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dating a cop reddit gone

Dated a cop. He was a pretty masculine guy but incredibly kinky and submissive in bed. Turned into a total bitch when I fucked him. I loved to. Just started seeing a cop and think it might be going somewhere. like he works an office job and everything is easy when he goes to work. People have been sharing their dubious life tricks in Reddit thread; One man . 'I' ve skipped half days at the office this way, went home and napped.' a nice restaurant for free by pretending to propose to your girlfriend or wife. .. with year-old boy from dating app' who was actually undercover COP.

So much time is spent doing paperwork and investigating stuff, and even most of the people we arrest come quietly. Very rarely do you actually have to run or fight. Problem is, of course, that 1 per cent of the time, your fitness could be the difference between getting hurt and not.

dating a cop reddit gone

Nastiest is always death. Craziest is a harder one. How has is lived up or not lived up to your expectations?

So I called the police to report a suicide post on reddit. | IGN Boards

I think probably for the action and excitement when I was a kid. As I got older, it looked like a good career, plenty of opportunities, decent ish pay, job security.

dating a cop reddit gone

Is there a Hot Fuzz fandom among the law enforcement community where you work? I love that film.

dating a cop reddit gone

I may even put it on later. Hot Fuzz Hiya mate. I was a special up north for a couple of years and I loved it. Only thing was the radio and general communication issues, basically no one could understand me being from the south, haha.

What cakes do they do up your end of the north when you cock up?

dating a cop reddit gone

Make a mistake, get fined. Fines are paid in cakes for the team. Obviously for trivial stuff, being late etc. I got cake fined for leaving my phone on top of a van once, which then drove off. How do you feel the force is as a whole since the budget cuts and if it has had an affect what in your opinion has been impacted the most? I went to a domestic incident a few months ago. She told me that nothing had happened, and brushed it all off. It was obvious to me that she was in fear, so I just spent time talking with her, reassuring her, and giving some advice.

She later said it was because she felt I believed her that she could open up.

dating a cop reddit gone

Her abuser is in prison now. What is your favourite thing about being a police officer? Both my colleagues and the public I get to meet. Oh, and driving fast with blue lights and sirens.

So I called the police to report a suicide post on reddit.

My pockets are stuffed with a few different forms, notebook and lots of latex gloves. I also get issued a phone, only a crappy Samsung J5, but it has access to the police national computer, and all our local systems, which is very useful. Our van is filled with various bits of kit for forcing entry to addresses - crowbars, bolt croppers, lock puller, ladders, shields etc.

Everything comes down to money. I think the biggest challenge is morale.

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What kind of cop is he? What does he deal with all day? Is he more or less likely to be involved in violence? Some cops have safer "beats" than others.

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I would be more likely - personally - to not date a cop because the chance of getting that 2AM call would increase. It would worry me to think my beloveds' life was in danger. Also, the things he sees and deals with on a daily basis can take its toll on him emotionally and that can have an impact on a relationship.

But that goes for everyone.

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I wouldn't date a trial lawyer again either! Admittedly, I have lost a lot of respect for the police over the years. Generally speaking, they seem so much more belligerent than they used to, but that may reflect the society and what they deal with and the rules they do have to follow.