Dance school show on mtv about dating

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dance school show on mtv about dating

This list of the top current and cancelled MTV TV series includes the date when .. is an American competitive dance reality television series that features both The comedy centers on a high school populated by clones of famous more. High School Stories (present; 56 episodes) performed in front of arenas of fans on a nightly basis as a dancer for the Denver Nuggets. MTV had a whole rush on dating-type shows in the mids that used some kind. MTV EMA PerformancesLittle Mix, Nicki Minaj, Alessia Cara, Jason Derulo, David Guetta, Bebe Rexha, and many others hit the MTV EMA stage in

Maybe naming a TV show after one of The Cure's all-time most jealous, insecure and creepy singles wasn't exactly starting it out on the path towards greatness, but Why Can't I Be You? The show was like a more desperate, lower self-esteemed successor to the program's successful series of self-empowerment Made, in which rather than a young person learning from a mentor about how to accomplish a specific goal, they are taught how to be exactly like that mentor, through general socialization and better hair products and whatnot.

The endings are usually happy, but in an era where our Little Monsters are taught to celebrate their own special Born This Wayness, the lessons taught of conformity and direct emulation seem somewhat unsettling. Host Nick Zano has since gone on to an extraordinary career of acting mediocrity, landing key roles in such '00s blockbusters as College, The Final Destination not to be confused with regular Final Destination and Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Carmen and Dave ; 7 episodes TV Formula: The first in several awful voyeuristic reality shows to make our list. As a celebrity couple, Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro were the precursors to Nick and Jessica, as their initial courtship was televised in 's Carmen and Dave: A Love Story so continued documentation of their engagement and wedding was the next logical step.

They were marketed as the more risque, alternative coupling compared to the Homecoming King and Queen on Newlyweds, and while it was interesting to watch their mushy—and at times sloppy—declarations of love for one another leading up to their big day, it was also awkward seeing Dave wear more makeup than Carmen.

Sadly, they also set the trend of MTV couples who subsequently divorced. Not that we're pointing fingers. The show may not have helped their marriage, but Carmen and Dave still owe a lot to reality television: Supernova with Brooke Burke in Taquita and Kaui ; 8 episodes TV Formula: Diddy's Making the Band 3 rejects looked like great reality show personalities during their competition days—seriously, after watching rounds and rounds of wannabe divas, Taquita was ingenius comedic relief—but perhaps giving them their own reality show and encouraging them to take their singing and acting talents to the Vegas strip wasn't the best idea MTV producers have ever had.

Their slapstick proved grating and the ladies just didn't bring the same drama that Sir Combs is able to invoke with a single stare or threatening request for cheesecake.

The 20 Worst MTV Shows of the 21st Century

Before she broke it down in front of Diddy and a room full of cameras, Kaui performed in front of arenas of fans on a nightly basis as a dancer for the Denver Nuggets. Exposed ; 43 episodes TV Formula: Blind Date x Lie to Me Recap: Or, as you probably remember it, "that dating show that used the lie detector. Of course, the entire thing was undercut by a disclaimer at show's end: It is not operated by a trained professional or under conditions that would provide a reliable means of lie detection.

No representations are made regarding the accuracy of any results. Downtown Girls ; 6 episodes TV Formula: We understand that any film or television show featuring a young female writer living in the city will inevitably be compared to Sex and the City, but that doesn't mean that these poor attempts at a SATC rip off have to be downright horrible. Narrated by Shallon Lester, the writer of the group who obviously spent her nights reciting Carrie Bradshaw's voiceovers, their clique was said to represent every persona within the full female spectrum: We now fully understand why fiction is so popular in the first place.

Despite failing to find an audience with the MTV crowd, Random House apparently feels there is a market for Lester's single girl wisdom.

dance school show on mtv about dating

Her second memoir, Exes and Ohs: Gamekillers ; 6 episodes TV Formula: In the mids, Axe Dry antiperspirant lucked into a hit ad campaign entitled "The Gamekillers," a series of clever, chuckle-worthy commercials presenting archetypal characters you might encounter during a night out at the bar who would, were you attempting to be on it, leave your Game in grave danger.

So successful was the campaign that MTV decided to make a show out of it, composing date scenarios for two lucky contestants in which the male participant was repeatedly beset by the titular player-haters—the Balladeer, the One-Upper, even a couple new ones like the Natural Disaster and The Flirt—and was rewarded with a chalice proclaiming him an all-time ladies man if he was able to survive the date intact.

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Unfortunately, unlike all those other TV ad campaigns that were turned into hit TV shows— Cavemenanyone? MTV and Axe battled over whether the latter would be able to feature its product in the show itself, even requesting at one point that a character wear an Axe T-shirt.

dance school show on mtv about dating

MTV held strong, waiting ten days after the show's premiere to even air the Axe ads on the network. This reality show about a group of twenty-somethings was a snoozefest when compared to ANTM, and further proves just how valuable and integral a force Ms.

dance school show on mtv about dating

Tyra Banks actually is. The group of beautiful people who lived in the Miami apartment featured, of course, a sheltered Christian from the Midwest, a cute but dangerous player, competitive twin sisters, the stressed agents forced to herd them to their castings and lots of talk about weight and body image issues. Stereotypes are born from truths… The only good thing that came from said show is that Accuvue commercial that still gets some airplay.

We hope that the girls are getting their residual checks. Good girl Britt traded in reality cameras for religion by joining Models for Christ after the show aired.

Even after numerous trips to the smush room and hot tub in Seaside Heights, Tila Tequila's bi-curious search for love still feels like the dirtiest thing MTV has ever given us. At the time, the MySpace phenomenon didn't discriminate when it came to love or television airtimeso she invited both men and women to compete for a chance at her heart.

In case you missed it, picture lots of thongs, stripper heels and hot tubs. And it spawned two sequels. To the future, America! Popzilla ; 12 episodes TV Formula: You guys liked that Robot Chicken show on Adult Swim, right? A bunch of loosely-connected, occasionally-thought-out animated skits that riffed on pop culture, like the visualization of a bunch of stoned college kids watching TV at 1: Well, then you're gonna love Popzilla, a show that basically did the exact same thing, except with cheesier animation, jokes that were only half-baked, and Twilight and the Jonas Brothers replacing Star Wars and 80s anti-drug commercials as regular subject matters.

MTV obviously intended Popzilla to be edgy and youth-contemporary, but really just ended up showing how behind the curve they were—especially for a station whose animated content was once considered to be at the very forefront of the cutting edge—and the show has yet to be renewed for a second season.

For shows ten to six, including douchebag friend wannabes and some seriously terrible rhyming, click NEXT. The '70s House ; 10 episodes TV Formula: That 70s Show - famous people - purpose Recap: One of the least-explicable one-season wonders in MTV history, The '70s House was the channel's attempt to cash in on what as far as we could tell was a non-existent retro craze for the disco era. Despite the obvious Survivor-meets-Real World competitive machinations, the only real dramatic tension the show held was over the distant possibility of the show's ridiculously hot co-host Natasha Leggero sort of a cross between Susanna Hoffs and Natalie Imbruglia hooking up with one of the sexually-frustrated, short-shorted male finalists.

She didn't, and the show was never heard from again. The program was off on its anthropological research once or twice, most notably when they brought in "'70s star" Christopher Atkins for a special appearance, despite the fact that the Blue Lagoon star made his film debut in Atkins was likely too grateful for the shoutout to bother correcting them.

dance school show on mtv about dating

Bromancesix episodes. Call it the apocalypse or merely a sign of what our culture has become, but young people today actually believe they can find a career, love or lifelong friendship from winning a reality competition. The Prince of Malibu turned Hills lothario Brody Jenner hosted his own reality competition to find the next member of his ever-expanding crew of douchebags. Innocent males with a secret hankering for stardom of their own attempted to win the friendship of this rich and for reasons unknown famous celebrity by competing in a series of ridiculous tasks used to judge each guy's BFF potential game-spitting, the ability to spontaneously burst into song.

Eliminations were held in the hot tub, and Jenner even got help from his Hills pal Lauren Conrad. Because this is life after all, and any of his bros should be able to handle staged appearances by his reality show posse. Scoring the friendship of Brody Jenner clearly paid off.

It's understandable that MTV would want to try their hand at a high-school-set comedy series that called back to the raunch, naivete and broad character strokes of an 80s teen film comedy, but the channel belly-flopped with The Hard Times of RJ Berger, a show about a nerdy kid in love with the lead cheerleader, with the twist being that RJ also happens to be the most well-endowed kid in his school hence the unforgivable title pun.

But in one way or another, for better or worse, their impact was felt. There were many hosts, but it was Dave Kendall and Matt Pinfield who really helped the show evolve and ignite. This show nurtured artists like U2 and REM during their early days and became an absolutely vital tool for the music industry to break new, buzz-worthy bands. Headbanger's Ball This show, which was a veritable institution on Saturday nights from totook a lot of flak from hardcore metalheads when it got invaded by grunge music in '91, but it was still the place to see some of the most raucous, kickass music around; from Slayer to Type O Negative to Megadeth.

Like Minutes, there were several hosts over the years, but it was Riki Rachtman who legitimized the show with his undying nasally love of mosh-pits, guitar riffs and bandanas. Over the past decade, the show existed on MTV2 but it became a two-hour block of videos and not a hosted show.

Nowadays it's just on the web. Remote Control As you've probably noticed, all the shows on this list up until now were music video focused. Remote Control changed all that, so we suppose some would say this was the beginning of the end for MTV — but damn if it didn't do so in a highly entertaining way. Hosts Ken Ober and Colin Quinn were a great pairing, aided by a revolving door of beautiful female co-hosts — Kari Wuhrer being everyone's favorite… right?

And we haven't even gotten to Adam Sandler and Denis Leary being part of the show. Hosted by Premiere Magazine Editor-in-Chief Chris Connelly whose clear love and enthusiasm for movies made him feel like "one of us"Big Picture featured interviews with young, rising stars and focused on the movies that the then-MTV audience cared about - and which we had no internet to look up any information about.

You can't find that much info about The Big Picture nowadays, but we do know one thing: Because this was the blueprint for movie shows that skewed nerdy.

dance school show on mtv about dating

And this show came about back when the MTV Movie Awards which began in skewed toward clever, knowledgeable geeks and not legions of tweens screaming for Rob Pattinson.

Yo, MTV Raps While most of America was covering their ears and declaring that rap wasn't "music," MTV embraced it fully and launched this hip-hop showcase show in Many fans cried foul when MTV refused to air PE's "By the Time I Get To Arizona" in but it never changed the fact that this show was a pioneering effort made by a network willing to embrace change.

Inevitably, Yo, MTV Raps ended around the time that hip-hop simply became part of pop music and no longer needed its own show. Unplugged It's important to note that even as MTV started creating original reality programming with shows like The Real World and Road Rules which would ultimately lead to the network's musical demiseit was taking the world by storm with an exciting and crucial musical experience called Unplugged.