Dating game esl activity

dating game esl activity

One strategy that can facilitate oral communication and inject authentic language situations into a classroom is role-playing activities. A dating game where men and women try to find the partner of their dreams. Dating Game. 1. your class. Want to Tell People About This Listening Activity?. Dating game. Average: (38 votes). Submitted 16 years 6 months ago by admin. This is a great activity for getting students talking. I have used it.

The groups must identify the superheroes and their special powers.

Love Activities for the ESL Classroom that will Melt Your Students' Hearts

The teams tape their cards to the board and brainstorm two more superheroes. Bring the groups together. Each team will make a brief report to their classmates.

dating game esl activity

They cannot use any of the characters on the board. Select student volunteers to read the items on the profile card.

The superhero speed dating game: Using role-playing to spark authentic communication

Review difficult vocabulary e. If a female student selects a MALE card, she must create a male character. Give the students a profile card template see Appendix C.

dating game esl activity

The learners have 20 minutes to complete their profile cards. They must also sketch a picture of their superhero after the information on the profile card is completed.

dating game esl activity

This will help the students remember their dates and select a partner when the activity is finished. Explain the rules of the game. Each date is three minutes. Remind them that they are the superheroes i.

Speed Dating Game - ESL Activity

The participants shake hands, introduce themselves, ask and answer questions. The male superheroes stand up and go to their next date. The females remain seated.

Before the activity commences, the instructor will model a speed date with a student volunteer. Emphasize that this is a communicative role-play activity and NOT a reading exercise. The learners get back into their original group and make a report that highlights the best match for their character. Then you can ask each group to list some people or items that a person may love in that specific way. You can also ask the groups to write some example sentences for each definition of love.

As an extension activity, you may want to ask each student to write about someone or something that he or she loves in one of those ways.

dating game esl activity

In a paragraph, your students should explain how they love that person or thing and how that love is different from the other types of love. There are some musical groups, though, that are most popular all over the world. Their songs have been popular for decades, and your students have probably heard some or most of their most popular tunes. Give your students a test of their musical knowledge as well as their language skills by creating a cloze activity with lyrics from some of the Beatles most famous love songs.

To prepare the exercise, cut and paste the lyrics to a song into another document and replace every fifth word with a blank and see how many blanks your students can fill in without listening to the song. Then, play the song and let them check their answers and fill in the ones that they missed. This type of exercise tests general grammatical knowledge, but using song lyrics will also test understanding of rhyme and rhythm.

Give your students a chance to finish this classic love poem on a Valentine for someone they know. Tell your students that they can finish the poem any way they like as long as the meter and rhyme are completed correctly.

Of the two lines that they will write, the first should contain four syllables and does not need to rhyme with any of the other lines. The second line that they write should also have four syllables, but it should rhyme with the second line. Have your students create an illustration to go with their short poem and post them around the room. The class will enjoy seeing how many different ways the simple poem can be finished! With these activities on love, your students can learn more about the word and more about how people can love one another, no candy or flowers required!