Dating a emo girl with

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dating a emo girl with

You've posted the worst emo girls ever. ***Spring Cutters Crew OG*** If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing. Emo love is a special kind of relationship based on the lifestyle of emo music. While everyone is unique, a relationship among emos does tend to be more. So my question is: Have you ever dated girls that are like emo or scene and if you have how was it? did people criticize you or something? was it a good.

Of course, this is somewhat a generalization, but many dress in a similar manner to distinguish themselves from other punks out there. Emo is generally thought of to be a combination of what you'd normally think of as punk and gothic fashions. People tend to wear tight jeans and small, tight, often vintage T-shirts or shirts of punk banks.

Black hair and bangs are also popular. Chuck Taylors are almost a required part of the uniform, as are black, studded belts and black-rimmed glasses. What is Emo Love?

What's in an Emo Love Relationship?

Emo love is different from the normal dating scene mostly because of the emotional quality of the relationship and the characteristics of the emo personality.

Emos are, of course, thought to be very emotional and wear their emotions close to the surface. You need to be careful with emo love because it's easy to hurt an emos' feelings.

Emo personalities have a reputation for being shy, sensitive, introverted and quiet. None of that is a bad thing, it's just good to know what you're getting into if you're not an emo and find yourself in the midst of emo love. A controversial aspect of the stereotypical emo personality profile is a propensity for cutting, burning, or self-mutilation. While obviously this is not true for all individuals, it is something to be aware of. By doing these things she may become quite fond of you, but won't show it.

A poor victim who failed to follow all the tips. He wasn't fast enough either. However, the number one tip on approaching a mean emo is this; get ready to runat all times. Because the split second you screw up and piss her off, she will attack. You better eat a good meal, get plenty of sleep and exercise, and pray to God for protection and speed, because you'll need it. She won't chase you far, but you just need to get the fuck out of that area.

She'll stop chasing you from exhaustion, because they are usually out of shape. She'll cool down afterwards, so wait a few days and then try again. She might hate you, but if approached correctly she will forget about the previous encounter. If you anger her again, you might want to find another emo because third chances aren't guaranteed. Meeting Her Parents As with any other girl, you have to meet her parents.

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The parents are usually like other parents you may have encountered; mother always wanting to take a picture of her daughter's first date and the father is over in his chair constantly cleaning his gun and glaring at you. You want to make a good impression with them, because if you screw up they will ask you to stay away from their daughter, which is obviously counterproductive to your ultimate goal. However, this doesn't apply to us adults; we can do whatever we want, whenever we want.

The constitution says so. Despite this immunity, you still have to pay her parents a little visit every decade or so. For teenagers, remember the girl's father's rules; "Be afraid. I'm scared just thinking about it. Going on a date Forget about going to fancy places like the Melting Pot.

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When you are dating an emo girl, you don't have to worry about spending all of your money on expensive places. Instead, ask her where she wants to go, as the places emo girls like tend to cost less than when dating another girl.

She loves hardcore music, so taking her to a punk concert would be a great idea, and punk concerts are cheaper than normal concerts. They also like to be around gloomy and sad places where people are mourning and full of pain and miseryso why not take her to a funeral, even if you don't know the person? And if anybody asks, just say you're here for a special occasion. Watching warehouse fires is another great date idea since emos love to watch things burn; it warms their souls keep a blanket in the car to sit on in case you are lucky enough to come upon a warehouse fire.

Give them Gifts Oooh, a Hello Kitty. Like all girls, emo girls like gifts. Emo girls always like jewelry, but you might want to stick to the blunt ones. Preferred jewelry includes earrings, rings for their nose, rings for their tongue, rings for their lip, rings for their eyebrows, rings for their eyelids, rings for their spleen, necklaces with skulls, and bracelets. They don't like ordinary jewelry, so get them jewelry from places such as Hot Topic.

Tattoos are another great gift to give to her, as long as it has a dark theme to it or something you see tough guys in bars wear. You should, however, remain ten feet away if you are getting a mean emo girl a tattoo; it can get real bad. They also like stuffed animals like a Hello Kitty or a stuffed Domoand, for some strange reason, like stuffed animals that like to eat people, like a man eating stuffed bear or a blood thirsty stuffed rabbit.

Emo clothing is also preferred, so if you want to get her clothes, get her a black shirt, jeans, a spike or metal belt, and any non-girly shoes, as this what the normal emo girl wears. If you want to save moneyyou can give her things like thrift store clothing, and poetry books with all the pages cut out. Just don't give her a Barbie doll. You don't want to know what they do to Barbies. Let's just say that they take their rage from getting this kind of gift from you out on the Barbie, and it ends up in boxes with its limbs in different boxes.

Good thing she likes you just enough to not do that to you.

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Preventing them from committing suicide No! Put the gun down!

dating a emo girl with

You want a treat? You do not want your emo girlfriend to take her life and leave you heartbroken, depressed, and you may even start wanting to kill yourself too. To prevent such a tragedy you need to teach her the value of life, so say things like, "You've got everything to live for". Anyway, just find ways to change her mind about suicide.

Sex Thats one fine body. I think you know what to do. But I can tell you the experiences you may encounter. Once she asks you to come in her house or bedroomtry to realise if she is seducing you. Once it's clear to both of you that that's what she wants, it's time to rumble.

During this happy experience you'll be taken into a meadow full of gloomy dark blue flowers. Then you will float through a magical dark place with music and the sight of cute little bears with blood on their mouths. Ravens chirp various bird sounds as you view the lovely place full of dark wonders.

Moving on you are then taken to a hard rock concert, where you get down and other related things; the faster the music plays the harder you rock out.

dating a emo girl with

Then everything slows down to complete silence, and you find yourself in a small room where you rest peacefully. When you wake up the next day, you will realize what happened between you and your emo partner. You enjoyed it so much that you'll want to do it all over again, but restrain yourself, you don't want to overdo it.

What not to say to Emo Girls

Just wait for few days before starting the process all over again. If not, and if you're not married, you're in big trouble. You may want to think about countries you would like to move to. Marriage Look at all the children I have When you and your emo girlfriend have dated for some time, and you both are madly in love with each other, you might want to start thinking about marriage.

Now listen, this is extremely important, you are about to make a big commitment in your life and you need to make sure that you are going to do this right. The first thing you need to do is to find a ring. Second, take her to a party; even if she objects, do it anyway. Once there, wait until midnight.

Take her to the darkest place you can find outside without getting the pair of you murdered. Once there, kneel down on the ground, reveal the ring, and ask here, "Would you like to be my emo wife? Like any wedding, you may want to find a church with a pastor and invite friends and family and have a cake and something to flush it down with, along with an old lady playing a piano.

But not so fast, it has to meet her standards. The Cake should look gloomy, the punch must be coloured blood red, the setting must be dark, the guests must be wearing funeral clothing, and her wedding dress must be black, not white.