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Swiss startup Blinq has come up with a new twist on the dating app. Thus far Blinq has mostly rolled out the Bluetooth iBeacons in Zurich. A startup called Mingleton is introducing a new mobile dating application that uses iBeacon technology to help you connect only with people. Apple subtly introduced iBeacon as part of iOS 7 at WWDC , though it mentioned the feature only in a single keynote slide and didn't go.

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dating ibeacon logo

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dating ibeacon logo

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dating ibeacon logo

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Estimote, Inc. — indoor location with bluetooth beacons and mesh

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Why No One is Using iBeacons

Accordingly, Licensee agrees that Apple will have the right to obtain immediate injunctive relief to enforce obligations under this Use License without requirement of a bond in addition to any other rights and remedies it may have.

This significantly reduces the size of your audience. Brands need to present a compelling reason for consumers to trade privacy for access to their proximity marketing campaigns. This points to the need to be relevant and valuable to the consumer above all.

Beacons transmit a location, enabling apps to retrieve and surface location-relevant content. You need to have app adoption and a mobile messaging plan tied to location use cases for the technology to be effective.

While the individual cost of beacons is low, there is effort required in planning, deployment and testing. Store environments vary and Bluetooth can be impacted by building materialsrules need to be sorted out related to automated messaging.

How are you maintaining and securing your beacons? Should You Use Beacon Technology? It comes down to brand and user goals, and the level of effort to implement versus potential insight or returns.

What is The Value to Your Brand? A pilot program might be a good place to start. This is often a more difficult question to answer.