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dating guru review

Editorial Reviews. About the Author. James Preece is the UK's top Dating Coach and Dating Expert. The name Hitch makes you think of that Will Smith movie, but is it as good? We tested it out and have compared it to other dating app sites. From failed real estate agent to expert on dating - it's been a wild ride for Matthew Hussey.

dating guru review

Unfortunately during our test we struggled to find active conversations to join and participate in, or active Australian users. Is Hitch app free? Hitch has very limited functionality available to free users. Upgraded users who pay for either coin tokens or a membership get access to all functionality including being able to contact other members. Usability Does Hitch app post to Facebook? Like most apps, Hitch connects to your Facebook profile to understand your background, dating preferences and your interests.

dating guru review

It will import your profile pics from Facebook as well, but it does not post back to Facebook on your profile or newsfeed, nor appear to your Facebook friends. Security Is Hitch app safe? Hitch app is a less well known dating app and as we have indicated that there may be fake user profiles on the app, we would recommend acting cautiously. Is Hitch app a scam?

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We did not experience anything that appeared to be a scam during our test, however we did view many profiles with incomplete information, which can sometimes be a sign of fake profiles. You did not find your question?

dating guru review

What to look out for when finding a suitable dating Guru The right one will stand out easily for you. The particular expert you are looking at will have a lot of rave reviews about him or her. The right guru will be able to help you through these issues quickly and with total ease.

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Seek out dating guru reviews on places such as a search engine like Google, or on video websites such as Youtube. You might ant to narrow your search down to the top 10 dating gurus.

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The top Guru will quickly stand out for you Seek only the best! Look out for genuine interviews with dating Gurus.

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A professional relationship Guru will often have already worked the streets for several years, honing their skills, refining and tweaking them as they go along. At this stage they gain more and more attention for what they do and ultimately achieve a Guru status.

What to expect from a suitable dating Guru You will receive a copious amount of one to one based field work as well as online dating interviews.