Dating a farmer quotes images

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dating a farmer quotes images

Explore White's Tractors Pty Ltd's board "Farmer Quotes" on Pinterest. Quotes for Motivation and Inspiration QUOTATION – Image: As the quote says – Description 50 The Best Thing About Dating a Farmer mama already knew all that. The Best Thing About Dating a Farmer mama already knew all that. .. Planting Seeds Bible Picture Quotes by @quotesgram Farmer Quotes, Farm Life Quotes. Being married is a feat in and of itself -- being married to a farmer adds a whole. Date nights during planting and harvest = time in the tractor or Check out writing and photos by Jennifer on her blog:

If you want to see them or spend time with him, this is where you will be. You WILL find random things in your laundry.

dating a farmer quotes images

I am sure people who still raise livestock have this one the worst. It's a common thing during certain times of the year that I find soybean seeds rolling around in my dryer.

dating a farmer quotes images

Don't plan on eating at a certain time every night or day with your husband. Farm life is so unpredictable. You may be eating supper at 7 p. You can never RSVP "yes" to events during planting, spraying, or harvest because you never really know IF you will be available. Events like weddings, banquets, dinners, etc. You know, like if it's raining Your trips out of town usually involve some sort of farm business Whether you are going by the hardware store or to stop and look at "insert piece of equipment here", you never just go to town without doing some sort of farm business You become very good at just going with the flow Like I said earlier, farm life is unpredictable.

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Or go on a date Or just cooked a fantastic Sunday meal. Whatever the situation may be, just let it go. Go with the flow. It's not worth the energy to get your panties in a bunch over trivial things.

You will become a glass half full person in a hurry. It rains when you don't want it to, crops burn up or get disease For those of you with livestock, calves die And if you focus on the negative in the situation, well, your life will be pretty miserable. It's best to find the silver lining in the farm life.

You appreciate Mother Nature in ways you'd never thought possible. You will get to experience farming on such an intimate level. You will learn so much about how it all works. Every single day, you are bound to learn something new in the farm world. After my second year of experiencing planting and harvesting crops, I still marvel at how Mother Nature works together in order to make things grow.

Yes, my life may have drastically changed the moment I fell in love with a farmer. Try and support your husband and keep communicating. Sometimes it sucks and sometimes you just have to look forward to winter.

Take a minute when you can to reconnect - take a ride together or have a quick lunch. Showing you care can go a long way. Being a farmer can be tough on your feelings when the days are long and you don't have much sleep and you aren't feeling loved.

But this too shall pass. It's worth it to be a part of this life. Remember that good times on the farm outweigh the bad! Have a support system. If you have family, friends, church or a community around you that you can lean on, it will make all the difference in the world. Enjoy the rain and the winter while you can. Bad weather is not fun, but it usually means a bit of a break. You have to learn to appreciate the small moments together! It does get easier.

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You get used to scheduling around farming. And farming always comes first.

dating a farmer quotes images

Once you embrace that, your expectations will be more realistic. Learn to not get disappointed when plans change and go with the flow. It takes a strong-willed person that farms and ranches. It doesn't matter if you are young and starting or older and established. This time of year the days are long, and the tempers short. Thing is, of course plans come second to the farm, four-legged babies have to be fed, cows have to be milked, crops have to be planted, etc.

The farm is your livelihood. I wouldn't trade my farmer or my farm life for anything! My husband and I are going on 13 years now, and I still have what I've heard referred to as "farmer's wife transition" every year.

Farm Girl Tips: You Married a Farmer

Embrace the farm life; allow your husband the time and freedom to do what HAS to be done. Nobody has an easy life, but the benefits are worth it. Count each blessing, instead of focusing on the negative, start each day with a recount of all the moments that you saw your children smile!

Take lots of pictures so your husband can catch up! We have five children, and we are looking forward to the day when they can really help out! Lastly, take time to pray! Find the things to fill the gaps when he is busy - whether that is kids, gardening, helping him out, catching up on laundry, your other family, reading, knitting, etc.

dating a farmer quotes images

And, savor the time you spend together! I had to learn that getting upset only hurts me and our family.

10 Ways Marrying a Farmer Will Change Your Life

I learned that communication is the key! It is okay to be annoyed or upset, but don't hang onto it. Admit it, move on. It gets him home quicker. The frustration and loneliness can get a little overwhelming.

dating a farmer quotes images