Dating agency cyrano ep 13 recap

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dating agency cyrano ep 13 recap

Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode by javabeans EPISODE 10 RECAP When Arang resumes filming for Min-young's dating tips video, she decides she won't continue with the project. What's the point in .. 13 kdramafan. · Dating Agency; Cyrano airs is it just me or was there something a little different with the beginning of episodes 13 & 14? They didn't just recap the. Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode by javabeans EPISODE 15 RECAP. Min- young The walls are lined will photos and notes of the Cyrano members, all serial-killer-like. Aw man, so the .. July 16, at PM.

dating agency cyrano ep 13 recap

Byung-hoon sends him down to engage with Mi-jin so they can observe the interaction. As he watches her scold, Dal-in starts fidgeting and sweating nervously. Like with the green eyes and everything? I do enjoy their banter. Min-young takes this as proof of his twisted mind. Byung-hoon assigns tasks to the team members, and Min-young is sent out to make contact with the target.

Min-young drives by and offers her a lift, and somewhat against her better judgment, Mi-jin ends up accepting. Right on cue, Mi-jin gets a call that her assistant quit. They were tipped off by Dal-in, who knew the assistant was planning to skip out for a new job. Plus, Min-young had assured them her cooking skills were at least average. Moo-jin points out that she had said her drinking tolerance was also average, and that induces a brief flash of panic. Thus Mi-jin allows the help and gives her small tasks.

Too bad Min-young is terrible. Byung-hoon calls her to order her to leave asap. Min-young does, however, prove to be inadvertently helpful. As a result, Mi-jin offers her the job, starting tomorrow. At the agency, Arang has unearthed some rumors about Mi-jin, though they sound like tabloid gossip.

Byung-hoon says any info is worthwhile and keeps him on the task. Still, Byung-hoon sets her before a table of ingredients and orders her to practice her abysmal knife skills.

Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 12 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

He jumps up and down to test it out, but the number remains stuck at a modest 80 beats. And gets an idea. She heads next door to ask Seung-pyo to be her teacher, saying that she needs to learn how to cook quickly.

dating agency cyrano ep 13 recap

Oh, is that all? Moo-jin heads to a restaurant supply store, and Hye-ri happens by and offers a hand. I love the way he reacts to her presence, wary and nervous but in his robot-alien-boy way. Seung-pyo begins the lesson with knife skills, showing Min-young how to cut vegetables.

She tells him of their unusual client, who likes when the target is being mean, which she finds curious. Min-young says it would be better if everyone could treat each other equally and lovingly.

If only it were so easy. What about Moo-jin, then? Instead he peers into his shopping bag just as she trips, and thus gives absolutely zero reaction when she tumbles out of view. I love that shot. She has to call out to get his attention, but he does turn back to help her in his plodding robot way.

One day Hae-shim gets stuck doing the second-story balcony jump demonstration onto pads below and Chul-soo encourages Hae-shim to fight her fear and jump. Byung-hoon is eager to talk fees, which earns him disapproving looks from his team. He awkwardly offers a discount, which I find adorable because when was he one to be shamed into politeness before? I do appreciate that this is a consideration, since the matchmaking meddliness of elders is no joke.

Moo-jin offers to take the recon trip to the hospital to confirm, since he can visit his grandmother as a cover story. He apologizes, not having realized this would put her so ill at ease, but Hye-ri tells him to go on and run his errand while she waits outside.

Granny finds Hye-ri sitting alone and offers her a lollipop to help with the gloomy face.

Hye-ri explains that her older brother spent the end of his life in a hospital like this. On to the mission. She sends him to retrieve Hae-shim, and then Moo-jin locks the door on them after cutting the lights.

They decide to wait it out for now, and in the meanwhile Moo-jin takes his grandmother out for some air. The air in the locked supply room gets stifling, probably more from the tension than anything. Mirroring the scenario is the one in the surveillance van, with Min-young and Byung-hoon feeling similarly awkward and ignoring the reason for it. Hae-shim admits that the one nice thing about this is that they get to be alone together. She pretends she was fooled by Granny too, and though he seems pretty aware of the ploy, he agrees to stick around.

The Cyrano team is dispatched to various areas of the tower to keep an eye on the couple. Hae-shim takes a look at the thousands of locks fastened by happy couples as little tokens of their love, but the sight makes Chul-soo even more uncomfortable, if possible. Hm, a painful past experience, perhaps? Or a lost loved one? In any case, he excuses himself with an apology and runs off.

Seung-pyo looks to be warming up even more to Min-young after her show of faith in him, and he calls her just as she pulls into the driveway with Byung-hoon. He invents an excuse to ask her over, while Byung-hoon sniffs in his pettily jealous way. He reminds her of her earlier question, asking if he had anybody he wanted to cook for.

dating agency cyrano ep 13 recap

Well, he does now: