Dating hazel atlas jars

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dating hazel atlas jars

Hazel Glass Company aka Hazel Atlas Corporation was formed in by two new company by Hazel Glass to meet its fruit jar production needs, Atlas Glass. postcard image of the Hazel-Atlas Glass Co. plant in Clarksburg, West . [1] . NOTES ON DATING A HAZEL-ATLAS BOTTLE OR JAR*. The Hazel-Atlas Glass Company was a large producer of machine-molded glass containers "Atlas" was the name brand of their most popular line of fruit jars for home canning. Hazel-Atlas, at that time the third largest producer of glass.

The E-Z Seal is a lightening jar, a design which has a distinctive glass bubble lid or stopper clamped to the jar with a wire bail.

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Check for mold seams. Early Atlas jars may show a seam below the lip. The absence of a mold seam on the lip indicates the jar was finished by hand. Workers would have hand-tooled the lip into shape after the lower part of the jar was blown into the mold.

Hazel-Atlas Glass Company (1902-1964)

Jars made after about were completely machine-made and show mold seams across the top and down the sides. Run your fingers over the glass carefully to check for nicks and chips. Inspect the glass in good light to find scratches, cracks or fractures. Earlier may have distortions in the glass. Later machine-made examples are more uniform. Skip jars marked Atlas Mason which are likely produced by a new Atlas company and not of value to collectors.

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Many reproduction companies list the same date or model number on jars that have been produced over several decades. Vivid or unusual colors, bright wire on the bails, oddly wrapped wire and a greasy feel to the glass are all indicators of recently made or reproduction jars.

With competition from Libbey Glass mounting and because of the development of a patented piece of equipment that increased glass production automation, a 3rd company was formed called Republic Glass Company.

The new company made pressed tumblers utilizing a newly developed automatic press. This and other presses were developed.

dating hazel atlas jars

This company later became part of the Hazel-Atlas Corporation. To replace cork caps which were expensive and allow for wider openings in container designs, a third brother opened Wheeling Metal Plant to produce zinc caps for mason jars.

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The newly expanded corporation broadened its production to include economical tableware opening a plant in Clarksburg, WV to produce homewares earning itself the name The World's Largest Tumbler Factory. The depression years and prohibition late ss brought financial stress on many glass companies but Hazel Atlas actually did well with many orders.

They even experienced some growth because of innovation, diversification and the acquisition of other glass plants and expanded quickly. During the s, Hazel-Atlas became well known for their mold-etched, machine-made depression glass patterns. Thin-blown glassware was produced in their two Zanesville, OH factories.

dating hazel atlas jars