Dating articles thought catalog brianna

The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Person Who Feels Like Family | Thought Catalog

dating articles thought catalog brianna

The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With The Person Who Feels Like Family. Avatar · Brianna Wiest Updated July 10, The world coaches you to . Brianna Wiest Updated January 2, the few people with whom you have a genuine friendship, love or relationship: you'll know how precious it is because. Your relationship exists in real life, not through avatars on a screen. Brianna Wiest is the author of I Am The Hero Of My Own Life, Salt Water.

This date was over before it had begun, I wanted out of here; now. Was he getting the hint?

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This guy had some serious balls to ask me back to his place. Clearly, he was, our date was obviously not getting off on a good foot. Did he always talk to girls like this? I cupped my hands nervously as I tried to stay strong. At least allow me to walk you to your car.

That would be great. Was I making a mistake? God, this was awkward. Was he going to just say bye and leave? Was he going to try and kiss me?

dating articles thought catalog brianna

I wanted to just snap my fingers and be done with him. He kept that creepy gaze on me, then reached for my hand and brought it up to his mouth. His lips touched the palm of my hand; a deep, long, French kiss ensued. I felt extremely grossed out but was sure to keep a kind smile on my face. The last thing I wanted to do was come off as rude, or worst — piss this guy off. I slowly tugged my hand away from him and dove into my car.

The thought of me lingering around any longer sent my body on high alert. This guy was flat out creepy, I was sure of it. My foot met the petal as I was getting ready to peel away, but something blocked my view. I shook as I saw him standing behind my car, just staring at me through my rearview mirror from the street.

I gave the car some gas and slowly started to back up. What would I do if he refused to move? I guess I could have just honked till he got out of the way, we were in a public place, after all. At last, it was just me and the long stretch of highway.

I checked my phone and had a missed text from Molly. She had been dying to know how my date went. I was sure she was sitting on the edge of her seat, waiting for my text. I held my phone to my mouth to use the Siri activation: He was so cute in his pictures though. My phone is blowing up on the other line…Oh my gosh. Look, I got to go. What could be so important for him to have to send me 21 texts within the time it took for me to drive home?

My stomach dropped to the floor as I realized what he had been messaging me; pictures of me. Pictures of me in various tasks. Some were of me brushing my teeth, some were of me cooking, and some were of me watering the plants in the front yard.

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The last text that was sent from him confirmed what my gut was trying to tell me all along. How long had he been spying on me for? How did he even know where I lived? I quickly texted my friend back to let her know something was terribly wrong, that we needed to call the police.

dating articles thought catalog brianna

I was a nervous wreck. Before I could hit send, my phone started ringing — it was him. Do I answer, or do I ignore? The thought of pissing him off scared me, what was he capable of? Before I could think twice, I clicked the green button to answer the call. I miss you already. I was thinking maybe I could come over and we could hang out again. I just wanted to feel some sort of safety net around me.

My feet sprang up the stairs, I promised myself I would call the police as soon as I was in my room. I just needed to be in a place of comfort before I had an anxiety attack.

As I headed up the staircase, I thought back to the moment I agreed to sign up for Tinder, then started laughing hysterically.

dating articles thought catalog brianna

This is exactly why your parents tell you not to talk to strangers. Laughter filled my lungs, the stress of the situation was starting to get to my head. I was halfway up the staircase rounding the corner to ascend the second half of stairs when I saw a silhouette above me which nearly sent me into a heart attack. There he was, at the top of the staircase waiting for me, an evil grin spread across his face. How could he have possibly beat me home? How did he get into my house without me knowing?

I could feel my heart flutter as adrenaline started to surge through my body, like a tsunami filling a kiddie pool. In an instant, I flung my body in the opposite direction to run away, but he was too fast for me — and I still had these damn wedges on. I have done nonprofit copywriting and sponsored content and four books. Some of my articles have 9 million views. These numbers are not always a reflection of the quality of the work itself, rather what is resonating with people at the time.

The internet has redefined how creatives work. The ability to weave flowery sentences together makes you a poet. The ability to communicate ideas clearly enough that a wide audience of people can understand them makes you a writer.

Writing is more like a sport than it is an art.

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It is mostly collaborative — any given piece usually passes through a number of people before it is published — and it is perfected by strategy, training and repetition, not blind talent. Creativity is not a well you tap dry, it is a mental muscle that strengthens with time. Four years ago, someone asked me how I would be able to keep up with the volume I was producing, how I would keep developing pitches and ideas.

If you are constantly trying too hard to be something you are not, you will burn out. Most people do not want to be professional writers.

dating articles thought catalog brianna

A lot of people ascribe a moral or artistic hierarchy to writing. That is a dumb way to think about it. Digital publications make money through ads and sponsorships. The more people that view a website, the more they can sell ad space or sponsored content for, like they do with commercials on TV.

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Because of how quickly news moves, it is much more common to find regular work writing stories daily, weekly or monthly. Websites that are backed by major publishing companies can usually afford to pay you a little better. To generate that large response, write what you need to read, and do it in a way that is approachable, simple and organized. Write what you need to read. The best thing I have learned throughout all of this is how truly alike we all are at our core.