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The System: The Dating Dictionary by Doc Love

dating dictionary review

If you find yourself on the single side this year, here are all the new dating terms you need to keep up with. Askmen's Doc loves The System: The Dating Dictionary reviews by real consumers and expert editors. See the good and bad of Doc Love's. Filed under: doc love,doc love dating dictionary,doc love dating dictionary review, doc love review,doc love system,doc love system dating.

Her eyes no longer light up the way they used to. She does flake out and break dates every now and then; and no longer considers it a big deal.

dating dictionary review

She no longer laughs heartily at your corny jokes. The same woman laughed her wits out at the same joke you cracked a few months ago…. She puts you down, criticises you and disrespects you every now and then. She also withholds sex from you and often makes excuses to avoid sex. She no longer apologises for her mistakes. Instead she frequently nags you, argues with you for no reason, and very often seems moody. But women also have a nesting tendency, so they are likely to stick around longer.

Just ask some friend of yours that went through a nasty divorce! I can bet that he would have had some or all of the following happen to him: She got custody of the kids, while he got only fortnightly visitation rights.

He was forced to pay alimony to his ex-wife with threat of jail time for failing to comply even if she had cheated on him. He was forced to pay child support for kids that are not even his! Just in case you are wondering, yes the government, the courts and the media routinely discriminate against men!

Doc love's The System: The Dating Dictionary Reviews

Whenever something happens between a man and a woman, the man is invariably considered to be guilty until proven innocent. On the other hand, if a woman does the same thing she is considered to be a victim unless proven otherwise.

If you want more proof of the cultural war against men, just turn on the television and you can easily find programmes that stereotype men either as violent abusers; or as good-for-nothing buffoons that cannot even take care of themselves…. There are also plenty of wimped out girlie men in the media that openly indulge in this form of bad-mouthing against their own fellow men …. Enough of my ranting….

The System The Dating Dictionary

And very seldom are they even held accountable for it! I know this scares you, and perhaps it should! It has happened to these other guys!

dating dictionary review

So, if you want to be shielded from such disastrous consequences, you most definitely need to be equipped with superior knowledge. What do you need to do to accomplish this?

Breadcrumbing, orbiting and more: Update your dating dictionary with these new-age terms

If not, you are better off getting rid of her and finding someone else. And you need to practise all of them together. For this you need to practise the velvet traits: But it's doubtful many beholders will consider her beautiful.

dating dictionary review

On the UK High Street it's a completely different story. Cancel a date with this girl and you'll come home to find your car has been keyed and all the sleeves have been cut off your shirts. She's got views on everything and she's not afraid to ram them forcefully down your throat. If a woman is selling her personality, then her face looks good in a paper bag.

Welcome to a world of slamming doors, smashed crockery and huffy silences. A sexless, lumpless and bumpless Tomboy. There's more chance of winning the Lottery on a double rollover week than there is of being a woman over 35 and getting a date on the internet. It doesn't matter if the guy is 60, he'll still confine his searches to '35 and under', so any woman's age should be taken as a ball park figure.

Working her way through the internet site and it's your turn. Shallower than a mouse's foot bath. High School Musical is her idea of high brow. Likes to start the day with a couple of Bacardi Breezers.

Happy Hour is her favourite time of day. You want to paint the town red and she'll want you to paint her living room beige. Brace yourself for a world of cup-a-soups and novelty toilet roll holders.