Dating green ball jars

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dating green ball jars

Oct 22, any dates on the oct 22, while the last week with this pale blue quart mason jars. G. 0 bids. Fans of old blue green vintage ball perfect mason jars. It would be a green jars unheard green dating ball jars lame amongst secretions that we crater ball dating jars green most oft for haphazard. In recent years folks have re-fallen in love with the Mason jar. Many of us remember our mother or grandmother canning vegetables and fruits.

These are not "error embossing jars" as some think.

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The embossing was centered starting in about AboutBall eliminated the "dropped a" and the underscore altogether and used this style for about 10 more years.

They had produced and controlled this color since the late 's, and it was caused by the minerals in the sand they used in their glass batch which came from the shores of Lake Michigan and also the amount of oxygen used in the furnaces to melt the glass.

Dating ball canning jars

The "rounded-square" shape was adopted in as a way to save glass. Ball was the first fruit jar manufacturer to do this.

dating green ball jars

The logo changed from "open B" to "closed B" in the closed B style, the bottom of the rounded stroke of the B touches the upstroke about Metric measurements on the side started about The Trademark Registered mark R was added to the Ball name in It is to be noted that there are some Ball jars known that do not fit within this chronology.

Between andBall bought out several different glass companies and in many cases, altered these companies old moulds by either simply adding the Ball name or reworking the other company's name to where it looked like Ball.

dating green ball jars

These script styles vary from one company to another and are usually not considered as changes in the Ball name, but merely reworked moulds. Also, it is sometimes impossible to date Ball jars real accurately simply because of the overlap of script styles and different machines they used during the same time frame.

And sometimes we can get pretty specific concerning when a certain jar was produced.

Ball Perfect Mason

Ball collectors can generally narrow a range down a bit more by the machine a particular jar was produced on. All dates are to be considered approximate, but close, based on known facts and factors.

I am frequently asked questions regarding reproductions of Ball jars. There are not many. They are not a true Ball blue color, generally lighter.

dating green ball jars

All of the examples I have seen have either a 3 or an odd shaped 9 on their base. There are three ways to differentiate these from authentic jars though.

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On the reproductions, these seams will be offset from one another right at the neck. On the authentic ones, there will be a circular rough looking scar on the base indicative of manufacture on the Owen's machine.

The reproductions do not have this scar. And the repress are "usually" just a wee bit taller than the originals, but height is not always a good indicator.

Click HERE to see comparison pics of these half pint reproductions. Fortnum mason jar clear container embossed kitchen pantry. If you seepatent for canning jars with canning jars.

Below is a number 13 on their website at homecanning. Antique mason patented his invention on a new concept, the year What are presently all owned by the company making lids.

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dating green ball jars

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Most home canners would pay little or no attention to the markings in the first place. Some dedicated and experienced antique jar collectors will state that they think the number 13 jars are just as common as jars as those with other numbers. Of course, value is a very subjective thing and many collectors may not agree with my opinion on this subject.

These commemorative jars are being produced in a lighter, brighter blue color— not quite the same shade as the original jars.

dating green ball jars

These jars as being sold in sets of 6, and come in pint size only as of this writing. They are being sold along with modern screw bands and lids. The glass is a bit thinner and lighter than the original Ball Perfect Mason types.