Coach mcguirk dating video fail

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coach mcguirk dating video fail

The second season of the animated sitcom Home Movies aired in the United States on the . Brendon uses the video to film himself making fun of Fenton, as he does not like him, but . Soon he begins considering if McGuirk is the cause of his failing grades. Factory later unconfirmed this and released the official date. Brendon learns the awful truth - that his mom is dating his soccer coach. Brendon's acting skills fail his audition for a local play, so he uses his cinematic skills to secure a . They want to get into a film festival run by a local video store clerk. A list of the highest rated episodes of Home Movies, ranked by thousands of ratings from fans They want to get into a film festival run by a local video store clerk. Brendon changes the script for the blind date movie, so that Jason is a main charecter. Mr. Lynch is tutoring Brendon, who is failing History.

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But men are not like women So, probably just that he was trying and failing to give coherent advice. I can't really make any other sense of it. Maybe he was trying to say something like "Women understand men, but men don't understand women," but mangled it?

coach mcguirk dating video fail

Maybe that men are more complex not that I agree with this? So the set of women is within men, but the set of men includes many things that the set of women does not? Women have learned to fit into male culture. The idea of the women who is "one of the guys" is accepted and celebrated and exploited by women in the media and male dominated fields pretty thoroughly. Most women can act this role and men tend to accept it at face value.

Men have not bothered to learn to fit into female culture and are, in fact, not welcomed there very much. A man trying to be one of the girls is not seen as a positive by the women involved typically, they are suspicious. But there's also something about it that sounds like it could be true. There's been a long-standing debate in cognitive science about whether the concept of similarity is symmetric.

coach mcguirk dating video fail

Tversky pointed out in the '70s that people are willing to assent to the sentence "North Korea is like China but China is not like North Korea. Tversky instead proposed a feature-based similarity model. In this model, similarity is judged along not all the features of the two items being compared, but features that are made salient according to context and convention.

In comparisons of the form "A is like B", people conventionally place the term that refers to the more prototypical or important element in the second position. This determines the features of the items upon which the similarity judgment is based.

But "China is like North Korea" was judged false because North Korea was the stereotype of an evil dictatorship and people did not want to say that China was an evil dictatorship as well. Well, actually, I'm not sure what the stereotype of North Korea was at the time. But whatever it was, it wasn't one that made salient a feature shared by China.

So, take McGuirk's "women are like men but men are not like women. Women have certain features that are stereotypically female, but men largely do not share those features.

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In the second episode of the fourth season "Camp"this dark side of Walter and Perry is further hinted at in a montage during which Coach McGuirk is hallucinating after eating poisonous plants. Duane has essentially mastered the guitar and is presumably a multi-talented showman in "Director's Cut," Duane wrote and starred in a rock opera based on Kafka's The Metamorphosis which Melissa said may be "the best thing we've ever done," and in "Renaissance," he and his band show mastery of advanced pyrotechnics.

His physical appearance is similar to that of Slash or Joey Ramone. The spelling of his name changes throughout the series. Duane said he was 15 in "Guitarmageddon". Erik Robbins Jonathan Katz —Melissa's father, a real estate agent.

Erik is one of Paula's few close friends, and occasionally hints at being attracted to her. In several episodes he and McGuirk show signs of friendship, such as him helping McGuirk in looking for a new apartment in "Mortgages and Marbles" and reluctantly taking McGuirk with him to his journal-writing class in "Curses. When Erik attempts to begin dating again in the fourth-season episode "Curses," Melissa objects and moves out. Erik is known for his wise-guy persona and constantly makes inappropriate jokes, which Melissa sees as alternately hilarious and embarrassing.

Melissa also says he buys wine coolers for the teenagers in town, claiming "they'll just buy it themselves in a few years;" Jason later offers the others wine coolers that Melissa's dad bought him "Everybody's Entitled to My Opinion".

Fenton Mulley Sam Seder —Age 8. A spoiled, annoying classmate with the tendency to call Brendon "Bren-Bren," and ask to be in one of his "video-films. Then Brendon went to the bathroom and accidentally filmed Fenton's mother getting out of the shower, also shaving, which prompted Fenton to attack Brendon.

McGuirk later gets his hand on the copy of the videotape and calls to register a domain name, fentonsnakedmom. Fenton deeply disdains Brendon's movies, and enjoys berating him with film theory criticisms, although this has more to do with his jealousy of not being in them than the actual films themselves.

In the episode 'Heart Smashers', Brendon 'breaks-up' with Fenton, with Fenton taking great offense and breaking-up with Brendon as well only Jason realizing the parallels to Fenton and Brendon's spat to a couple breaking up. Later in the episode, however, he 'gets back together' with Fenton, in the same couple-like manner, because he almost missed having the constant annoyance.

Josie Small Loren Bouchard —Brendon's baby sister. It is revealed late in the series that she is adopted. Andrew Small Louis C. He is 11 years older than his second wife, Linda the two marry in "The Wedding," the season two finale. Despite being featured in four episodes in the second season, he appears only once in the third season "My Cheatin' Heart" and is not in any season four episodes. She often does volunteer work, but most likely for a sense of superiority.

She later becomes pregnant with Andrew's second biological child and goes into labor on Halloween night. Brendon becomes her birthing partner but leaves when she becomes too moody due to her labor pains. He does come back later to videotape the birth. Andrew is not around for the birth; the sex of the baby is assumed to be a boy as Stephanie Paula's friend considers calling it Jesus.

Jason is infatuated with her, and attacks McGuirk after he mentions the latter's advances. Arnold Lindenson Andy Kindler —Paula's expressive and oddly energetic boss. He is quite tactless; he laughingly denied Paula when she asked for a raise, and assumed she would try to kill him when he fired her.

Apathetic and carefree, but is oblivious about how rude he is being to others. He initially mistook Brendon for being Paula's daughter rather than her son for reasons unknown. He has a good side, however, and offered Paula her job back on the day of her ex-husband's wedding which she accepted.

Shannon Emo Philips —Age 9. A strangely friendly bully who initially beats up Brendon, but later befriends him. He shows contempt for teachers and authority figures in general, such as breaking into Mr.

Lynch's car and stealing all of his Frank Sinatra music. He coerces Brendon into giving him the lead role in the musical "Bye Bye Greasy" and shows a remarkable talent for acting and singing.

It is from Shannon's yard where Brendon originally steals the recurring lawn gnome, out of revenge for getting tricked by Shannon. Stephanie Kelly Kimball —Paula's attractive but flaky friend who is in the midst of a divorce in the first season "Law and Boarders".

She twice tries to seduce McGuirk, first in "The Wedding" and later in "Coffins and Cradles," though to no avail thanks to his self-sabotaging personality and a mild heart attack. While an expansive family can be seen in "The Wizard's Baker", only two members can be seen as recurring: Junior, a schoolmate of Brendon, and Ken, Junior's father.

Ken's wife was heard off screen as a phone voice in the episode "Curses", where she was also voiced by Small and spoke in the same accent as her son and husband.

Junior has appeared in one of Brendon's Starboy films, his school play, and his focus group. He is a Skunk Scoutand once convinced Brendon to join at a moment when Brendon was trying to distance himself from his film "The Wizard's Baker.

Loni Laura Silvermana red-haired girl in Brendon's school presumably around age 9. The only episode she played a prominent role in was "Yoko", in which she became Brendon's girlfriend after meeting at a camping trip. She leaves him for her ex-boyfriend, Mitch Mitch Hedberg the fifth grader. In other episodes, she is only shown as a background character. She is severely obsessive-compulsive. It's also implied she may have sociopathic tendencies, as she glibly remarks that her father took her stereo after she set some paint on fire and cheerfully recounts seeing animals dying on her farm.

She often speaks for long stretches of time, usually starting with one topic and then segueing into different things that have little to nothing to do with her original topic of conversation. At the end of "Guitarmageddon", she approached to Duane to agree that he should have beaten Jimmy Monet and impresses him with her knowledge of guitar fundamentals, and the pair are last seen going out to dinner together her talkative nature also seeming to compliment Duane's naturally quiet nature.

Jimmy Monet Will LebowDuane's extremely talented yet full-of-himself rival, he won the guitar contest known as "Guitarmageddon" in the episode of the same name. Jimmy dated Clarice, and has a group of unnamed followers who presumably worship his guitar skills. She is a woman around age 35 who has the essence of a s housewife who tries to do everything right. She only had a prominent role in two episodes: In the episodes "Curses" and "Honkey Magoo", she is shown with Fenton in crowd scenes and has no lines.