Dating evinrude outboards

What is the new technology used on Evinrude E-TEC outboards? Do I need a battery to run a rope start Evinrude E-TEC outboard? No. . Date of Manufacture. Mar 4, Ole Evinrude did not invent the outboard motor nor was he the first to produce one. Versions of portable propulsion systems, both gasoline and. MODEL NUMBER DESIGNATION - OUTBOARDS. 3. Model Years E 70 P L 4 EE A. STYLE: J = Johnson. E = Evinrude. HORSEPOWER. LENGTH.

What about the rest of it? There has to be more than just a new fuel injector and engine block, right? As stated earlier, there are improvements too. Additionally, our Engineering Team has incorporated diagnostic LED's into the housing, allowing basic troubleshooting to be performed without diagnostic software.

What have you done to make the engine so quiet? Our Engineers designed a new air intake system for these engines. The intake system serves to quiet engine noise.

dating evinrude outboards

An idle air by-pass tube supplies air to the crankcase at low rpm. There are no holes machined into the throttle plates, therefore no whistle sound at idle. Innovative baffling in the air silencer box cancels resonant noises.

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Unlike other manufacturers' outboards, there's no distinctive "pucka-pucka-pucka" sound of an air compressor, or any belt whine, or any cam chain noise - we don't use them. How much do the E-TEC outboards weigh? The through models are available in a 20 inch shaft version which weighs pounds, a 25 inch shaft version which weighs pounds and a 30 inch shaft version which weighs pounds.

What about battery charging? On 40 through 90 models, the system will supply 3 to 5 amps at idle speed and can provide up to 25 amps at higher rpm. On the V6 models, the system provides 10 amps at idle and up to 50 amps at higher rpm. A battery is not required to run the rope start models. However, if you have electrical accessories you want to operate and would like to take advantage of the charging system, the capability is already there. In the event of a battery failure with an electric start model, the engine can be rope started and run without the battery.

Earlier I read this engine uses an electric fuel pump. It also has an EMM, which is basically a computer. How is such an electrically dependant motor able to start and run without a battery?

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Simply put, just like any rope start motor, it generates its own electricity. To make a comparison, lets discuss the electrical system of a carbureted 25 horsepower 2-stroke for a moment. The basic system design has been around for over 25 years.

Underneath its flywheel is a single charge coil, which produces the voltage to operate the ignition system. There's also a very small stator to provide electrical power for AC Lighting or optional battery charging and, there's a sensor coil which provides the ignition timing. Since Evinrude E-TEC doesn't need a charge coil or a sensor coil because these functions are controlled by the EMMa full-diameter stator which uses more windings compared to the 25 model above, is employed.

Powerful rare earth magnets are used on the flywheel and, by adapting our patented switching stator technology, the stator is able to generate more current at lower rpm. The voltage required to turn on and "boot up" the EMM is delivered in a few milli-seconds.

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By integrating pulse width modulation technology which has been used on electric trolling motors for decadeswe are able to power up the electric fuel pump and not put an excessive demand on the electrical system while starting the motor. The EMM and fuel pump power up take place in the first third of a revolution of the flywheel.

dating evinrude outboards

The EMM then determines crankshaft position via a sensor which "reads" the flywheel encoder vanes - all of this occurs within the first complete flywheel revolution. This leaves plenty of rope to pull and provides ample voltage to subsequently fire the injectors and ignition and get the engine running. We offer a multitude of different props in both aluminum and stainless steel. The stainless prop line includes the 3-blade SST 2 paintedthe 3-blade Viper polishedthe hi-performance Raker polished and the 4-blade Cyclone polished and Renegade Bass polished.

I read elsewhere on your web site Evinrude E-TEC engines can run up to 50 hours without needing to add oil to the reservoir. How do you define that 50 hour run period?

This is based on ICOMIA studies which have found the average recreational user runs their engine 50 hours per year and, for each hour of run time, they run their engine: How does the Auto-Winterization feature work?

dating evinrude outboards

When the Auto-Winterization feature is activated, the EMM rapidly cycles the oil injector to "fogs" the engine. When the winterize cycle is complete about 1 minuteit will automatically shut the engine off. Once the engine has turned off, turn off the key switch if equippedremove the engine from the water or from the flushing device and allow the water to drain from the engine.

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The only additional item we recommend is to remove the propeller and inspect the propshaft and seal to ensure there is no fishing line wrapped around it. The following is generally true: High performance usage racing requires a ratio of New engine break-in not DI requires I live in an area where they only sell oxygenated fuels. Will this hurt my motor? Oxygenated fuels should not hurt motors. What grade of fuel should I use in my motor?

Current recommendations are to use a minimum of 87 octane, 89 octane is preferred. There is no additional benefit from using higher-octane fuels, in fact they may cause hard starting conditions in hot weather. If you have an older motor and the owner's manual requires premium fuel, here's why: When these were built, the best oil available was TCW-2 rated, and did not contain the additive package detergents, carbon preservatives, etc.

In that era, premium fuel contained the additive package that helped prevent the formation of internal engine deposits. That's why premium fuels were preferred at the time. Ultimately, in the late 90's the federal government mandated fuel refiners to use the same additive package in all grades of fuel and the premium fuel requirement was dropped. OMC Cobra's must use straight 30W oils. You cannot use multi-viscosity oil. The additives that are put in multi-viscosity oils cause the oil to break down too fast.

This will cause the oil to lose its lubricity characteristics. Remember, a stern drive engine application is much different than a car or truck - the stern drive engine normally sustains a higher running rpm for a longer period of time than a car or truck most cars or trucks cruise rpm's or less, where a stern drive will run rpm or more.

Using a synthetic oil is acceptable if a straight 30W cannot be found. The powerhead fastened to an oval plate inside the canoe with a gearcase bolted underneath. Over the years, the one-cylinder outboard powered a number of different items. The propeller could be removed and a pulley installed in its place.

A V-belt from the pulley could be attached to something like a table-saw or a washing machine as very few rural areas had electricity.

dating evinrude outboards

One version featured the outboard motor attached to a pump mounted below the engine. Operating these early engines required a bit of skill and finesse. They used a After assembling the motor and clamping it to the transom the operator placed a dry-cell battery and coil box into the boat then connected three wires to the engine.

Because the motor was continually in-gear, the boat had to be pushed off and pointed away from the shore before starting up. First the fuel shut-off valve was opened, the mixture needle set, and the spark-advance lever positioned correctly. A valve beneath the carburetor was pressed until gasoline dribbled overboard.

The instruction book stated: This will fire the charge and the motor will operate. If it should not fire, then try again, but not over 20 times, instead look for a faulty adjustment.

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