Dating a persian woman

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dating a persian woman

From my perspective as a non-Persian American, Persian women .. Sometimes I feel like I dont fit in the persian dating circle because the girls. Find attractive women from Iran on LoveHabibi - the top destination on the Web for meeting the Iranian woman of your dreams. I am dating one now and gotta say she is nothing like a typical white girl that I am used to dating. Any warnings I should know about? Thx.

Men and Women Show respect for gender customs.

dating a persian woman

In traditional Persian society, men and women do not socialize together or touch each other in greeting, and women are never alone in a room with a man who is not her husband.

Gestures of affection that are common among Westerners, such as hand-holding or sitting together on a sofa, may not be appropriate. Talk with your partner ahead of time about the boundaries of social interaction.

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When Worlds Collide Be aware of common cultural misunderstandings. If you are a Western man trying to get acquainted with a Persian woman, keep in mind that Westerners and Americans in particular are often perceived as insular, arrogant and overly aggressive in demeanor.

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Show sensitivity by allowing your date to set the pace of conversation, and politely asking questions about aspects of her culture with which you are unfamiliar.

Western women seeking to date Persian men should be aware that despite the recent trend toward liberalization, egalitarian norms are still the exception rather than the rule. The point isn't to reinforce stereotypes, but to counteract them with a healthy awareness of your own cultural values and biases. Etiquette Prepare yourself for unfamiliar etiquette. In most Western countries, etiquette in the home is direct and unambiguous.

This is not the case in traditional Persian homes, in which host and guest often engage in an elaborate dance of insistence and refusal known as tarof. The purpose of tarof is to allow the host to demonstrate excessive generosity while the guest counters with excessive humility.

dating a persian woman

Because this can appear baffling to outsiders, it is best to stick with a simple rule: If that wasn't enough to get your attention then follow along below to read up on why you definitely need a Persian GF in your life. Her Dad will always fight to pay the bill.

Mohammad but next time it's on me. March 20th has new meaning to you now.

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Even though you still don't really understand who Haji Firooz is. You'll suddenly be so much better at chess and backgammon.


You will passively learn Farsi. It's something called "Farlish" it's when she goes between English and Farsi when talking to her family and all of a sudden you start understanding a new language. You will gain a new appreciation for tea. And for a dessert called Zoolbia that you can't believe you haven't tried yet. You will be gifted with designer Shoes, belts, cologne a lot of cologne.

You will attend the most EPIC parties.

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Shy guys need not apply. She will always speak her mind.

dating a persian woman

Never again will you hear, "I don't know, where do you want to go? You'll often get money for no reason.

dating a persian woman

Apparently, she has 8 uncles and they are all named "Amoo"