Dating charvette guitars

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dating charvette guitars

Charvel is a brand of electric guitars founded in the s by Wayne Charvel in Azusa and . The Korean-made Charvette brand also came into being to service the entry-level. In the s, the Charvel CX series was imported as a lower. Join Date: Apr ; Posts: . Those Charvettes certainly look nice, and if the neck is usable, I would definately pick one up for a low price and canabalize it . . Best fretwork I've ever seen on a production model guitar. Just got a used Charvel Charvette. Was that just another model, or was it a bottom of the line guitar or what? Join Date: Dec ; Posts: 2.

When Asian companies began copying Charvel's parts and selling them at a discount, Charvel decided to begin building complete guitars.

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Charvel guitars were constructed from wood components outsourced to Boogie and Schecter bodies, and various Charvel and aftermarket hardware.

After purchasing the company, Grover Jackson tooled to produce guitar bodies, which he sold to Mighty Mite and Dimarzio. He used the proceeds to fund an expansion into making necks.

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The income from these sales provided the Charvel shop with additional tooling and experience that gave Jackson the footing required to grow the Charvel brand. Beginning in the late s, Charvel popularized custom revamps of the Fender Stratocaster design - often consisting of a Strat-shaped body with a single humbucking pickup and Fender style tremolo bridge systems. This modernized Stratocaster configuration commonly referred to as the superstrat was particularly well suited to the heavy metal style of music that was very popular at the time.

Charvel guitars became renowned for its use of creative graphics, unfinished maple necks, and various innovative appointments. They worked together to develop a guitar to complement the polka-dotted Flying V built for Rhoads by Karl Sandoval.

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The prototype was not angular enough for Rhoads, but the second design produced a shape that Randy referred to as the Concorde. Jackson worried that the radically styled neck-through guitar was too different from Charvel's familiar 'Superstrat' theme, so he labeled the instrument with his own name on the headstock in case the design proved unpopular. Contrary to Jackson's concerns, the visual impact of this guitar spawned the " Rhoads Model " that soon became iconic in the industry and inspired Jackson to found Jackson Guitars.

Charvel and Jackson guitars remained in production at the Gladstone Street shop in Glendora, California until Inthe manufacturing facilities moved to Ontario, Californiaand production of U.

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The success of Charvel in the s led to Jackson's planning to mass-produce popular configurations in Asia. Each California-produced Charvel guitar was essentially a hand built custom instrument—but the Japanese assembly line versions that appeared in were categorized into model numbers. This confused many consumers—as, without exception, all guitars with the "Ft. Worth" neck plate were made in Japan. Charvel offers several series of guitars, including both lower-priced Mexican made and boutique-priced American made instruments, and operates a full-service custom shop.

The Charvel Desolation series guitars all have an oiled neck and 24 frets. Different versions of Desolation guitars were available: Fort Worth, TXU. All the Charvel imports in the scope of this articleare made in Japan except the Charvette Series which is made in Korea. In all fairness it should be said, that the bolt-ons had a small MADE IN JAPAN sticker placed on the back of the neck at the heel not like in the picture to the right, where is has been moved to the neck plate.

This sticker told us the true origin, but it was easy to remove or would easily fall off. Neck plate on a Charvel Model 2 from Charvel import neck plates onwards Neck plate on a Charvel Deluxe from Worth PO stamp seemed to disappear from the neck plates, when the Model Series ended in and the other Charvel Series took over.

The picture to the right shows the neck plate from a late Charvel Deluxe and the stamp is gone. Some of them have the Ft. Worth stamp as shown in the picture.

dating charvette guitars

My personal notes indicate that the production started with the and models. They were initially made in Japan by Chushin Gakki, having basswood bodies, but soon the entire production of the Charvette Series was moved to Korea, introducing the use of plywood for the body. So there are most likely both basswood and plywood versions of the and models out there. Neck plate on a Charvette fromthe Ft.

dating charvette guitars

Worth stamp still there. Headstock Headstock cap A low number of the very first Charvel Model Series released, did not feature a painted headstock, which is most common on these guitars. Instead, they had a thin black cap glued onto the face of the headstock, the cap being similar to a black fiber board or piece of phenolic plastic. USA made Jackson guitars also used this cap around the same time, circa Here's a Jackson labeled cap removed from a headstock.