Dating chisinau pronunciation

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dating chisinau pronunciation

External links modified. A misspelling șş[edit]. Please change ş to ș more details here . The natural English pronounciation of Kishinev sounds more like the original name than the natural English By all means, mark it as dated, describe why Moldovians don't like it, explain the history involved, but don't deny the facts. Definition of Chişinău - the capital of Moldova; population (est. ). Pronunciation Sign up for our newsletter. Stay up to date with our latest news and receive new words updates, blog posts, and more. Sign up · Click here to see. You pronounce Chișinău “KISH-ee-now”. There are castles and fortresses dating back to medieval times, as well as historical monuments to.

Which country is close to Moldova?

dating chisinau pronunciation

Which country is to the west of Moldova? Romania borders Moldova to the west, and Ukraine is to the east.

dating chisinau pronunciation

What is the landmass of Moldova? How big is Moldova? Moldova is quite a small country, especially in comparison to its neighbours Ukraine and Romania. It has a landmass of What is the capital city of Moldova?

The Victory Arch is one of the symbols of Chisinau. General facts What is the currency of Moldova? The currency of Moldova is the leu singularor lei plural. The exchange office in the airport gives a fair exchange rate.

dating chisinau pronunciation

Is Moldova a country? Yes, Moldova is a country in eastern Europe. In addition, several hundred houses and many businesses were plundered and destroyed.

Mayor Schmidt disapproved of the incident and resigned later in The police opened fire on an estimated 3, demonstrating agricultural workers.

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Only a few months later, 19—20 Octobera further protest occurred, helping to force the hand of Nicholas II in bringing about the October Manifesto. However, these demonstrations suddenly turned into another anti-Jewish pogrom, resulting in 19 deaths. Between andthe center of the city undertook large renovation work. Romania granted important subsidies to its province and initiated large scale investment programs in the infrastructure of the main cities in Bessarabia, expanded the railroad infrastructure and started an extensive program to eradicate illiteracy.

Train of Pain - the monument to the victims of communist mass deportations in Moldova. State Art Museum, during the Cold War period.

On 10 Novembera devastating earthquake occurred. So, the term "Kishinev" is a Russian imposed nickname, which holds its own by inertia, and will die in due time. We can accelerate its death by sticking to the correct terminology "Chisinau" no matter what the historical baggage is.

You would not want others to claim the name of your country is what your former occupiers decided it must be. That said, I put back "Kishinev" in the category of Russian names. By this we do not negate history, or the fact that until recently "Kishinev" is what the name was thought to be, but simply state that we call our capital "Chisinau", this is our choice, and it has to be respected whatever its name was thought to be before.

The Kishinev page redirects to Chisinaualso, the name "Kishinev" clearly shows in the paratheses in the list of Russian names, so again, I want to make it clear, I am not playing the game "Let's pretend Kishinev never existed", I just put it in the place it rightfully deserves to be.

No foreigners will have any trouble whatsoever getting to this page, nor will they be confused by the fact that we, Moldovians, consider "Kishinev" the Russian name. So, by putting "Kishinev" in the parantheses, no harm is done, and no confusion is made.

dating chisinau pronunciation

This is the right way to have things, and "backward compatibility" with the Russian name is preserved. What Moldovians call their capital has no direct influence on what its English name is. Since this Wikipedia is in English, the name used by English speakers and writers should be used.

Names of places travel through languages and change or don't change on the way. Whether Kishinev is an "Russian imposed nickname" or just the Russian name for the city, the English writers historically gained most of the information about Moldova through Russian sources and adopted the name they used, or rather the spelling they used.

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Which brings me to another important point: So, for whatever historical reasons, a sizable proportion of English writers continue to use the spelling Kishinev, and obviously even some Moldavians think that Kishinev is the correct spelling in English. And since Wikipedia is not a usage guidei. By all means, mark it as dated, describe why Moldovians don't like it, explain the history involved, but don't deny the facts. First, the Britannica thing implies Chisinau is the correct present name.

Second, I did look at the Gdansk talk page. Yes, there are many arguments.

22+ things you wanted to know about Moldova

But the outcome was that Gdansk is considered the name of the city, and Danzik the German version. Third, I have a National Geographic world map, issued very recently, and the name there figures as Chisinau.

All these point to one thing. Chisinau is the name of the city. Kishinev is still lingering around, but this is not the name used nowadays. This is maybe what you are used to, and feel free to use it, other people are using it too, but this does not change the actual present officially accepted name of the city. I hope you will not also say that the name of my country is Moldavia instead of Moldova, just because this is how it used to be known during Russian times.

Looking forward to your views on these things. They are simply noting that rather than just being "the Russian name", it used to be the most common name for the city in English, and it is still used sometimes. If someone travelled to the city just recently, they will say "I remember when I was in Chisinau So, nobody is arguing that the primary name of Chisinau is "Kishinev", but rather that it is a valid secondary name in English which is still used by many people, and was perhaps a decade ago the most common English name for the city.

I am Russian the bad guy: Each city has a History of English usage and the national feelings are different in each case. Let's respect each others' national feelings, then we don't have to rename a lot. Moldova, being not a major country, managed not only to rename its capital but the name of its country as well!

dating chisinau pronunciation

Perhaps renaming or de-anglicising country names is not a priority yet. I am not sarcastic, I am serious. Let's just start this discussion and see which obstacles we have to overcome.


By the way, today I started a discussion on de-anglicisation of Moscow to Moskva. Additionally you appear to be a master of Obfuscationas I didn't get what exactly you are suggesting.

In the case if this city, it appears to be Chisinau. Reviving old discussions is not prohibited, in my opinion. I expressed my personal opinion, popularity may change, the changes with other names were caused by native speakers first, who opposed the anglicization of their geographical names. Not surprised - most abuse you get from your former country people. The Moscow-Germany thing - the popularity of those names was meant there. They are far more popular than their native names, and thus it is unlikely that it will be possible to change those names the way relatively unknown countries like Moldova managed recently.

Apa lui minerala avea capacitati de vindecare, lecuire. Its mineral water had healing power. So I guessed more or less right Sattila recently made some pretty major edits to this without citations. I've done what I can to beat this back into shape, but could really use some help with citation and sorting it out.

Some of what Sattila added is close to, but doesn't quite match the information at http: I know because I am a Hungarian from Romania, and I speak quite well both languages. If it is Romanian "Eugen", the English equivalent is "Eugene". I found out later about Orhei. Yours Attila I have no particular subject-matter expertise here; I'll just keep attempting to edit for style, etc.

Or is it not? I've never been there.