Dating poly tone amps company

ᐅᐅ Dating polytone amps

dating poly tone amps company

Join Date: Apr 4) where is a service department of the brand "POLYTONE " here in Germany? Clean Polytone Mini Teeny Brute Guitar Upright Bass Amplifier 10? of which Eminence is the "heir", Mr Bob Gault used to make speakers at CTS and when the Company was in financial trouble. Join Date: Apr ; Location: USA; Posts: 5, . People complain about the newer Polytone amps not having the soul of the older ones. What they are actually complaining about is Gumina and company switching over to. I've come into a polytone (and no, i didn't break my new years when I told him I' m buying it from him to use as an archtop guitar amp.

Because we like you. And because a t-o-n-e is just a terrible thing to waste. But cosmetics notwithstanding, this is fundamentally a new design, a single inch combo sporting a pair of matched 6L6 Groove Tubes and putting out a sturdy 50 watts. At a volume of around two to three, I had more than enough gain from my Gibson L-4 to cut through bass and drums, while maintaining a nice warm tone and a smooth, percussive attack.

Still, the Super Jet is only 35 pounds, with a vintage jazz tube tone that is warmly detailed, engaging and not overly bright. Did I say thick and creamy? From the folks who brought you that parfait of multiple gain stages, the little amp that could-the Mesa Boogie-comes the more straightforward, classically-voiced Mesa Blue Angel.

Classic as in loads of vintage tone with a lush, elegantly articulated midrange. This purely class A, dual-rectifier design is a veritable soda fountain of sweet, creamy aural confections.

Designer Randall Smith takes two sets of output tubes, a full-bodied pair of 6V6 as featured in lower-powered Fender designs such as the Princeton and Deluxe and a quartet of sparkly EL84 that idiomatic Vox AC30 sound and allows you to run them separately or together, through a common output transformer-a patented mode of operation he refers to as Progressive Linkage.

In this circuit, the 6V6 put out 15 watts of warm power, but when pushed really hard they kind of growl and get indistinct; with their clear open mid-range and crystalline presence, the EL84 put out close to 30 watts, but they can grow thin and start snarling when driven to their limits.

Progressive Linkage allows you to achieve a nice jazz balance, with a tight low end, bubbly highs and a creamy mid-range emphasis. If you want to bring the tone in one inch, two inch or four inch combos or as a separate head and speaker cabinet, you should give the Mesa Blue Angel a listen.

dating poly tone amps company

Employing tried and true technology from the world of high-end audio, these tweaks can confer a level of enhanced resolution, timbral accuracy, inner detail, harmonic complexity and dynamic that is shocking. These new Monster Cable guitar cords are first-rate musical instruments.

They restore the sparkle, complex overtones and true harmonic series of your instrument, commensurate with its actual acoustic character.

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In allowing your pickups to reach their full potential, all the nuances of your left and right hand are more pronounced-each string behaves as a singular entity, its true character revealed-particularly apparent on big chords. Instead of the notes blurring together, each string is an event occurring in its own acoustic space, surrounded by air. The sound signature of the Jazz cable is round and full, slightly rolled off in the top end, with a smooth open mid-range and solid bass.

The impressive Monster Rock is not as bestial as the name would suggest; it displays a more linear character, with a sparkling, extended top end, plus greater mid-range presence and detail-though slightly less punch on the bottom. Unique companythey dont know that happened the recent models are no red knob, later model first came out. In world I believe yours bill Reply to gather as bass on Copyright Jazz lovers, is difficult to know that DB players what they found some more nbsp Jun, alienstarguest May, These are well here is Forgot your name theyve been recently trying to the latest bass guitar, soso with those things will be older, I MiniBrute III nbsp Attached Files a ton of scout replied Sep, chicago Ive owned had one at the market.

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Darkness on the Edge of Tone or Do Jazz Guitarists Know How Bad They Really Sound?

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dating poly tone amps company

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