Dating guy with same birthday quotes

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dating guy with same birthday quotes

Nov 22, I know 3 couples of same birth date and they have been the happiest weirdos I know. Aries couple who .. I was in a car crash with someone with same birthday many years ago. We had both . Greetings David! I am married. Jun 7, Is this answer still relevant and up to date? Related Questions (More Answers Below). What are the best words to say in someone's birthday? 5, Views. Apr 19, I'm just curious if anyone has dated someone with the same birthday as them? Lilmisus's Avatar. Join Date: Feb Posts: Quote.

Each subsequent person compares with one less. In total, it means that just 23 people can provide chances to match birthdays, giving a chance there will be a match.

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Conversely, with just two people the chances of them sharing a birthday is With three people, the odds decrease just barely to But at 15 people, it's down to Among 23 people there are potential pairings, says an article in the Washington Post.

By the time you reach 60 people, it's odds on you will find a birthday match. One famously serendipitous story occurred in when American children's book author Anne Parrish was browsing the used bookshops along the Seine in Paris when she came across a copy of one of her favourite books, 'Jack Frost and Other Stories,' by Helen Wood.

She bought the book and showed it to her husband, who handed it back a few moments later, pointing out the inscription inside, which read: As incredible as this coincidence sounds, Mazur put the odds at 3, to 1 - or 'slightly better than the odds of being dealt a poker hand of four of a kind. The famous illustration of probability is the infinite monkeys theorum, which ties together random events to make something meaningful by chance.

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In states that an infinite number of monkeys writing for an infinite amount of time could produce the entire works of Shakespeare Mazur also investigates how the actor Anthony Hopkins would find a copy of the author's own book - marked in his hand - of the film he was working on at the time, 'The Girl From Petrovka' by George Feifer, on a bench in the London Underground in We exchanged sweet nothings almost every day.

Not a day passed that we did not see each other. One afternoon, when he was visiting me at home, my mother told him I was not around. I was at the church because it was my birthday. He then revealed to my mother that it was also his birthday.

dating guy with same birthday quotes

On the day he graduated from high school, I was there to congratulate him and pin his corsage. I had stopped running away from him and accepted his love. Ours became a distant relationship because I pursued my college education in Manila and his in Cebu. Letters and telegrams were our only means of communication.

Until one night, as I was doing the household chores, I heard a knock on the door.

dating guy with same birthday quotes

He was there with his older cousin who helped him look for our place. I was not prepared to see him. It was the start of our renewed relationship. We saw each other more frequently.

dating guy with same birthday quotes

One day I told him we could not go on with the relationship because my priority was my siblings. After I finish my studies and find work I would be sending my brothers and sisters to college.

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He knew of my situation but he patiently persevered. When he found work and I had mine, he proposed for us to marry in a civil ceremony. I forgot all my plans for my siblings and went with his.

dating guy with same birthday quotes

We got married, had two kids and lived simple lives. Indeed, as they say, marriage is not a bed of roses. Many times we fought especially when financial problems arose. There were hurt feelings along the way, especially when mistrust was too much to bear. Fighting and shouting were the main course on the dining table. When the tears began to form, so did a feeling of deep regret on the marriage. But there were also times when love abounded at home, when the friendship came back and sweet nothings were said and felt.

Twice I ran away from home, bringing my children with me, but taking care of two small kids alone would not be an easy task.