Dating a hipster girl

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dating a hipster girl

If you want to meet hipster girls in NYC, you have to know where to go and this Remember that I said hipster girls tend to date hipster guys?. Every girl loves wearing a cozy red and black plaid shirt in the winter. You definitely don't want to date a hipster guy with a beard if you value. The trendy tribe of girls explained - from how they dress to how to date them.

How to Pick Up Hipster Girls: Our Ultimate Guide

She might go to new shows on Thursdays, hang at the coffee shop on Mondays, have kickball practice on Wednesdays, and volunteer at the cat cafe on Fridays. The bottom line is this: Remember that I said hipster girls tend to date hipster guys? And that hipster girls hang out in the same, general neighborhoods? Instead of trying to completely blend in and dress the part, just be yourself.

When is he playing his next show? From upscale and eclectic to laid-back and casual, here are the 5 best places to meet hipster girls in NYC: The best part about Bushwick is the diversity. Here are just a few examples of where to go: It gets overly crowded, so Mondays and Thursdays are your best bets for finding single hipster girls who could use some company.

This is also a great place to channel your nerdy side a little more. The bar is comic book-themed, and on top of that it has games — what hipster girl can say no to a nerdy game? And for more bars in Bushwick, just check out Yelp. The music might be loud, but you can invite her to a bar nearby like The Library Bar, for example for a drink afterward. But you should be careful with where you choose to go.

On top of that, there are different kinds of flea markets, so you can get even more specific with the type of hipster girl you want. Even better, flea markets are a very low-pressure situation. You can just browse the vendors, taking your time and interacting with whoever you want. Hipster girls come to flea markets wanting to talk to people and learn more, so every girl there is already feeling open.

How to Pick Up a Hipster Girl

Just take the L train to Bedford Ave for some great views and a place to chill right on the water. If you want to get the most out of your visit, make sure you go on a weekend. If you have a dog, bring it with you — hipster girls love dudes with dogs. No offense to the homeless, of course, or hipsters.

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A hipster girl usually looks thin and is sometimes pretty. She might wear a houndstooth dress down to her knee, with ripped stockings and combat boots. Probably has on a sloppy black cardigan, but still manages to show off a bra strap.

She has shoulder length blonde hair that needs to be brushed, a small neck tattoo, aviator sunglasses and cherry-red lipstick. She also knows absolutely everything. At least greasers and hippies were fun-loving dopes. But hipsters want to argue for hours about meaningless crap like film noir. These people are definitely not dating material, and below are the many reasons why.

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How about the local burger joint? She will go out for Thai food though.

dating a hipster girl

Because she is vegan, the most obnoxious of all vegetarians. Maybe even a nice wedding of someone close, like a sister or uncle. There may even be a funeral that you must attend and want the hipster there for emotional support.

dating a hipster girl

You want to look respectable and blend into the crowd. She is going to wear something outrageous, to show off her tattoos, or legs. If she is looking for irony, watch out, because odds are she will also say something purposely inappropriate at any traditional event. She might even accompany herself with a poorly played acoustic guitar or an awful beat on an African dundun drum. What if last weekend she was totally into hip-hop? The week before that she was into Broadway Musicals, then WCW, and before that she played bass in a death metal band.