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dating a doctor quotes on diabetes

The medical literature tells us that the most effective ways to reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and many more problems are. See more ideas about Type 1 diabetes, Dating and Quotes. Novo Issues Recall Affecting Echo, NovoPen 5 Pens – Insulin Nation Medical Devices, Diabetes. My doctor has said that she and I have very similar blood it I lost weight I have come off the medication and my sugars to date are but there are two quotes that ring heavily in my mind from favored films.

Medical science is peddling a infinite energy glucose absorption machine -just shove in more glucose or ram in with actos when in fact glucose storage sites of the skeletal muscles are finite. In addition I was stringing more low doses — mg of metformin over more of the clock. Today I use 1. Medical science is peddling a infinite energy glucose absorption machine -just shove in more insulin or ram in with actos when in fact glucose storage sites of the skeletal muscles are finite.

MRI studies have been done on this as well. I guess you can get enough calories from beans. Not sure about essential fatty acids and a complete set of proteins. I lost 85 lb down to skinny high school weight but it did not help the diabetes once I had to stop loosing weight I had to go on insulin. I was eating boiled rye mostly and lean ham for a bit more protein. I always wonder if a low carb or very low carb diet would have been much better. But that is NOT the dogma that was preached then or now.

Insulin started a 10 year period of near constant weight gain. Presently trying victoza in addition to insulin. It has cut the insulin dose from to less than 50 per day a near miracle. This makes weight loss possible. The present approach to treatment with more carbs and more insulin and drugs is falty. Helen Having decided to take my diabetes to war last year, with no medical advice. I followed a daily calerie intake, protein, mass amounts of veg.

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Cooked with additional gravy for flavour. No conscious carbs except for things like gravy powder etc. I now manage on metformin and Januvier alone.

Coupled with daily bike ride, 20 miles on Mondays. I lost 20 pounds. No big pat on the back. Anyone can do it if they focus. The point is maintaining this especially through winter. Most people find the warm cosy Gym an odd silicone existence. I confess that maintaining the strict calorie intake has now fallen by the way side, although just cutting bread out alone, leaves my blood sugar on the manageable side. Just not the amazing results I was getting last year.

Most of us just find it pretty hard. Unbelievabley, ADA in their latest April statement; they recognize that the blood glucose level is a result of Liver glucose release and ingested carbs. Well, here you are with data baking this up. Metformin, carbs control and hearty exercise. I do the same on calorie diet. Most of the clucking chickens totaly miss the point and get lost arguing that one cannot stay on calorie diet.

The fact is the tight diet, metformin and exercise get the glucose saturation stopped so that skeletal muscles get the glucose overload removed and have room to go back regulating. Then one can adjust diet back up and exercise down abit to the energy balance for ones body.

The key is to keep the skeletal muscles from being overfilled up again. That something ois broken and defective is inane stupidity.

Mishelle Whitmire Hey Jim, you sound like you have great advice. I am a new diabetic and my mom is now on her death bed because of diabetes. I have been pre-diabetic for a number of years and it finally hit me. I see what has happened and what can happen. Nothing can help her. She just had a heart attack and is not a candidate for a kidney transplant. Cant have dialysis because of the weak heart. My doctor has said that she and I have very similar blood chemistry….

Now I am on a quest to really get it together and not be stupid or ignorant about it all like my mom was. I have been on the internet looking up all I can about this disease. The doc gave no real diet just metformin and cut out all white food products. Bread, potatoes,etc… Im looking up beans and fiber and if that is good.

If your trying to cut the carbs, you would think beans and things like oatmeal would be way out of line. I need some real help not just a fly by diet book of the month.

Can you help or give some advise? Krishna I am from India, a Type-2 case. Being from other end of the globe, perhaps I can share some information which might be useful to some of you.

U shud take the water as well as chew the seeds in the morning empty stomatch. Look for Indian stores for these items else ping me if i can be of any help. There is one Jamun tree whose seeds and fruits are said to be good. Bitter guard is said to be helpful. Above all Yoga, Kapal-Bhati is specially good and certain other asanas are good. Above all good diet and exercise along with less stress will make things good.

This is based on widespread recommendations in Ayurveda ancient medical system of india based on herbs etc.

dating a doctor quotes on diabetes

I will look up these items to get more info on them. I have read about Ayurvedic medicine many years ago and found it very interesting. Not during my blood sugar event but will heed your advice. Hope ur doing well on the other side of the planet!!

David Spero RN Mishelle, try checking through this web site for other articles about keeping glucose down. As Jim said, that will clear out the glucose-soaked, insulin-resistant muscle cells so they can go back to using glucose normally.

But many other things, including the ones Krishna recommended, and vinegar, and other herbs can also help. Usally weight loss is under balance — burn exceeds glucose generation. Weight gain and T2 is excess glucose not burnt being stored in the glucose sites of the skeletal muscles.

As long as room in skeletal muscle glucose stirage sites, body can regulate blood stream by storing the excess. This is why hearty regular exercise is needed to keep the skeletal muscle sites off loaded.

In a distrbuted system of muscles and storage sites, a system is needed to prevent cells being overloaded when full. Some cells not doing much and loaded up while others doing hearty exercise will neeed more glucose. This will be on selective basis. I have seen articles and research about the skeletal muscle cells have capability to downgrade the insulin sensors to reduce response to Blood stream insulin to prevent overloading and damaging those muscle cells already topped off due to too much glucose.

I believe that insulin resistance is a natural body muscle cell response to control glucose absorption in a distributed system SOme believe that if too much glucose in body, it is merely absorbed as fat. I feel that is too simple a response as I believe both fat and muscle cells all have glucose storage sites that when loaded turn off insulin response.

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As more and more of body gets loaded with glucose, the insulin resistance climbs over all. For me, I am on metformin doses to claw back the liver and a diet of calories and 1. Marianna Dear David, As a healthcare provider you should be very careful with speculations without scientific measurement.

It has been proven that diabetes is a disease of the pancreas Beta cell distruction. Once your Beta cell is distroyed there is no regenaration.

How then can we explain this scientific notation? We also know with lifestyle changes, meal planning, and exercise we can reduce the effect of diabetes. However, I do believe if we practice lifestyle modification before the activation of the Gene that causes diabetes we can prevent the unset of diabetes.

I am 15 years old in 11th grade my mom is a diabetes educator. I help her with her work.

Diabetes Quotes

I have learn many things from her. Lynne Nelson I think that Jim Snell has presented an interesting analysis regarding glucose usage by fat and muscle cells that may explain an infrequent occurrence in my fasting numbers.

Generally, my fasting reading is betweenbut after several weeks it may surge to plus. I have come to believe that even if one keeps the blood sugar readings within the normal range before each meal, if excess carbs are consumed, even if apparently utilized, the body has a way of figuring this into an increased fasting reading the next morning. I have been thinking about this for a number of years and wondering what could cause this change in my usual pattern. Snell for your input. You seem a very intelligent and caring person.

Type 2 is more a disease of the liver than the pancreas. And even with substantial beta cell damage, partial or complete recovery is possible and frequently happens. I linked to some studies about this; it is measurable and well-documented. Carol Graff I know that white breads, cookies, starches, etc are bad for you. But I was told I need to balance my diet with whole wheat grains. My diet is nothing like it used to be!

I eat fresh fruits and veggies and stay completely away from boxed and canned and processed foods. I would LOVE to have people visit me and read about my journey! Mishelle Whitmire David, Wow!

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I hope full recovery is really possible!. Just came back from visiting my mom this is Mishelle from a few comments earlier and it is horrible what this disease is doing to her. Her heart now has fluid around it and she cant breath. Quick short breaths and its hard to watch. She will be gone within the week and Im just beside myself. When I eat breakfast or any meal it seems the 1st hour my level can go above or without carbs.

So now the mark is making me neurotic LOL!! It seems that my issue is the 1st hour. I cant take even oatmeal. Please enter a valid email address Submit We respect your privacy. When dating someone with diabetes, consider taking the romance outdoors and away from the restaurant, where there aren't always diabetes-friendly options on the menu.

Alamy For dates, my husband always proposes restaurants, but I have type 2 diabetes, so going out to dinner is hard. If I'm not careful, my blood sugar is sure to spike, and I could go into hyperglycemia.

According to the Mayo Clinicwhen that happens, I may suffer from increased thirst and urination, blurry vision, headaches, and fatigue. Eventually, hyperglycemia may lead to more serious diabetes complications like confusion, abdominal pain, shortness of breath, weakness, or even coma. Once, I had to beg a chef to wrap one of his famous burgers in lettuce rather than in one of his gourmet honey buns. Tempting bread baskets are plunked down in front of me. People with diabetes can consume alcohol with clearance from their medical team, but only certain types and in small quantities.

I confuse servers by ordering steaks without the potato side. The spuds come anyway, and I try my best not to eat them. When you have diabetes, maintaining control of these types of situations can be difficult — dates can easily turn into a what-can-I-eat scramble instead of an enjoyable meal. Do Plan Active Dates When the relationship is new, consider avoiding food if you can, advises Emily Davison, a year-old former piano teacher in Columbia, South Carolina, who has type 2 diabetes.

Personal and Relationship Challenges of Adults With Type 1 Diabetes

And they described the benefits of technological advances e. A smaller group was more focused on acceptance, describing less worry and hypervigilance: This is not a reckless abandon, but the acknowledgment that worry and vigilance may not be helpful. However, the general tone was that hypoglycemic episodes, with their terrible physical sensations and cognitive impairment, leave them with feelings of little control and are a significant source of anxiety.

Partners also described significant worry, stress, and anxiety about hypoglycemia and frustration in trying to prevent or manage it, e. Three examples capture the stress. The last one was right after our son was born and she was breastfeeding and they told her that she was going to have to adjust everything So I woke up and it was crazy. She is making these horrible noises and I called and So the paramedics got there and they had a hard time getting the I.

Another set described the conflict, moodiness, and irritability often associated with hyper- or hypoglycemia: Just go test your blood sugar. Stress of potential complications Patients. What do you think is going to happen? They are angry and hurt when others blame them yet they feel they are making sincere efforts. Overall, patients described being keenly aware of potential devastating complications and emphasized their need for supportive, nonblaming responses from others.

The partners also expressed pressing fears of complications. The cumulative toll of management may be more than the sum of individual stressors. Benefits of technology Patients and partners. Participants spoke frequently about changes due to technology i. They spontaneously shared stories and advice and clearly appreciated the opportunity to share and learn from each other. There were two main themes. First, life is more manageable with the new technologies. One patient described the life-changing nature of technology: Others described increased freedom e.

Partners also described less stress and responsibility with the pump as it promotes independence. Several said they were much less involved in patient self-care, with some not knowing how to program the pump or address problems.

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They face behavioral, emotional, and interpersonal challenges. We know that adults with type 2 diabetes are at increased risk for depression 830 and diabetes distress 31and that these outcomes negatively affect their adherence to self-care 3233 and glycemic control 3435and present challenges for their partner relationships But much less is known about adults with type 1 diabetes.

They too report anxiety and depression, especially if they experience severe hypoglycemia 5 But because they are typically included with type 2 diabetic patients in quantitative studies, we do not know about their unique contribution to the findings. Family support has a positive influence on self-management for adults with type 2 diabetes 192037and our data support its relevance for adults with type 1 diabetes.

This qualitative study was undertaken to gain a richer understanding of these issues for adults with type 1 diabetes. We listened to the voices of these patients and partners. The themes that emerged suggest that, although partner involvement may vary, the significant anxiety especially about hypoglycemia and fear especially about future complications weigh on them and their relationships.

They lead us to several conclusions. First, relationships are unique, and one cannot assume that all patients want an actively involved partner, or that all are overwhelmed by diabetes-related distress. Second, relationships change, and needs at one time during the course of the relationship and the disease may be very different than at another point. Therefore, it is important to assess the individuals in the relationship to develop an intervention that is tailored to their unique needs.

Third, one must know their specific concerns. For example, is child-bearing, or child-rearing, a major concern, or is their stress focused elsewhere? Fourth, many patients experience anxiety about their long-term health, and clinicians should recognize that emphasizing complications to motivate behavior change may merely raise that anxiety and increase their self-blame.

Finally, although technology has many positive benefits, it may lead partners to withdraw, or be excluded, from care, which may decrease the level of perceived support.

Limitations Although focus group methodology can promote openness, it may suggest more consensus than exists if participants are inhibited in expressing differing viewpoints. The groups were not diverse, and future qualitative research should explore these questions with couples of varied cultures and education.

Groups of healthcare providers would also elicit unique perspectives. Finally, although we have drawn tentative conclusions from our data, this pilot work was primarily aimed at generating ideas and directions for future study that should explore these issues in more detail and depth with a more diverse group of individuals. We believe that adults with type 1 diabetes deserve increased attention by researchers to better understand their emotions, coping mechanisms, and psychosocial outcomes, and the relationship of these factors to adherence and glycemic control.

Also, their partners, and the effect that living with type 1 diabetes has on them and their relationships, should be assessed.

dating a doctor quotes on diabetes

Future interventions might be developed that engage the partner and evaluated to see if, and in what ways, this is beneficial. Our goal is to develop and test interventions that will help patients and partners cope with these challenges effectively and succeed in their self-management. No potential conflicts of interest relevant to this article were reported. The authors thank the participants in the focus groups, and special thanks to the following members of the qualitative analysis team: Type 1 diabetes mellitus in adolescents.

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