award notices are provided as LEASE IN THE CITY OF BRANDON, MANITOBA FILE NUMBER ( ) Publication date: /07/26; Amendment date: None; Date closing . Brandon, Manitoba R7A 6A2 The City of Brandon operates on the competitive bid procedure and as such, welcomes your bids. sub-standard equipment or items, or for the failure to commence work or deliver the goods by a specified date. Sealed tenders will be received up to p.m. on Monday, April 21, for Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue, F.O.B. directly to a specified location in the city of Brandon, Manitoba. Fax. Authorized Signature. (Please Print). Position. Email. Date.

What do you do for tenants outstanding bills?

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The City of Brandon makes every attempt to collect from your tenants however, rental properties are a business and the City assumes no risk for unpaid accounts for your business. As a landlord, you can protect yourself by contacting the City to find out if the accounts are being paid. The City will also send you a quarterly landlord notification on overdue accounts. A tenant can tell the City that they own the property and then the landlord will not know there is an outstanding balance.

city of brandon manitoba tenders dating

Landlords should be advising the City of all rental properties. If the City is aware that the property is a rental property, the account can be set up as such so you will receive landlord notifications. When can I expect my water and sewer rates to increase? Why are the proposed rates increasing so much?

The City has not increased water and sewer rates since Combined with more rigorous accounting standards for utilities, the City must now incorporate these costs into user rates. Why is the City discontinuing the tiered rate structure which provides discounts to high volume users of water? If one considers water to be a precious resource, then all users of water should pay the same regardless of how much water they consume. Also, tiered rate structures do little to encourage the conservation of water resources.

With the collapsing of the former tiered rate discount structure, will this impact me as a household user of water?

city of brandon manitoba tenders dating

Under the existing structure, users of water receive a discount on any water consumed in excess of cubic meters per quarter. Most households never hit that threshold and therefore never received that discount in the past.

city of brandon manitoba tenders dating

The collapsing of the discount structure is more likely to impact commercial and industrial users of water. How will the new rates be incorporated into my bill? The annual fall budget recalculation will still occur.

Procurement opportunities (RFPs, Bids, Tenders, etc.) found for City of Brandon

A secondary budget recalculation will be administered once rates have been approved by the PUB. The City has requested that the Public Utilities Board hold a public hearing to gather input from users of the utility. If you wish to attend that hearing in order to provide input, then the City encourages you to do so.

The date for that hearing has not been set, but the City will provide that information to the public when it becomes available. Where the delinquent account holder is a tenant, and the Utility Billing Section is unable to collect amounts owing, the City of Brandon will, under the authority under Section of The Municipal Act, transfer those amounts to the property taxes of the owner. With this in mind, it may be in your best interests to have water and wastewater charges billed to you, instead of billing the tenant directly.

Purchasing & Tenders

What can owners do to protect themselves against unpaid tenant bills? We will provide you with important information which may save you money. You may wish to note in the Tenancy Agreement that the tenant is responsible for providing meter readings when requested to do so. Contact our UT periodically to learn about the status of your tenant s accounts.

city of brandon manitoba tenders dating

The notice should raise consideration of the following option: Advise the UT when a tenant is vacating your premises and provide a final meter reading and forwarding information on the day the tenant leaves. We can immediately calculate for you the amount outstanding so you know what to collect before the tenant departs.

When issued, a final bill will be sent to both the tenant and the owner. Please provide the UT with the name and pertinent information of the new account holder, even in those situations where a property is to remain vacant for a period of time. There is a designated person in each department who purchases the stationary items for their area.

8 June 2018, Brandon, MB/8 июня 2018, Брендон, Манитоба

The City of Brandon operates on the competitive bid procedure and as such, welcomes your bids. The function of Procurement is to obtain goods, services and construction in the most cost effective manner possible and to control the issue, usage and disposal of these items on behalf of the City Council of Brandon, in the best interests of the citizens of Brandon.

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The City of Brandon has an extremely high ethical standard and is guided by: Bid Opportunities are available for download free of charge on the City of Brandon website http: Depending on the projects budget, Bid Opportunities may be advertised an advertisement only, not the complete documentation on MERX electronic Tendering system. Any individual person, partnership, corporation or firm, in most cases, are eligible to do business with the City, provided that they conform to City rules and regulations and when called for, can provide the necessary Bid Bonds and Performance Bonds.

Many of the awards require contracts and agreements, and in some cases security checks be administered on persons being employed by contractors such as in the case of the cleaners. The City has the right to terminate a contract for any failure of the Contractor to perform the work or to adhere to specifications, for the use of sub-standard equipment or items, or for the failure to commence work or deliver the goods by a specified date.

If you have submitted a bid the City Procurement Services will forward a Letter of Notification advising of the accepted successful bid. Subsequent to the tender opening where the total prices have been read out to all present, Procurement will only divulge the same information that was read out at the opening, eg.

Bidders names and total price of their bid.