Dating my boos block

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dating my boos block

I want to get a couple of nice boards to upgrade from my kitchen I got a no name end grain cutting board for my now husband for a present shortly after we started dating in But I brought my Boos Block cutting board. All true butcher block style BOOS BLOCKS® are date stamped. If you run across a block at an auction or an estate sale, and wonder how old it is, take a look. The success and renown of its Wood Welded® butcher block is due in part to its continuous operation, by one family, for over years. End-grain laminated.

How Old Is Your BOOS BLOCK®?

It was a pure form of craftsmanship. Butcher blocks are the same kind of craftsmanship.

Boos Blocks - The Tradition of Quality, Craftsmanship, and Design by John Boos & Co.

Consider their construction; they are all made of long pieces of end grain hard maple, and the tolerances in assembly are exacting. The joinery has to be perfect. Some are even put together with tongue and groove joinery, some with a double dovetail yes those dovetails go all the way thru the block.

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Then they were then bored on the sides all the way through the block and threaded rods behind wood plugs or metal escutcheons hold the block together. There were also some niche makers in Cincinnati and Cleveland. And they all competed on a quality of material and construction basis, so you had to turn out a pretty good product just to survive in that business. These manufacturers also sold their blocks by grade. Generally the thicker the block, the better the grade, and the more coveted the block.

Some of these blocks even have a date stamp on the bottom of the block. These are original butcher blocks and came out of slaughter houses, meat markets, and general stores, Their tops are rarely perfect but still full of charm. On the bigger blocks, you can see as many as four valleys where each butcher had a corner to work. After a few short years they sold the business to Frank and Fred Bauerle, who ran it until the turn of the century. Then two Chicago businessmen with ties to the meat cutting industry, Charles H.

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Broman and Frederick J. Schmitt, recognized the problems inherent in the standard meat cutting block of the day, a log section of southern sycamore. Not only did sycamore split as it dried, but the size of the cutting surface was limited by the size of the log.

Schmitt and Broman determined that laminated hardwood is the answer to a better meat cutting surface. Broman bought out the Bauerle brothers to begin manufacturing, while Schmitt traveled the country as the national sales representative.

dating my boos block

The new company, known as The Petoskey Block and Manufacturing Company, invested in timberlands and purchased cut lumber from local sawmills. He refined the appearance of the butcher block, making many design improvements.

dating my boos block

The original Michigan Maple Block craftsmen, circa The butcher block business grew steadily and by Michigan Maple Block was producing butcher blocks, reversible blocks, bench tops, cutting benches, mallet and die blocks and custom cutting boards. Custom blocks were produced for shoe factories, glove factories, envelope factories and shirt factories.

dating my boos block

Specialty boards were constructed for leather harness factories and cigar makers were using Michigan Maple Block butcher block for cutting boards. The plant covered 25, square feet of floor space.

The circulating air dry kilns could handle 15, board feet of lumber each. We have on hand several million feet of seasoned maple all the time.

History - John Boos & Co.

Inthe company started producing butcher block and inMichigan Maple Block purchased the Bally Block Company. Their combined strengths and distribution networks would now serve Eastern and Western Markets, making them the largest butcher block company in the United States. With such a functional product, even the Great Depression did not stop the output of butcher block products. The characteristics of laminated maple butcher block created unusual demands for its use.

Maple is resilient, durable and does not conduct electricity.

dating my boos block

They are thought to be the largest laminated blocks ever fabricated in the United States. Wood Gets Greener Improved and more modern technologies have resulted in significant changes in methods of fabrication.

Inthe old WHS class Whitcomb gas locomotive, which had hauled loaded flat cars of logs from the railroad to the mills and later, cut timber to stock piles, was replaced by a 25, pound capacity fork lift truck. The original dry kilns have been replaced with new electronically monitored forced draft kilns, capable of handlingfeet of lumber at a time.

Techniques that enhance production and reduce overhead are instituted regularly.