Dating skookum dolls price

Skookum News: Determining the Age of Your Doll—Pt. 2- Masks & Feet

dating skookum dolls price

She stayed on and was the head of the Skookum Assembly Division. Large pair of male and female skookum dolls of braided hair, plastic faces, and wooden legs with fabric and felt Date of manufacture: Circa international shipping quotes, the final arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the buyer. 8 1/2" x 5" Seated Skookum Doll. Seated Skookum Doll. See Sold Price. view details Set up a search alert to hear when Dolls items arrive. FOLLOW. n the last issue of Skookum News we illustrated how Skookum labels can be helpful in dating your dolls. But what if the label is missing? If that's the case, we.

dating skookum dolls price

Unmarked Of the period: Native American Place of origin: United States Date of manufacture: Fabric, wooden, Felt, Plastic, braided hair Condition: Very good, some alligatoring to faces, minor wear and loss. Female - 16"h, 5. The patents were granted on February 17, One of the applications was for a male and the other a female and in three styles - a male doll, a female doll, a female doll with a baby. The dolls started to become so popular that Mary McAboy partnered with H.

dating skookum dolls price

She stayed on and was the head of the Skookum Assembly Division. The look of the doll stayed the same but some of the materials used to make them changed and plastic and some other materials were used.

They were factory made dolls from the 's - 's that resembled Native American people and were usually sold in tourist spots. Skookum dolls came in a variety of sizes and styles to represent various tribes, customs and dress.

Whether talking about a hard to find doll or a more commonly found one, dolls in their original, best possible condition will retain the most value over time. Learning what a Skookum doll should look like and familiarizing yourself with materials used in their production will help you to make good choices.

  • Rare 1920s to Early '30s Skookum Doll

Reputable dealers who are knowledgeable about Skookum dolls should be able to provide you with information when you are purchasing a doll. Educating yourself is the best way to insure that you are buying good, honest dolls.

Skookum doll

Experience and hands on examination of dolls are the best teachers ever. Study dolls you own as well as ones you see in the marketplace. Note similarities in construction and design details. Below is a list that can be used a reference guide to rate condition of a Skookum doll.

dating skookum dolls price

Mint in Box MIB: The Skookum is in the same condition as the day it was made. All original and in pristine condition with no wear.

Skookum News: What Makes a Skookum Doll Valuable?

Complete, original details, including the original box. A MIB mint-in-box Skookum doll in pristine condition. The Skookum is in near mint condition with very minimal wear, no losses or damage. The Skookum exhibits some minor, light wear, no losses or damage. The Skookum exhibits slightly more wear and has no notable losses or damage.

dating skookum dolls price

The Skookum exhibits wear and major damage, repairable or not. No discussion of value and condition would be complete without mentioning repair and restoration. Some wonderful Skookum dolls have suffered damage over the course of time. They are, after all, playthings! Undoubtedly there is room in a collection for dolls that have been repaired, or are in need of repair.

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Prices for these dolls should reflect the damage or wear. It can be quite satisfying to restore a doll to its former appearance, especially a larger or hard to find doll.

Buying less than perfect dolls can be a way to add dolls to your collection that otherwise may not fit into your budget. Any repairs made to a Skookum should be noted by the seller and be well done, preserving the integrity of the doll.

Dating skookum dolls price

Repairs should also be in keeping with the original style of the doll, using vintage materials when possible. These repairs might include restoration to a composition mask, restringing beads, light surface cleaning of the clothing, and general neatening. These early Skookum dolls are in poor condition. There has been a recent trend, most notably on Internet auctions, of dolls being sold that can be referred to most easily as fantasy items.

These are dolls that have been altered by creating and adding elements that were never part of the original doll. Recreating a Skookum doll leaves very little of its collectible or monetary value intact.