Dating a burlesque dancer

dating a burlesque dancer

Ah, burlesque. Perusing the shows at Edinburgh Fringe over the last few days, I' ve been struck by its abundance and popularity. It seems that. A subreddit for the HBO show "Curb Your Enthusiasm". As a London-based burlesque performer I've had quite a lot of I hope you like glitter, because dating a burlesque performer may well mean.

Ironic given how low my expectations had been set by my Facebook stalking! And I actually turned up with wet hair, fresh from the gym shower. We started the date with a quick drink. I hovered awkwardly at the bar, wishing we were sitting down, not sure what to do with my handbag, and my attention diverted by the pub quiz going on over the tannoy. I tried to ignore the pub quiz and focus on my date.

Date Three – The Burlesque Dancer

He constantly stood too close to me, so I found myself backing awkwardly away from the bar, and he hit a bit of a raw nerve when he described not overly liking the posh people at Henley Regatta! As he bitched about toffs in blazers, my mind wandered back to Henley Boyand the photo on his POF profile of him in a comedy Henley Blazer with one of those fake clown flowers that squirt water pinned to his lapel.

Chiding myself, I followed The Dancer who was the exact same height as me …. The club closed years ago after gun fights, and when we walked into the venue, we realised it had been converted into an Asian conference centre. The Dancer blew another of my list requirements out the water as he lit up a cigarette en-route. We ordered another round of drinks, and went to sit down in the main room. The room was decorated as if for an Indian wedding.

Paintings of goddesses hung on the walls, and there were ornate icons and decorations. It all seemed rather odd for a Burlesque venue! Also, the Dancer added that there had only been a few tickets left when he had booked our tickets, and yet the room was almost completely empty.

dating a burlesque dancer

And then, ten minutes after the Burlesque was meant to begin, we realised we were in completely the wrong room!! We moved to a far more intimate and red-lit room, where the wedding-style chairs were decked in more-fitting black covers, and at least half the audience were wearing corsets.

The show was yet to begin, and we found seats in the third row. The first couple of acts seemed quite amateur. However as the show progressed, the troupe really raised the bar.

One girl came out and did a piece where she started dressed in a hoodie and baggy pants, doing break dancing. The show was really fun, and genuinely made my night.

Date Three – The Burlesque Dancer – 30 Dates Blog – A Dating Blog

The compere was funny, the audience provided ample people-watching opportunities the guy in front of me filmed the entire show on his iPad, the guy behind me kept whooping so loudly when bras came off, that we could physically hear his girlfriend repeatedly hitting him!

You see my name is not really Bella is quite simpler then that name.

dating a burlesque dancer

The name i was given at birth is beautiful and i like to keep that name to my self for now. I can be quite a handful with my emotional highs and lows but i find that some of my friends have weathered the storm and even saved my life, It has been a challenge to keep friends outside the burlesque circuit, Some understand why i can't make it to birthdays, cook outs, gatherings and other things of the sort based on the fact that in weekends am always on stage performing.

In this electronic age it seem easier to keep in touch via social media and share my life and adventures with them as i go but it does not replace spending time with them or calling them. Some get mad that i have not made time to see them but with my schedule i try very hard to do so but at times it just does not work.

I have lost many friends to this but the ones who have stuck around sport and understood this is what i have been wanting to do for such a long time that they come to shows to see me even if im running around like an idiotThey meet with me when i have a breathing moment and catch up lots of smiles They go as far as reposting my events and make sure that what ever i may need is there.

dating a burlesque dancer

Mostly i survive with phone calls and texts, Tennie a good friend of mine also my stage director told me that "My Coworkers are intrigued when i say my best friend is a burlesque performer" That got me to giggle ad ask why? My Volunteer Family - They are extraordinary people that help put amazing things together to help others Glitter-hood is like a little group of people that do the same thing i love to do In the dressing room there is conversations like "how is your mom", "how did you do in the show?

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This little haven from the show provides us with such a time to communicate and love one another and catch up, of course we also have a drink or two. Burlesque Performers really take care of each other, We are in our most sensitive time- We are about to show case our body of work to a packed house there is a mix of emotions in our minds and our hearts race before stage. But it has been my experience that in the dressing room we all come together to make each other feel better. My burlesque family is quite large really and they are very very very amazing and it extends world wide, people i have shared the stage with have inspired me to be better and move towards a better routine or costume it even gives me the bravery of applying to more festivals.

Six Reasons Not To Date A Burlesque Performer

We crash at each others homes, share costume ideas, songs and very many things that bond us together. My favorite one has to be the post show dinner.

You see breaking bread with people in a table and having conversations in a relax atmosphere makes it a warm and fuzzy glittery wonderful good time, Its like sitting in a dinner table at home at times. In Cleveland after the shows we go to "My Friends Deli" It's a restaurant we have been going to do years and years, Some people actually thing we are going to a friends house.

In a way we are. This is a show tradition for us here and we love talking and you hear the restaurant be filled with laughter and joy, I have made some great bonds in that place with some great people. Just going out to eat after a show or a festival gives us one on one time that we can use to get to know one another. That it self if priceless Not everything in burlesque is peaches and cream there is arguments and fallen friendships Jealousy and Bitterness over bookings, shows, costumes, music, rivalry make for some strong mix of emotions in a sea of strong personalities and when planets crash together All of these people have helped in very dark times my mothers cancer battle, my emotional breakdowns, my relationships ending, my near death experiences and my illnesses.

These people to me are family and i would not have it any other way. Cleveland, OH Twiggy, The Puppy, Me and Tennie at Twiggy's MOD Home Romantic Relationships- The hardest ones for me at least, When you meet some one new and they ask you what you do and with out a flinch you say "I do burlesque" That is the single most scary moment at that every time you are looking for the reaction that usually goes "that's cool", "That's interesting?

I have been in very many bad relationships and very many good amazing relationships All of them with their pros and cons but in the end of the day the longest relationship i have is with my self, I explain to people at times that ask well there might be people that want to date you?? The answer is NO We are an illusion on stage we are the sex appeal the idea of the imagination of sex and indulgence.

We are a character onstage many times and some people don't understand this is not our every day. We are always showered in compliments its nice.