Dating a highly creative person

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dating a highly creative person

Creative people are wired different from the rest of us. Here's a list you should print out for future reference, especially when you are about to lose your cool. Dating a creative person can be confusing as hell. The best part about dating a creative person is that you are likely to be wooed and courted in a highly individualistic manner. If you partner has excellent culinary.

15 things to keep in mind while dating a creative person

I am a creative person. As a creative person, there are certain things that a potential partner must be aware of before entering a relationship with me.

dating a highly creative person

With any creative person, for that matter. Our intensity knows no bounds. Intensity is part of the job description. In order to feel true magic, we have to expose ourselves to the elements. This kind of intensity is most evident in dating.

We want to understand you, feel your soul the way we feel the ocean breeze, see your inner workings the way we see the colors of a sunset.

We want to experience another person with the electricity of open wires connecting. It has scared away more than one prospective partner in my life. We feel everything that much stronger.

dating a highly creative person

We have to feel the world in order to express it in our art. Which means we tend to be swinging pendulums of emotion. I believe that everyone has the potential to feel the extremes in daily life. They prefer to remain even-keel, staying consistently content. If they did, their work would be devoid of emotion. Flat, stagnant, and thoroughly muggle. In order to feel the gamut, we allow ourselves to feel the strength of our emotions.

We let that beautiful sunset inspire wild joy, let the dead raccoon on the side of the road bring us to tears. We see the stories that surround us and absorb all the emotions associated: We like our swinging emotions, we like the strength of our experiences.

dating a highly creative person

But we also like the fact that you can be our anchor, you can be what keeps us sane when the world is too much to bear. When you break down our walls… beware. Artists tend to build up emotional walls. They are there for protection. Years of being rejected and scaring people away have taught us how to put on the facade of being calm and quiet and just like everyone else. If you date a creative person, those walls will come down.

dating a highly creative person

But what is it like when it comes to dating the very people who write, sing, paint and design? Dating creative people requires some special skills and here are a few tips to get it right. Hang out where they do If you wish to date creative people, first of all you have to know where to find them.

Unlike the ordinary kind, creative people will rarely be interested in whiling away time at bars and shopping malls.

5 Reasons Dating A Creative Person Should Scare You

Rather they would prefer to engage in artistic pursuits during their leisure hours. Thus this is the right time if you are thinking of taking up a creative hobby like gardening or pottery; maybe you have always wanted to pick up a sensual dance form like salsa or dig into the finer points of Mediterranean cuisine but never had the time. Now is the right moment to sign up for special interest classes or courses which will throw you in touch with creative people and if lucky you may find an attractive single among them too.

Other places where you are likely to meet creative individuals are bookshops, art galleries, craft workshops, theaters, the opera and the like. They have a unique way of loving you The best part about dating a creative person is that you are likely to be wooed and courted in a highly individualistic manner. Creative people have an unique way of showing their love which makes their partners feel so very special. Their offerings of love like a poem they have written or a coffee table that they have made specially for you are unlikely to be duplicated in the marketplace.

It is this feeling of being loved in a unique way which is so flattering and fulfilling. Not very materialistic However if you are the kind of person who expects to be taken out to fancy restaurants and showered with expensive gifts on every date, a creative person may not be the right choice. Most of them do not put much store by materialistic values and things which merely bear a high price tag but have to aesthetic value are usually dismissed by creative people.

Also young artists and musicians who are still trying to make their mark in the world may not have enough money to splurge on you. Even established artists and performers are notorious for their cavalier attitude towards money and while they may lavish an extravagant present on you today, they may have to overdraw from their bank account the next week.

dating a highly creative person