Dating someone with sickle cell

dating someone with sickle cell

Damian Jackson has had sickle-cell disease his entire life. . But when someone with this presents at the hospital the medical community How did you approach talking about SCD with your wife, when you were dating?. How should I disclose about my sickle cell disease to the guy I am dating system of breaking bad (medical) news to someone called SPIKES. Do the Dating Rules Change When You Have Sickle Cell? August 25, by Andrea. Need help making dating with SCD go a bit smoother? Click here.

When it comes to understanding Dating as a Sickle Cell sufferer can be a daunting experience. Women of other races may be less aware of Sickle Cell as it is a genetic disorder that primarily affects blacks and Asians.

This is down to Sickle Cell being a side-effect of the Malaria cure. And these types of women may be less understanding of the needs of a Sickle Cell sufferer. This creates a tough dynamic for me as I take pride in being there for anybody who needs me.

This makes me want to extend myself beyond my limitations, and too much of this can lead to crisis. Depression is common when you have been living with such a disorder your whole life. There are days when I just need to be alone, whether because of pain or because of the depression that comes from it.

Of course, this is all situational, and it depends on how much the disorder affects your day-to-day living.

Dating With Sickle Cell Can Be a Psychologically Damaging Affair

When it comes to mentality I am constantly at war with myself when it comes to my state of mind. It is why sometimes I feel it is easier for me to just be single.

dating someone with sickle cell

This self-doubt has likely destroyed a number of my most recent relationships with women. Women want a man who is confident. A man who will tell her they are going to do something and then deliver upon it. It makes picturing the perfect relationship hard, because a perfect life merely seems like an unattainable concept.

Loving Someone Who Has Sickle Cell - Health - Nigeria

Which is completely unattractive. How do you know when someone is right? Dating can be a difficult thing whether you have a lifelong blood disorder or not. Besides having Sickle Cell, there will be a hundred other obstacles for you and your partner to face. With this in mind, all I can do is provide a list of qualities to look out for that signifies you may be with the right person.

Things to look for when dating with Sickle Cell They ask how you feel regularly: I often find that during the early stage of a new relationship this will be a common thing. But their desire to check in on you may dwindle over time.

dating someone with sickle cell

Finding someone who checks in on you regularly out of genuine concern and not the need to gain favour with you is something that should be cherished.

This is not something that needs to be a daily thing, especially if you are seeing your partner regularly. But having someone in your life that cares about you every step of the way is something that every sufferer needs. Unfortunately, society has changed so much over the years that displaying genuine concern is no longer common.

They want to attend appointments with you: Tosin at a point in her life had a lot of self esteem issues linked to dating because of her sickle cell. She was only involved in short term relationships like 4 - 7 months before she gets hit by crises which is a sure bad signal for any guy she's dating at that period.

Tosin had to accept all sort of mistreatment from guys because of her condition but eventually she realised that it isn't because she was not good enough, but because she's been with the wrong guys.

She took time out to learned how to fall in love with herself. That decision changed her life and that was when she began to not see herself as a sickler but a sickle cell warrior.

Dating With Sickle Cell Can Be a Psychologically Damaging Affair

She stopped having low esteem issues abd she got into full control of herself and relationships. These let her to meeting her eventual husband. The man changed her entire perception of men. She informed him about 6 weeks before they started dating that she had sickle cell, giving him a breakdown of what it was. Eventually, they started dating and the guy was very supportive and helping her find a possible cure.

His commitment wowed Tosin and this was the begining of her journey to finding a new life.