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cover photo 420 dating

Some have suggested that the date comes from “” being a code among police officers for “marijuana-smoking in progress,” while others say. - Dating has members. My Bong or Yours is a group we Closed group. Drag to Reposition. cover photo, Image may contain: one or more people. Customize + Family Collage Poster Templates. Customize wood wall photographty familt photo collage poster template . Save the Date Template. 1. +$2.

Girodet was a strong supporter of emancipation and distanced himself from the paternalism of many abolitionist representations of black men and women with their kneeling supplicants seeking help from their white mothers and fathers. Belley is granted a full-body portrait. Yet what is so striking about the image is the corporeality of his black body, his sensual energy, the exhibition of his virility with his fingers pointing to his bulging phallus, the idealisation of sexualised black masculinity and its link to the idea of the 'noble savage'.

Raynal, in contrast, is the philosophical head, the triumph of reason and spirit over matter. Belley may be an emancipated man in European dress, yet his ineradicable vitality legitimates the European rule of reason.

cover photo 420 dating

But what is mind and reason without body, sexuality and emotionality? This double portrait, one might suggest, tells us much about modernity, a modernity structured through particular images of masculinity and racial difference. But is it the modernity that figures in Bayly's story? The Birth of the Modern World is a wonderfully ambitious book that effectively demonstrates the global nature of the modern world and the need to decentre national histories and think big.

It is a 'thematic history' demonstrating how 'historical trends and sequences of events, which have been treated separately in regional or national histories, can be brought together' p.

Bayly's emphasis is on the interdependencies and interconnectedness of political and social changes across the world in a period well before contemporary globalisation.

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It is in part a culmination of his own work over a long period — using his rich and detailed knowledge of Indian and South Asian history as he did previously in Imperial Meridian — as a basis from which to reflect on national, imperial and global concerns. It is an intervention in the current debates over globalisation, for he shares the insistence of A.

Hopkins and others that the contemporary version of this is not the first; theorists must be more careful to specify the particularities of phases of globalisation given its long history.

Hobsbawm's magisterial four volumes on the long nineteenth century, The Age of Revolution, Industry and Empire, The Age of Capital and The Age of Empire with its drama of the unfolding logic of capitalism and exploitation, and providing a new account for these post-Marxist times. In the process it cocks many a snook at post-colonial theorists with their 'polemic' and their 'jargon' and the particular sets of antagonisms and dynamics that they stress — racialised difference —and is proud of its sceptical stance towards theory, keen to avoid 'pretentious words'.

This is a book that, in the words of the series editor, R. Moore, describes the birth of the modern world: The emphasis here is not on the antagonistic binaries of classes or of empires, but on processes of interaction and connection. Marxist historians and post-colonial critics, in Bayly's re-telling, have got it wrong. Bayly starts from the position that all local, regional and national histories are also global histories.

He sees Fernand Braudel as having pioneered global history in the s and s. This was Marx's model long before, however, and, as Bayly himself notes, Marx posited a connection between inside and outside Europe as early as the s. The nineteenth century, he argues, saw the rise of global uniformities in the state, religion, political ideologies, and the forms of economic life, visible not only in great institutions but in bodily practices, such as dress or the consumption of food.

cover photo 420 dating

His focus is on decreasing the distance between 'the West' and 'the rest', insisting that industrialisation, urbanisation, nationalism and the development of the state all took place across the globe, albeit with local specificities.

But similarities and connections could also heighten a sense of difference and antagonism, and it is holding on to both uniformities and specificities that he sees as crucial.

His narrative is that the multi-centred world of gradually became a world dominated by the West. Byhowever, that dominance was beginning to be challenged by the rise of Japan and the emergence of extra-European nationalisms. His history aims to show the contradictory tendencies at work, to chart the interdependence of world events, while allowing for the brute fact of Western domination.

At the same time it has to show how, over large parts of the world, this European domination was only partial and temporary p. Bayly refuses both Marxist theories of causation and the impact of the cultural turn with its evacuation of grand narratives and its turn to micro-histories. His book does not address what he calls 'deep causation', but argues for a complex understanding of the interactions between political organisation and ideas and economic activities.

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Historical development was determined by a variety of forces and he puts particular emphasis on the role of the state and the significance of warfare. Modernity was a process, Bayly argues, but also a period that began at the end of the eighteenth century and has continued up to the present day. He also claims that 'an essential part of being modern is thinking you are modern.

Modernity is an aspiration to be "up with the times"' p. The book is hugely ambitious and difficult indeed impossible to reduce to a brief account. Here I can only identify some key themes and raise some questions. It is structured in four parts. Part 1, 'The end of the Old Regime', focuses on the worldwide shift to political and cultural uniformity and the emergence of modern social and economic patterns. It sees the rise of European dominance as having its origins both inside and outside Europe.

The 'archaic globalisation' of the eighteenth century — the networks created by geographical expansion not just European — opened the way for new patterns. A long-term shift, 'the great domestication' — a move from nomadism to intensive agrarian exploitation — took place alongside a number of 'industrious revolutions' in the terminology of Jan de Vriessome industrial, others not, all associated with consumer demand.

The economic and social context of the changes in north-western Europe, from its hinterland of resources to its colonial expansion to its use of enslaved labour, however, gave Europeans a dynamic edge. Bayly's picture of piecemeal and contradictory development, he insists, diminishes the distance between Europe and the rest of the world. But that adaptability, one might add, is to a modernity defined by nation states, urbanisation and industrialisation. It is the Japanese and the Chinese, alongside Europeans and North Americans, who become the key historical actors in this account.

cover photo 420 dating

Part 2, 'The modern world in genesis', sees the period between — as one of flux and hiatus. The new forms of state, economy and ideology were not yet consolidated and the mid century saw a crisis in legitimacy. Rebellions in China, South Asia, Europe and North America were all global in their origins and consequences, and must be understood as interconnected. One key common feature was rural protest, and Bayly argues that recent historiography has displaced traditional Marxist accounts of the growth of class consciousness with a focus on rural discontents.

Rebellion in one arena drew on thinking from other parts of the world and, in turn, sent ripples across the globe. Nana Sahib, responsible for the 'Cawnpore Massacre' ofthe iconic act of treachery for the British in the 'Indian Mutiny', was taught to read English and French by his British tutors and fondly hoped that the US or France would intervene in support of him.

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cover photo 420 dating

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The Birth of the Modern World – Global Connections and Comparisons | Reviews in History

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cover photo 420 dating

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