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Article: 'Cyrano Dating Agency' finale, Lee Jong Hyuk [+, ] Yoona had a kiss scene with Jang Geun Suk, Jessica had a kiss scene with. This is me crying tears of happy here as I write this. Initially I ignored the upcoming tvN drama Cyrano Dating Agency (formerly with the Flower. Back at the Cyrano agency, Min Young spots Byung Hun brooding when she goes . He tells her that he's fallen for her, and then kisses her.

Min Young mulls it over and decides to do it, her romantic impetuous side kicking in. Min Young goes to see Ballerina to ask her to attend one more matchmaking date. At the studio she bumps into a man who is quite rude in not helping her pick up her dropped things. Min Young swears this guy is the perfect match.

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The earlier rude man drops and shatters a bottle of wine and Ballerina remarks that the scene is intoxicating. Min Young sits with Glasses Guy after the disastrous turn of events and wonders how it all went so wrong. Min Young gets a call from her Manager chewing her out for arranging a date between Glasses Guy and Ballerina. She bumps into a van with the door ajar and notices inside is all sorts of high tech surveillance equipment, and in the TV screen is Ballerina from the dinner earlier!

Min Young sees Byung Hoon and his high tech set up and realizes that they were the cause of Glasses Guy losing his chance with Ballerina, because they were helping Sommelier. He did so much work to get Ballerina to pay attention to the wine Sommelier poured for her at each of her failed dates, until she started to see him as a warm protecting presence in her life.

Min Young quits her job and leaves. Chef Cha Seung Pyo is looking out the window of his restaurant and smiles when he sees Min Young peering into the Cyrano Dating Agency, which is located across the way. The door to the Agency opens and Min Young scurries away and hides in the restaurant, only to freak out when Seung Pyo talks to her asking what she is doing? Min Young says not quite, but then screws up her courage and walks back over.

She runs into a guy outside who is a potential client and Min Young acts like an employee and brings him inside. Before the client can introduce himself, Byung Hoon gives him a critical once over and correctly identifies him as being a veterinarian. Vet offers to share his observations of Librarian but Byung Hoon cuts him off and says they will do their own reconnaissance and develop an accurate profile. Byung Hoon takes Min Young along and they lurk in the library to observe Librarian.

She seems capable and invested in her job, getting upset when she notices books with the last page torn out by vandals and wows to track down the miscreant. Byung Hoon tears out a page from a book and makes Min Young go check it out.

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On her desk are notes about attending detective mystery talks and when the next detective mystery book will be published. Byung Hoon goes back to the Agency and declares they are turning this job down. Min Young picks Byung Hun up again the next day, and he throws her a library card with the same dorky ID photo as her national ID card. She is horrified, naturally. At school, Ray and Arang hang out together. Aww, that reminds me of Answer Me She sees a photograph of him, Yi Seul and Do Il in the yearbook and relates it to the video she saw him watching before.

Se Kyung joins her in the library, and they both discuss whether it seems that Byung Hun liked Yi Seul. Min Young says yes, because you will start to see the person in a different light. I know she means to gently nudge Se Kyung towards Ray, but little does she know the same is probably happening to Arang. Arang runs into Byung Hun at school. These boys love to speak around the bush. That causes a huge uproar in his fangirls, who take to protesting outside the school against the ungrateful girl.

Sigh, I just cannot understand the levels of crazy that Kpop fangirls can stoop to. He walks away, leaving Se Kyung hanging. He tells her off for even thinking about it.

She asks him with concern if he owes them money, too. When she leaves Arang calls out to her, having just returned from his part-time job. She asks him if he likes Se Kyung at all, even after her confession. She outs herself completely dimwit! Moo Jin has listened in to their entire conversation from the top of the van, and he looks over to the restaurant to see Hye Ri closing up.

I can read nothing of his expression. When he goes back to the agency, he notices the missing marionette that Min Young messed with. He goes over to Arang and tousles his hair affectionately. I like these little moments of team bonding.

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We then see Byung Hun placing the missing marionette into a box. And we then go to Seung Pyo looking through his stalker photos of Byung Hun again. Could we have skipped the boxing and just had this instead? He looks specifically at the photo of Do Il from the faded mural. The next stage of the plan is in motion: Min Young tells Se Kyung that Ray is transferring schools. The team keep their eye on Se Kyung as she runs out to look for Ray. Se Kyung follows Ray to the theatre, as Byung Hun coaches him through the earpiece.

He follows her to where the faded mural is. Min Young is there too, and realises that they know each other. Meanwhile, Arang spots the paparazzi and rushes to warn Ray.