Dating mark zuckerberg the rules

dating mark zuckerberg the rules

The social networking king Mark Zuckerberg etched a name for himself with Soon, these two students at Harvard, started dating each other. In their courtship days, it was reported that she had laid out strict rules for Mark. Mark Zuckerberg just announced that he and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are " rather go on a date with [her] than finish his take-home midterm," Chan told with Facebook, Chan set some strict ground rules for their relationship. Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan reveal their top tips for working They' ve also made some helpful rules, "like not talking about work right before bed," Zuckerberg didn't get kicked out, and the two started dating.

Though Zuckerberg is a workaholic, Chan is a smart woman who knows well how to maintain a strong relationship. When Chan was only 13 years old, she has determined to get into Harvard University. Life was harder than she can expect, but she was taught to become a wise woman.

dating mark zuckerberg the rules

Chan's father is Chinese and her mother is Vietnamese. The whole family lived in Vietnam over a period of time and then move into the United States as refugees.

The Love Story of Mark Zuckerberg and His Wife - AmoLink

For their efforts were to make a better life and educations for their children. However, the parents had such few times to take care of children that they have to leave the oldest daughter, Chan, to raise by her grandma.

dating mark zuckerberg the rules

She helped Chan to establish correct planning for life, and teach her to be self-reliance, confident and independent.

Once she asked her tennis teacher about how to attend Harvard University after graduation. The teacher suggested Chan to attend the tennis team, because Harvard requires the students to be fully developed from all aspects, include sports activities.

Chan joined and tried very hard to be admitted. And just like how she promised, she was finally admitted by Harvard University. God bless this independent and diligent girl, who could stand by Mark and create great fortunes. She did not choose to stay working in Facebook, instead, she worked at FASE and at the Harker School teaching because she loves children.

dating mark zuckerberg the rules

Yes, collage relationships can last. The couple, who have been dating for nine years since collage, tied the knot in The wedding was reportedly a surprise to the guests, who were told they were going to celebrate Chan's graduation from medical school. No one ever expected that this couple would get married the day after Facebook floated on the stock. And Zuckerberg finally donned a suit rather than his trademark hoodie.

dating mark zuckerberg the rules

In addition, he designed the ring himself and presented it to Chan not until their wedding. They are both actively involved in public welfare and charity events.

Zuckerberg and Chan always keep things as simple as possible. While Priscilla Chan might be known for her bold philanthropic efforts and grand gestures, she and Zuckerberg share the same goal and became major donors. Up till now, they have given hundreds of millions to support education. This decision is mostly supposed by Chan, she is very kindhearted. At Facebook, he created a "growth team. They have rigorous metrics they use to determine their success.

The Love Story of Mark Zuckerberg and His Wife

At home, Zuckerberg relies on his wife, Priscilla Chan, to keep him grounded. When they started dating, she reportedly insisted that they have a minimum of minutes of alone time each week and a regular weekly date night.

Recently, Zuckerberg strengthened his commitment to Community by releasing a mostly philosophical manifestoexplaining his desires for the future of Facebook -- and the world. His own words show how much he believes in the power that people can bring to one another.

So, what can the everyday entrepreneur learn from Zuckerberg's example? Team up Just like Zuckerberg found, we're better together.

dating mark zuckerberg the rules

One person by his- or herself cannot a world-changing company make. In his manifesto, Zuckerberg laments the lack of community organizations. His growth team is brainstorming ideas and improving on existing ones daily. For help meeting new people, check out Meetup. Date night There is plenty of research to support that having regular date nights whether with a romantic partner or with friends is beneficial to managing stress and maintaining work-life balance.

If CEO and father Mark Zuckerberg manages to find the time even during his busiest days at Facebook, you should see how important this truly is.